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2014 Halloween Candy for the Troops!

My hopes were to keep this blog all about books but this post I couldn’t pass up to re-blog and comment.

I don’t know about you but this year I have a TON of Halloween candy left over.   Was it because it was Friday?  Parties?  I can’t say why we had so few trick-or-treaters.  Why not do something good with it, instead of eating it.  Send it to our troops who are fighting for our freedom far away from home.  Make them smile.  Give them something sweet.  There are other ways to support with letters, cards, etc so read the post and see what you can do.  I myself am going to sort my candy and get it ready to send over.  I hope you do too!


Operation Gratitude Blog

Happy Halloween PicWe are really excited about Halloween! Are you getting ready for another great year of collecting and donating sweet treats to the troops?

Want to donate candy? To start you off, here are some important “Do’s and Don’ts”!


  •  DO ship your candy NO LATER THAN November 15 to:
    Operation Gratitude
    17330 Victory Boulevard
    Van Nuys, CA 91406-5438
    ATTN: Halloween Candy/Angel Cuevas
  • DO separate chocolate and non-chocolate candy.
  • DO include donations of individually-packaged toothbrushes, dental floss and toothpaste — we need to keep smiles on the troops’ faces all shiny, bright and healthy!
  • DO fill out the Donation Form and include the number of pounds of candy, number of toothbrushes, etc., you are shipping.


  • DON’T ship the candy to any other Operation Gratitude address than the Victory Boulevard address.
  • DON’T purchase candy for us at the 1/2-off sales after Halloween — please consider making a financial donation

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2 thoughts on “2014 Halloween Candy for the Troops!

  1. I was just wondering what to do with all our candy, we can’t possibly eat it all! Stopping by from #NaBloPoMo and a fellow mama who likes to read 🙂


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