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My Review of Masquerade by S.N. Williams #NaBloPoMo

Introducing the new book Masquerade
by S.N. Williams

masquerade cover

Here is the summary from the book:

Have you ever felt like you were wearing a mask, like a masquerade mask you were at ball? I have worn one before at a ball where I felt my most comfortable in my own skin.
My name is Julia Falls. I felt like for some time now that I have been wearing a mask. I had a horrible accident and don’t remember what happened before it or even why I was in an accident. I have never felt like myself until I meet a guy I fall head over heels in love with. Chris is truly my soul mate but I still feel like things are still being hidden from me. Things get worse when my nightmares return of the death of my parents and my accident. Also dealing with raising my little sister is another stress to add to my life.
Will I ever shed the mask? Will Chris and I last through all the turmoil of lies reaching the surface? Time will only tell. Continue reading “My Review of Masquerade by S.N. Williams #NaBloPoMo”

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So far…#NaNoWriMo has been good, but it is only the 6th. #NaBloPoMo

I have some friends participating in the #NaNoWriMo this month.  One in particular finally got the kick in the butt needed to work on her own book.  One that I am VERY excited to be a part of to share in the process while she writes.  I love her excitement and enthusiasm.

She has started the book.  And with each chapter I get to know more and more about the characters and plot.  Not only is SHE getting excited about her characters but I AM TOO as the story develops.  Now I am not an author but I am a blogger participating in #NaBloPoMo this month.  So I guess together we are both writing, her more than I, but I get to share her passion for her story and be entertained by her characters.  I am excited to go through this month with her.  I am excited to see what happens to the characters.  I am excited to see her being excited about her book.  I am excited about her book.  I am excited for her!