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My Review of Masquerade by S.N. Williams #NaBloPoMo

Introducing the new book Masquerade
by S.N. Williams

masquerade cover

Here is the summary from the book:

Have you ever felt like you were wearing a mask, like a masquerade mask you were at ball? I have worn one before at a ball where I felt my most comfortable in my own skin.
My name is Julia Falls. I felt like for some time now that I have been wearing a mask. I had a horrible accident and don’t remember what happened before it or even why I was in an accident. I have never felt like myself until I meet a guy I fall head over heels in love with. Chris is truly my soul mate but I still feel like things are still being hidden from me. Things get worse when my nightmares return of the death of my parents and my accident. Also dealing with raising my little sister is another stress to add to my life.
Will I ever shed the mask? Will Chris and I last through all the turmoil of lies reaching the surface? Time will only tell.

My review:

Masquerade can be a party at which people wear masks and often costumes. Julia, at age 15, attends a Masquerade Ball in Venice, Italy. Taking after her mother, Julia learned to appreciate the arts an a young age. That masquerade ball left a lasting impression on Julia as she hung the mask on her wall in her room. Little did she know… Masquerade can also be a way of appearing or behaving that is not true or real. This is a fitting title for this book. Things or people are never as they appear. “Wearing a mask gives people the ability to pretend to be whom they’ve always wanted to be but have never had the nerve to pursue.” As you read this story, you see that that line has powerful meaning in the story.

The story opens when Julia turns 18, her senior year in high school. She literally runs into her neighbor, Mrs. Colton’s, grandson, Jason, who was sent to live with his grandma. As the story progresses you will learn the reason why Jason moved in with Mrs. Colton. Jason and Julia get close and become boyfriend and girlfriend. They have sex. Then Jason disappears. His parents send him away. Julia learns of his departure without having the chance to say goodbye and goes after him, back to his house in Atlanta, GA. Her drive home will change her direction in life forever altering her future.

The story continues about two years later. We learn of Julia’s struggles in life to fit in and become like everyone else her age, even going to college. Life is evil, throwing some nasty curve balls at Julia forcing her to deal with some serious life struggles. Then she meets Alan, a man that loves her and cares for her but has his plate full already. While I waited for the “shoe to drop” with Alan, he appears to be honorable and a genuine, good guy. But he has his issues which force Julia and Alan’s friend Chris, to go out more and more. Chris and Julia get close, yes, you see it coming too right? Ah, but remember the title? Masquerade…you will find yourself questioning who Alan and Chris really are. Is Julia who she says SHE is? All the answers will be revealed, just keep reading. Who does Julia end up with? Chris? Alan? And what does she learn as the story progresses? Can she put the puzzle together?

I am being very careful not to tell TOO much of the story so I don’t spoil the plot. Some parts of the story are predictable and some will blindside you. The story takes place over a large period of time starting when Julia is 15 and taking her to a few years after college graduation. We see her grow up and handle some very adult situations at an early age.

Julia interacts with Jason, Alan and Chris in this book. Sometimes the scenes were romantic and sensual and sometimes the scenes seemed a little too robotic to me, the characters moved rather quickly and abruptly. Some sex scenes were hot and sexy and some seemed awkward and uncomfortable to me. Maybe that was the perception the author wanted to portray with the characters at that time.

Throughout the story there was a sense of mystery and suspense with the characters. Just when you thought you knew the characters, the “real” story comes out more and more as the story progresses. I was certain I knew how the story would end and I was surprised. There are so many twists and turns that it makes giving specific details hard without giving the story away and I do not want to deprive you of that pleasure. Read it and see if you too start to put the puzzle together in your head and will your puzzle look like the author’s at the end of the story? The mask does come off at the end and all things will be revealed. Julia can hang the mask back on the wall. She has come a long way and deserves to find happiness. But does she when the cards are all on the table, laid out in front of her? Find out for yourself.

About the Author S. N. Williams:

Shannon is from Dothan, Alabama and is married to her best friend.  They have three children.  Her first book, New Beginnings, was written based on things that happened in her life.  Shannon is a an avid reader who loves her book boyfriends.  Along with Sandie and Dee, she runs a blog called Book Boyfriend Reviews.

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