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A Gentleman’s Memoir ~ By AJ Linn #NaBloPoMo

A Gentleman’s Memoir – By AJ Linn

The Gentleman’s Series Volume 3

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He does it again!  Another fabulous book by AJ Linn.  This is the third book in the Gentleman’s Series, the one that tells the reader about Donovan Hart BEFORE  the book, A Gentleman’s Affair.  It will answer your questions about the Underground, the voyeuristic behavior, and the girls. Oh the girls. And the girls and girls and girls.

Once again, AJ Linn has enlisted the help of his readers to write characters into his story.  The characters were Donovan’s “women” that we read about throughout the book.  I can say that I personally had fun creating my character or characters as they turned out to be.  I did as AJ asked, wrote my characters with a little background so he would understand what I had in mind when I created them.  But, when I handed them over I knew they were then his to do with as he wished.  And boy did he surprise me!  He had told me loved the character submission and when I read what he wrote about them I was blown away.  He is truly a talented and amazing author.  Writing characters into your story is not an easy task and knowing what I do about these books gives me a greater respect and appreciation for what an author does when he puts himself “out there” like this for his readers.  Thank you AJ.  I for one, have loved reading 2 books with my characters written into the story line.

A Gentleman’s Memoir by: AJ Linn

You may already know Donovan Hart from A Gentleman’s Affair and A Gentleman’s Secret. Here is your chance to get to know him a bit more personally…more, behind the scenes, or under the sheets, as I like to say.

In A Gentleman’s Memoir, you will get a glimpse into his past. You will see Donovan tackle loss, love, heartbreak, and sexual exploration. You see him grow from a directionless, 25-year-old, entitled, partying, beach bum and well-known Malibu ladies’ man into a man who decides to take on the world…or at least, La Fuga.

Spanning seven years of his life, from the death of his beloved mother, to his relationship with Danielle Hughes -aka cheating whore- to the sexual escapades that go beyond even his wildest imagination, A Gentleman’s Memoir, written in Donovan’s own words, may just shock you.

Possibly just as much as it did him.

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My review, which was again, another 5 star review.  5 star ratng

AJ Linn takes us on an emotional roller coaster ride once again through this novella style story of Donovan Hart’s life. Third in the Gentleman’s Series, this novella could actually be read first since it takes us back about six years in Donovan’s life. The doors are now open to help the reader understand a portion of the life and journey of Donovan Hart. A chance to answer the questions you form in your mind while reading the first two books. Unfortunately, as in any journey there can be pain and sorrow, heartbreak and frustration and challenges. But it is those challenges and some serious soul-searching that leads to Donovan becoming the character that we all fell in love with.

Many of the minor characters within the book are characters created by his readers. He invited the readers and his twitter followers to enter a contest, creating characters for him to write into the story. Adding extra work for himself I would imagine, he so intricately entwined them into the story making us all feel a part of Donovan’s world again. Only someone as kind as AJ would do that. Always giving back to his readers.

This novella takes us back to some important times in Donovan’s life. Each chapter is titled with a year and the significant memories from that year are shared in the chapter. Some memories are fun and light hearted and some are more serious, gut wrenching, get your tissues out as you read, painful. And those memories are brilliantly written, encompassing the thoughts and feelings of someone so perfectly in that moment, making me want to jump in the book and give Donovan a hug. But everything Donovan shares has made him who he is, THE Donovan Hart.

If one of your questions after reading the first two books was about Donovan and the Underground, well, it is all explained here. Donovan shares some more personal and fun memories that will help you understand how and why he created the club. And thanks to Mike for dropping the hint.

The novella starts with his fun in the sun living it up as a playboy on the beach. Beer and babes 24/7. Then something happens to change all that. In the blink of an eye, it all changes. In the blink of an eye, he is forced to grow up. And as each year or chapter passes, Donovan grows up a little more and becomes the successful business man we find him in A Gentleman’s Affair.

Faced with a huge life changing decision, Donovan decides to be the man his mom raised and move on accepting the fate of what happened. He enlists the help of his and his parents friends. His determination to succeed, to make his mother proud, fuels his desire and drive to fix the hotel up and make it succeed. For her. His best friend, his mother. Family is important to him. He never gives up on them. Never.

Reaching out to his friends introduces him to a new side of entertainment, one he was not familiar with. Donovan shares some of his more memorable experiences and well… I will let Donovan tell you more about it. He does it much better. But hold on to your seat because it is one crazy, exciting (in more ways than you think) ride. But I need to digress here … where was I?

AJ Linn is a brilliant writer giving you the male point of view in the story. You also get to see into his humorous mind as he shares Donovan’s thoughts throughout the story. You laugh because you have been there or know he is spot on with the comments. Very laid back and an entertaining read. Something so creatively unique in the erotica field today. This is refreshing and fun. It is sexy yet funny and you fall in love with the characters, or hate (sorry Danielle) in her case.

At the end of Donovan’s story, you are treated to the words of three characters. More insights into those characters and again, giving you a chance to love or hate them or understand them a little better.

As a final treat, AJ Linn invited his readers and friends to share some thoughts from this journey. What an incredible honor to be a part of his novella and share stories and thoughts about his journey. Again, always giving back to his readers. It was the readers after all, that encouraged him to take his blog and write further. Put his talent to paper. So he did, but he never forgot those that encouraged him in the first place. Very humble man.

So if Donovan decides to grace us once more, I will be right here waiting. For I am sure his story is not done yet. I certainly hope not. For our sake anyways. I think there is more to tell…right AJ?

**ARC provided in exchange for a review**

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