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Cover Reveal – The Company of Lies By: Lisa Olsen #NaBloPoMo

Title: The Company of Lies

Book 3 in The Company Series

Author: Lisa Olsen

Release Date: November 18th, 2014

Cover Designer: Robot Brain Design

Genre: Paranormal Romance


Cady and Ethan are on the run from the Company, but there’s no escaping the trouble they brought with them. The demon Cady was bound with isn’t as dormant as they first thought, and it’s desperate to be free. How many times will Cady have to wake up in strange circumstances before she realizes her life isn’t her own? Crippled without his usual contacts, Ethan is desperate to hold onto Cady and find the help she needs – but is it enough? Is Rikard the one who can keep Cady safe and satisfy the demon inside her? Layer upon layer of deceit muddy the waters until it’s impossible to find the right path. In the end, Cady is left with a terrible choice – submit to the Company or the demon who’s taken over her life.

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