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Writers See the World Differently… #NaBloPoMo

writer saying 7


This saying is so true!  I have some friends writing this month for the #NaNoWriMo and this saying is the epitome of their life right now.  Every picture, song, phrase, makes them think.  It might alter their character’s outcome or change the conflict of the characters.  A song can change the scene to match the words in the song.  An occurrence in their real life can make them want to have the characters experience the same.

They eat, dream, breathe and sleep their characters.  The characters cause the authors to forgo their normal chores, plans and activities.   Authors can’t wait to get back to writing.  They can’t stop talking about them. It is almost like they are real people. I suppose when the book is done, they almost are real.  They have lived with them for so long.  They know them best.  That’s why we fall in love with them.

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