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Release Day Teaser 2 – Father and Son By Michelle Day ~ @ProdigalSon_1 #NaBloPoMo

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There’s only one woman he really wants. He just has to be man enough to step up and prove to her how much he’s changed.

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Teaser 2:

Deep, regular breathing interrupted by movement as he turned over. A noise, persistent and loud was cutting through his slumber. He kicked at the sheet tangled around his legs as he turned again. Nearly awake now as the noise irritated him, he rubbed a hand over his face and pushed his hair away as he moved the cover from over his head and slowly opened his eyes.

Although the sky outside the window was dark, his room was lit by the hall light beaming through his open bedroom door which explained why he could hear the phone ringing, the noise that had woken him.

Raising his head from the pillow, he listened to the still ringing instrument, annoyed that someone hadn’t picked it up yet, sighing, he heaved his weary body into a sitting position and reached for his jeans, still the ringing persisted “Someone get the phone!” he shouted and within seconds the ringing stopped. Leaving his room en route to the bathroom, the ringing started again; he paused on the landing, waiting to see if one of his siblings would answer.

Realising that answering the annoying ringing was down to him, he glanced towards his father’s study, the only phone upstairs was in there but getting caught in that room without permission was a fate worse than death, deciding against invoking the wrath of the older man, he sprinted down the stairs, goose bumps rising on his naked torso as he approached the telephone stand in the unheated hallway.


“About bloody time you picked up the phone Paul Jensen, why the hell aren’t you here?”

“Helen? Is everything alright?”

“Oh for God’s sake, don’t pretend you don’t know, I called hours ago to let you know, you could easily have been here by now.” Helen Novak hissed down the phone.

“Carmen’s in labour?” He asked.

“Was, not anymore, congratulations, you’re a Dad.” She answered her voice thick with sarcasm.

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                                If you want to start the series, read “The Prodigal Son” Book One in the Jensen Family Series

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