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Teaser 3 – Release Day – Father and Son By Michelle Day @ProdigalSon_1 #NaBloPoMo

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There’s only one woman he really wants. He just has to be man enough to step up and prove to her how much he’s changed.

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Teaser 3:

“Are you just going to stand there and watch or do you plan on joining in any time soon?” He asked.

Paul grinned and started forward, stretching out to stroke his hand across Emily’s behind as he circled her, placed the retrieved tray of drinks on the table at her back before sitting on the other side of her and pushing his fingers into her hair, guiding her movements on his brothers’ cock.

Matt thrust up as Paul pushed her head down forcing Matt’s cock deep into her throat, both brothers’ eased off when she began to gag and lifted her up from his groin.

“A bit of warning next time boys.” She chastised “I’m beginning to sober up, I need a drink.” She muttered. Paul leant around her and grabbed three shot glasses in one of his large hands, his intention, to have a shot each but Emily downed one after the other, handing each empty glass back to him. “That’s better.” She smiled then looked at Paul “If you expect me to do you as well as Matt, you’d better get naked.” She told him shortly before turning her attention back to Matt.

Matt chuckled as he watched Paul divest himself of his clothing in record time. If getting naked was an Olympic sport, his brother would break world records. The couch dipped as Paul dropped into it, his hand stroking his already healthy erection.

Once again sliding his hand into her hair, Paul lifted Emily’s mouth from Matt’s groin and positioned it over his own. “My turn.” He told her, oozing confidence but he wasn’t prepared for the immediate suction of her mouth, the grasp of her hand and his hips shot up off of the couch making her pull back.

Sitting back on her haunches between two pairs of the most beautiful male thighs she had ever seen, an erect cock in each hand, she regarded the brothers; before her, so different in many ways but also startlingly familiar in appearance. It was almost like Paul was Matt’s negative, the darkness to his light. Their features were the same, their eyes exact replica’s in shape, differing only in colour. They had the same noses, full lips and chins. Paul’s cheekbone’s were more defined than Matt’s but she put that down to the fact that Paul was on the slender side of Matt’s healthier, more rounded bulk.

The similarities ended with their faces. Both boys had sculptured bodies but where Matt would be considered stocky, Paul would be classed as athletic. Matt’s legs were clearly shorter than his brothers’, dusted with pale almost invisible hair in contrast to Paul’s dusting of dark hair. Paul also looked deliciously tanned alongside his paler brother but she wouldn’t have considered either of them pasty white.

Her gaze dropped to the genitalia currently in her grasp, hard, hot and ready to go and both following along the lines of their owner’s body type. She released Matt’s cock only to turn her hand and cup his balls, rolling them in her palm, separating them by pushing her fingers between them as she once again took him in her mouth. Like Matt, his cock had an impressive girth and the length wasn’t to be sniffed at either, the bulbous head was flared and weeping, the thick vein tracing the underside stood out in bold relief, making a mockery of the smaller veins vying for attention along his shaft.

The cock in her hand jerked and she felt a warm hand wrap around hers, squeezing, forcing her to tighten her grip. She switched her attention from Matt to Paul, removing her hand and pushing his away, she licked the length of his shaft, nipped the bulbous head with her teeth before taking him in her mouth. Paul had more length than his brother and while his girth was also considerable, he wasn’t nearly as wide. Unlike Matt, Paul’s cock was smooth, no peppering of veins for him and she had to admit, from head to toe, the Jensen boys were two of the prettiest naked males she had seen in a very long time, there should be a law against these two wearing clothes.

“How are we playing this?” Matt asked drawing his brothers’ attention from the very talented mouth currently wrapped around him.

Paul, head lying back on the couch, turned his gaze to his right and met his brothers’ eyes “It’s your show Matt, you call the shots.”

Matt’s eyebrows shot up, it wasn’t like Paul to let him take the lead and he honestly doubted his own confidence in the ability to do so. “I’m happy to do the easy part and sit here while she blows me if you wanna take the other end?” He questioned, smirking when Paul lifted Emily from his groin, positioned her squarely between Matt’s legs and scrabbled in his discarded jeans for a condom.

Settling into place between Matt’s thighs, Emily once again parted her lips and sucked him in, not that she minded. Matt didn’t force her head down or bump his hips up trying to get her to take more of him; he let her go at her own pace, murmuring words of encouragement when she did something he particularly liked.

She felt warmth behind her as Paul’s knees pushed hers further apart; his fingers stroked the curved line of her bottom, down, down until he reached her sex. From his earlier grip on her head, she expected him to plunge either his fingers or cock straight into her but gentle fingers parted her lips and stroked the soft flesh hidden within, stoking the flames of her arousal. She shivered when he glided his finger over her sensitised clit and pushed back onto him, momentarily removing her mouth from Matt, she looked over her shoulder.

“Stop teasing and fuck me.” She demanded, she caught Paul’s mocking grin before she returned her attention to the boy in front of her.

Holding the base of his cock, Paul shuffled forward and guided himself into her a little at a time until he was buried balls deep inside her. He stilled, allowing her time to adjust to his size and himself time to get over the head rush of her unexpected tightness. Withdrawing slowly, he thrust into her up to the hilt and almost lost it.

“Holy shit, you’re tight.” He breathed, pressing his chest to her back. “You haven’t been used in quite some time have you?” he asked.

Emily shook her head, not removing her mouth from Matt.

“Matt, you have to get in on this.” Paul told him “You’ll regret it if you don’t.” He withdrew again as Matt eased himself from her mouth and they switched places.

She groaned as Matt entered her, his girth stretching her to the limit and she began the slow thrust backwards to meet his advance. Her eyes opened to see a condom covered cock hovering in front of her face. “Hang on.” She said to Matt over her shoulder. “If you think I’m sucking that after it’s had a condom on it, think again.” She told Paul.

“Come on Emily, I’ll make it worth your while.” He cajoled.

“Why can’t you just stick it in my ass like a normal bloke would?” She almost sneered, all she wanted now was hot hard cock ramming into her, she wasn’t bothered which hole it occupied.

Paul let out a silent chuckle “You’re serious?” He asked.

“Yes! I’ve always wondered what it would be like to do brothers.”

“We’re more than brothers.” Matt’s voice now, “We’re twins.”

She sat back, forcing Matt out of her, “Twins? Nice. So what are you waiting for?”

A momentary silence ensued while the brothers regarded each other.

Paul spoke first “Where do you want to be?”

“I’m not really an ass man.” Matt answered. “I’ll leave that to you bro.”

“Hah, there is a God.” He grinned once again meeting Matt’s gaze. “Sofa?” he questioned.

“Sofa.” Matt confirmed.

No sooner had Matt’s naked behind hit the sofa than Emily was on him, sliding down his length before pressing her chest to his, giving Paul instant easy access to her ass.

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