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Try It Before You Buy It! Father and Son by Michelle Day ~ Released Today! @ProdigalSon_1 #NaBloPoMo


Want to try out the new “Father and Son” book by Michelle Day?

Here is a little teaser of what to expect:

By law of averages, it had to land on her sometime or other. They all clapped as she finally fell victim to the dreaded bottle. Tessa flipped through the cards of prepared questions she had brought with her and pierced Suzanne with her steely gaze.

Clearing her throat, Tessa raised her voice as she asked “Who is the best you’ve ever had?”

The table fell silent as all eyes turned to her. “Cameron of course.” She answered but her deep blush gave her away.

Calls of “Bullshit” and “Liar” echoed out and Tessa asked the question again.

Taking a large mouthful of her drink, Suzanne set the almost empty glass down. “Alright, that was a blatant lie. The best I’ve ever had is an easy question to answer. Paul is by far the best lay going.”

Faye leant forward so she could make eye contact “I have to agree with you on that one.” She grinned and fist bumped her friend.

“Paul?” Tessa asked. “I hope you don’t mean my brother Paul.”

Suzanne and Faye exchanged looks, both shrugged and looked across the table at Tessa. Nodding at the same time, it was Suzanne who answered. “We absolutely mean your brother.” She confirmed.

“You fucked my brother?” Tessa’s voice was becoming shrill.

Faye laughed out “Actually, it was more like we were thoroughly and repeatedly fucked by him.” Which had Suzanne bent over laughing as she nodded in agreement.

“What she said.” She managed through her laughter.

Tessa blustered for a few moments, turning puce, “What the hell? He’s my baby brother.”

“Tessa, trust me when I tell you there is nothing babyish about your brother.” Suzanne had sobered a little but she was still grinning broadly.

“Nothing small either.” Faye added for good measure which had Suzanne cracking up again.

Tapping the table with her nails, Tessa regarded all the ladies present. “Ok, who else?” She was relieved and a little surprised when the others all shook their heads. “Just you two then?” She asked.

“Yes. Tessa, how on earth didn’t you know?” Suzanne asked.

“How would I know? Did you expect Paul to come home and say hi sis, by the way, I just fucked your best friend?”

“Honestly wouldn’t put it past him.” Suzanne answered, “Sounds like something he would say.”

Shaking her head, knowing she should be outraged, Tessa found herself trying not to laugh. “The dirty little shit.”


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