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Have YOU Met Alexander Tate Yet? Your Next Book Boyfriend is Here! #NaBloPoMo @CJ_Wells_Author

Have you heard of Alexander Tate yet? Leading man in C.J. Wells book Perfect Plans and the upcoming Take A Bow coming out in December 2014, Alexander Tate is your next book boyfriend.

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Alex Tate wants nothing more than to escape the dream-world in which he lives; his desire for love, marriage and family, with all of its real-world normalcy out of his world-famous reach.

He’s the ultimate fantasy crush. You’ve seen him on the big screen – the ‘fantasy’ man you cheat on your husband with; the man you never expect to meet… But what if you did?

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Perfect Plans, the first of a two-part series, takes you through this possibility.

And then there is Abigail Ryan…


Every woman fantasizes about ‘what if’ at some point in her marriage; lost in dreams of something MORE.

Abigail Ryan takes a leap that most women would envy. Abandoning her seemingly perfect life in Canada, she moves to London, England, and falls into the lap of Alexander Tate – every woman’s fantasy crush.

Her perfect plan unfolds to a world where reality meets dreams, and dreams meet reality; throwing her into a tail-spin of self-doubt and public scrutiny.

Aby and Alex face the obstacles of their own realities, now intertwined,

before succumbing to their questionable fates.

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Are you ready to add this book to your Goodreads To Read list?


Do you want to meet the authors? And yes, I said authors, with an S!

C.J. Wells

Co-Authors, and sisters, Christa Gibbs and Jill Syed reside in Ontario, Canada. Born and raised on da’Rock [a.k.a. St. John’s, Newfoundland], their laid back personalities and eclectic sense of humor is indicative of their native roots. Although fluent in Newfinese, both are quite eloquently spoken, showing no remnants of an accent unless alcohol is involved.

Fluent in air-guitar [she trained in Europe], Christa, by day, transforms into her Executive role in the Property Management World. This wonderful position lends credence to her altruistic life experiences lived vicariously through the many residents within her keep. This translates beautifully to her evening endeavors, which include creating lovable characters and interesting storylines [when she’s not catering to her loving ‘Oooge’ — a.k.a. biker hubby]. An avid reader of erotic romance [upwards of two to three novels per week], Christa decided to give her own incessant fairytale sex-capade fantasies a voice.

When she is not behind the camera in her Photography Studio, Jill spends portions of her days mentally cataloging all the reasons why she shouldn’t become an indulgent drinker at the helm of her three young children during the absences of her Pilot husband [though you will hear her undying love and devotion for them often: “blessed”]. Passionately creative, Jill spent many years capturing life moments on film, canvas and even paper. Having dabbled in the writing of many children’s books, all of which ended up covered in dust and never carried through, clarity hit once she collaborated with her sister: “Ohhh, the steamy sex was the missing ingredient”.

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And once you finish The Perfect Plan you must see what happens next…

What effect will Aby’s actions have on Alexander Tate?  What is his next move?

Coming…December 1st, 2014


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Sometimes, dreams come true.
And, sometimes…
They seem too good to be true.

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So many questions, one affirmation…I am in love with Alexander Tate. Everything I’ve dreamed of was standing right in front of me. My ultimate fantasy come true. My more. So, why am I running?

Alex and Aby’s story continues in the powerfully sensual sequel in The Perfect Plans series, Take a Bow. The final installment of their story is wrought with jealousy, endless desire, sinfully decadent sex, betrayal, humor, empowerment and, of course, love.

Get ready to fall more in love with Alexander Tate…COMING DECEMBER 1, 2014

This story contains sexually explicit material and is intended for mature individuals over the age of eighteen. By downloading this book and opening this document, you are stating that you are of legal age to access and view this work of fiction.

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Okay, let’s add it to your Goodreads To Read List


And then pre-order


**All photo promotions on this blog entry are the creation of CJ Wells.**

If you are interested, here is my review on The Perfect Plan:

I had not planned to read this book yet. I was committed to reading a new series recommended by a friend. But then the mail came, I opened the package with this book inside, read the prologue and I was done. I couldn’t stop. Too intrigued by what I read. It also helps that I have come to learn how friendly the authors are on Twitter which makes me want to read their book even more. They support other authors by sharing book information. I respect that in an author.

That being said, WOW! I’m not sure where to start. What woman doesn’t fantasize about leaving their life for a tall, dark and handsome man, no matter how good or bad your life is? Let alone a movie star? Well Aby decides she needs to live her life and moves to London to start over, even though she hasn’t quite “finished” her life at home. Out with her BFF, Stacey, she literally falls into an opportunity to meet the handsome British actor, Alexander Tate. But with fame and stardom come the challenge to be “normal” and how well they both handle it is the tell tale of how the relationship will work. Once they get passed the infatuation stage they must deal with the every day world outside of their homes.

Settling into London, Aby finds a place to live, a job and even makes new friends. She soon finds out who is truly her friend and who is not. Trying to make it on her own AND have a movie star boyfriend takes it’s toll on her at the end as she tried to weigh out her place in the big picture. The ending is a big of a shocker, but one you see coming, just not that dramatic. Can’t wait for the next book to see the reaction and the result of it.

Aby appears to be a strong woman who knows what she wants but as the book progressed she lets the movie star world get the best of her and her strength wears down. Yet at times you wonder if her “realistic mind” is really her self confidence washing away. She is always waiting for the shoe to drop and for Alex to end things. Does she want things to end? Does she really believe she is not good enough for Alex? Has he not made his feelings clear enough? Or maybe she doesn’t realize how strong she is and hopefully, we will find answers to all if this in the next book?

I enjoyed Alex’s loving treatment of Aby. No domination, just love. Sure there were times when he needed hard, rough sex. But then there were times when he just wanted soft and loving and drove her crazy taking his time to take care of her. The sex scenes were sensual and loving, very beautifully written. The passion between the two characters is quite obvious. My personal favorite being at the bar to see Imagine Dragons. The whole eye watching scene until the backstage “tour” was amazing and hot.

This book is told in Aby’s POV and the sequel “Take A Bow” will be Alex’s POV which I am definitely looking forward to. It is always interesting to read both POVs as it will bring the whole story together allowing you to see the reasons why the characters acted they way they did. So many questions linger in regards to his actions.

I agree with another review about Aby’s internal dialogue. At times it was too much to read and I found myself skimming through it as well. But some dialogue is good and humorous at times because we have all had those moments of diarrhea of the mouth. And sometimes we struggle with just how much to tell someone when we know we should or shouldn’t say more than we do.

This book is well written and I am so glad I read it. I knew it had to be something good with all the publicity I see on Twitter regarding it. These two sisters did a fabulous job working together to write this and I surely hope they hurry up with the second one. Don’t let the size of the book intimidate you. You will not want to put it down once you start.

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