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Up Close and Personal With AJ Linn ~ By Romina #NaBloPoMo @FuckedUpFifty_ @GentlemansHub @FiftysGirl2012

One of AJ Linn’s loyal and long time followers, Romina, aka @FiftysGirl2012 had the exciting opportunity of doing an interview recently with the one and only, AJ Linn.  The interview is loaded with very thoughtful questions about AJ Linn’s blog where his alter ego @FuckedUpFifty_ writes in Christian Grey’s POV with a sprinkle of AJ Linn mixed in.  Then we learn about his books, The Gentleman’s Series, and finally his personal life, whatever he wanted to share.  We have come to respect this man and are lucky to know what we know about this amazing author.  I found the rapid-fire questions intriguing as well.  The interview was exciting to read.

If you are interested in reading more from the blog that AJ Linn writes in Christian Grey’s POV, point of view, you can find it here by clicking on the picture of his avi.  This is the blog that started it all for AJ Linn.  His followers urged him to write a book after reading his blog.  But before you click, keep reading down about the contest.fifty avi

Find the interview here posted on Lindsey and Jane’s Views and Reviews Blog Page by clicking on the picture below.  But wait!  Before you click, read on about the contest that AJ Linn is sponsoring.

Lindsay and Jane's Views and Reviews

I always love an interview with an author or a character.  It is fun to learn more about an author and what makes them tick, so to speak.

Now, for the contest

Embedded image permalink

Here it is simply put and laid out for you.  Hopefully this makes it easy for you to participate in.

1.  You are asked to go to AJ Linn’s alter ego on Twitter @FuckedUpFifty_ and retweet his last tweet on his TL about the contest.  The post is here.  Click on the picture below to go to the original tweet, that is attached to the same picture you see here.  The tweet was posted by @GentlemansHub and RETWEET this post on your TL.  That’s number one.  Retweet that tweet on your TL.

Embedded image permalink

2. Read the interview (go up and click on the blog banner) and leave a comment at the bottom of the blog page.  Say anything you want to about the interview or AJ Linn’s books.  Remember author’s always like to hear about the positive ways the book or books affected the reader.

3. Go to Twitter and tweet to @FuckedupFifty_ that you completed steps 1 and 2.  He will then enter you into the contest for a signed copy of a book from The Gentleman’s Series of your choice.

4. Just something extra, feel free to retweet this blog post to your friends and followers.

If you are interested in any of AJ Linn’s books or my reviews of the books click on the pictures below to go to a previous post that I did on each book in the series.

aga good reads                 A Gentleman's Secret- Front RGB                AGM- Front Cover RGB

If you have read  any of these books written by AJ Linn,

please remember to leave a review at Amazon, Goodreads or whatever site you made your purchase.

Thank you again Romina. You have helped us see into the world of AJ Linn a little more.

Please be sure to check out her blog post.  It is full of links and fun facts.

And thank you AJ, for giving your time and talents to your readers and followers

and for entertaining us with the wildly creative world of Donovan Hart.

We have come to love him and you more and more with each book you write.

Thank you for sharing.

And thank YOU for reading and supporting AJ Linn.

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