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My Review of #DanceWithDestiny by Sloan Johnson @authorsloanj #WriteAReview

This is a definite read – if you like M/M Romance and Erotica this is a must read then.  I am a fan of Sloan Johnson now.


*** Advanced Copy Provided By Author ***

I have never read this author before but this won’t be my last read from Sloan Johnson.

This is a well written story that I could not put down. Each chapter had me more and more absorbed into the story following the twists and turns as I became more endeared to the main characters. I think I felt the nervousness, anxiety, fear and love just as the characters did.


Dominic Tricoli is trying to fly into New York to go see a client.  He is stuck in Washington DC.  Hearing that the weather has other plans for the passengers at Reagan Airport, Dominic, or Dom as he is called, decides he will rent a car and drive to New York.  Sounds easy enough, right? Before leaving the gate he does an act of kindness and offers to give a ride to a stranger, also stranded, who is trying to get to his sister’s wedding in New York. Meet Anthony DeLuca. You know the rule of karma, what goes around comes around…as these two men drive to New York together they get to know each other. Each becomes attracted to the other. They arrive in New York going their separate ways but if you paid attention to the details as you read, you will be secretly cheering them to meet again at an event a little later. And if I continue with the story I will spoil it for you.

Never having read a book from this author I wasn’t sure what to expect. I will say the more I read the more I liked Sloan’s writing. She had me on the edge of my seat at times, like when the wedding started and at times I felt my heart beat increase waiting to hear the story of Brandon and then in tears when Tony went home for Christmas. It’s not what you think. Trust me. You have to read to understand. They were tears of sorrow AND joy.

The two main characters, Dom and Tony, were both strong AND weak in their own ways and as they grew in the story so did their character in the relationship. Surprises always around the corner kept me interested in how the characters progressed. Surprises were both good and bad.  I liked how one male did not always dominate the other or the story. There was a beautiful balance between the two. And as I keep saying, very believable. A relationship is not perfect and at times we all need our space and some down time. Watching these two handle those times was

I have to also pay homage to the supporting characters. I loved Cara and Andrew. I wanted to stand up and applaud them on many occasions. Proud for their courage to stand up for their beliefs and their friends and family. Even if it meant turning their back on blood relatives. They were strong characters yet loving and kind. They were the true meaning of family. I honestly can’t stand weak characters who become helpless and this book had none of that. Kennedy and Dahlia were the rocks that Tony needed and they embraced Dom when he needed it too. Loved them just as much as Cara and Andrew! Each character had struggles but in the end most came out better than how the book started.

Using the topic of gay/lesbian in this book the author wrote about very realistic situations that were believable and honestly what I imagine many people face today. I appreciate the way the author wrote, not making everything “wine and roses” but sharing the struggles and hardships that people go through to just try and be normal. The bigotry and hatred of others is sad but real. I love Nona and Mama Rossi and thank God for them in the story. Everyone should be so lucky to have a Mama Rossi in their life. The sex scenes were erotic yet sensual and very respectfully written. The scenes were of love and passion. I loved how they were written and I could feel the desire between the characters each time.

This book overall was a pleasant surprise and a delight to read. I highly suggest this book if you like M/M stories. A definite “Favorite” on my bookshelf!


See my previous post when the book was released by clicking on the image above.

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