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Not all romance stories are about a tall, strikingly handsome rich billionaire that sweeps some poor, helpless female who can’t think for herself, off her feet and then locks her away in his mansion to have erotic, crazy sex for the rest of their lives. And they never go to work again.

Okay, so I exaggerated. A little. Alright, a lot. But I get tired of reading books that while they have romance and some great erotic sex scenes, they are SO unrealistic that it is hard to actually enjoy the story.

Then I met A.J. Linn and his character Donovan. Donovan Hart. But I digress…

What I liked most about The Gentleman’s Series is the way they are written.  The Gentleman’s Series is written by a man (yes, AJ Linn is a man) in a male’s point of view. Definitely a refreshing writing style. Comical at times. Realistic and believable. Take out Donovan and insert yourself as he main character, and I bet we have all had a dating story like one of Donovan’s in A Gentleman’s Affair. Did your date totally flake out on you in the middle of dinner and forget your name? Have you tried online dating and was it a train wreck? Did your date have a boyfriend/girlfriend but conveniently forget to tell you until they showed up? Oh just remembering the chapters has me laughing.

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Learn about Donovan and his dating disasters in A Gentleman’s Affair, the first book in The Gentleman’s Series. Meet Donovan Hart. A real guy. He is done with the playboy attitude. He wants to find love, his “unico vero amore” – his one true love. The kind of love his parents had.  The kind of love that makes you feel like you’ve known the person forever. The kind of love that lasts through good and bad times but you know that person is there for you. The kind of love that kicks your ass when you need it and comforts you when you need it and is just at your side, quietly when you need it. The kind of forever love that holds your hand when you are sitting next to each other watching a movie without realizing you reached for their hand. True love. But we all know it doesn’t fall from the sky and you know the old saying to stop looking and let it happen? Tell that to Donovan. So follow his journey to try and find “her.”

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In his second book, A Gentleman’s Secret, we learn a lot more about Donovan Hart. And as the title suggests, we learn some of his secrets. You will not believe what secrets I am talking about. I know you are thinking of some ideas based on the books you have already read but the creative mind of A.J. Linn will surprise you. This book has many twists and turns to keep you on the edge of your seat as you are reading. You will be pleasantly surprised first, by the result of the cliffhanger you were left with at the end of A Gentleman’s Affair and how it is worked out in A Gentleman’s Secret but also how Donovan’s secrets and his past play into his meeting women. I am trying VERY hard not to give anything away to spoil the experience of this book. I can say that A.J. Linn wrote characters into his story that were created by his readers and followers on Twitter. He chose where and when to use them but it was fun to have MY character mentioned when he…

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After reading the first two books, you will have questions about Donovan. Lots of questions, trust me. If you could talk to AJ Linn himself, you would bombard him with so many you might not come up for air.  Questions about his early years. Lots of questions. How, why, when, how many, etc. Well, not to be disappointed, A.J. Linn wrote the third book in The Gentleman’s Series to answer all those questions, and more. Go back in time and meet the young, playboy Donovan Hart when the world was his playground. Nothing interfered with his fun. He had THE life. But then, all of a sudden, his world crashes down on him, turned upside down and he has to grow up. Fast. And he does. But as he does, he becomes THE Donovan Hart that we fell in love with in the first two books. You can’t miss this part of his life, the details, oh the details, the adventures, the mistakes and the girls. Again, A.J. Linn wrote characters that were created by his followers on Twitter, into the story. As a reader I was excited to see where my characters “fit in” and how A.J. connected them to his master plan. It is interesting and exciting. VERY interesting. A.J. Linn has an incredibly creative mind. How does he know so much about…?

If you want to check this series out, you are in luck! Right now they are on sale at Smashwords. Each book in the series is marked down to give you a chance to meet and fall in love with Donovan Hart like so many of us have done.

Click on the link below to go directly to A.J. Linn’s page on Smashwords and order a copy of each for yourself.


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And…there is a book four coming. Yes, you read that correctly. Book four is in the works now. What is it about, you might ask? That is top secret (no, I do not know) but I do know it is called A Gentleman’s Fate so…let your imagination take you down some different avenues. Who knows? The crafty, creative mind of A.J. Linn will surprise us, he might throw us on the floor, have us flailing ourselves on our beds screaming, pounding the mattress with our fists and yelling at him for how the story-line progressed, and all the while, he will be sitting back, reading the responses on Twitter with a great big smirk on his face. I am sure of that! But I digress…

Here are some teasers for A Gentleman’s Fate that The Gentleman’s Hub shared with me. (rubbing hands together) Just wait until you see these…my mind is already racing with ideas. If you follow the Hub on Twitter you will see these as soon as they are posted, usually on Tuesdays. Here they are:

AGF Teaser 1 11 24 14

Worth ALL of THIS? Seriously?

D Hart TT 12 09 14 33

Holy crap…lies, betrayal and deceit…the ideas are flowing now. Damn you A.J. Linn.

What are you doing to these characters?

gondolier 222333

Bigger mess than Danielle? (Rolls eyes) Are you SERIOUS? How can that be?

Now I am REALLY getting excited for the release of A Gentleman’s Fate coming some time in the spring of 2015. Please do not rush Mr. Linn, I know authors have unique minds and the slightest experience in your real life can change your mind about the life of your characters, so please be kind to them and take your time.

If you love the writings of A.J. Linn, he has an alter-ego on Twitter that you can follow as well. Just click on the avi picture below and a new window will open to his Twitter page. His name is @FuckedUpFifty_

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And, if you REALLY want more of his writing in his TRUE Christian Grey style, A.J. Linn has a blog that he has been writing in Christian Grey’s point of view (POV) for a few years. The entries are deliciously erotic and sinfully sexy. See the 50 world from his POV as CG. Read more of his blog by clicking on the picture below.  Follow his blog if you like what you read so you get more entries when he has the temptation to be creative with his dark side…he who can’t be loved…ha!



What some readers say about A.J. Linn’s books:

“What can I say about Donovan?? He’s absolutely lovable, charming, and hilarious. A self-professed ladies man who changes his ways and cleans up his act all to find his dream girl. The whole book is told through him, and you get to see his thought process while he’s on some dates with questionable women. And let me tell you, some of his thoughts were hilarious. It was great to read about a man looking for love. I know we all ladies are used to reading this quest through female leads, so it was a great swap for me. I couldn’t believe some of the dates he had to endure, I was laughing so hard(maybe a even a little snort-laugh) when he met the online girl in person and was “blown-away” haha.”

“The characters throughout the book were very well written, especially Donovan and Scarlett. They were so compatible and you could really feel their connection. Watching their relationship develop I got invested and I found myself really rooting for them.”

“This author needs to write MORE books – he’s done an incredible job on his first outing, and we can only hope for more in the future.”

“I loved that this story is written from the man’s point of view. This book will pull you in and you will not be able to get enough of Donovan!! MUST READ!!!”

Author AJ Linn is proving to be very talented. A Gentleman’s Affair pulls you in and keeps you Intrigued from start to finish. Guaranteed to leave you wanting more. Then you must immediately read A Gentleman’s Secret. Donovan Hart will pull you into a world of lust, love, and raw emotion. You will NOT be disapointed. This is a Must Read!”

Reading books written in the male point of view are becoming my favorites. A Gentleman’s Affair by A.J. Linn is the story of the sexy bachelor Donovan Hart told through his point of view. I must say, getting inside the mind of this eligible bachelor makes this story a funny, witty and sexy read.”

I was a little hesitant to read this, not wanting another Fifty Shades knockoff. Most popular books in this genre seem to use a “perfect” character in one of the main roles and catered towards the female in the story. I was pleasantly surprised to find it all from the male’s point of view. I found myself able to relate to the main character; bad dates and crazy exes a little too similar to my own experiences. The best part of this book is how easy it is to read. It isn’t juvenile by any means, but incredibly easy to read. I read quickly anyways, and absolutely flew through this book. The character development was perfect, the book kept me engaged, and I genuinely enjoyed the read.”

So what are YOU waiting for? Order up some Donovan Hart for yourself!