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Fifty Shades Movie Premiere Week Q&A Giveaway

This sounds like so much fun! Join the fun.


I have the questions, and if you have the correct answer, you will be entered for a chance to win one of five prizes.

Many thanks to  on twitter for her generous donation from her collection…and to Sarabeth Pollock for donating the “We aim to please” button.

First…you must be following @ to qualify to play. Trust that my efficient assistant, Scarlett and I will be checking that, and by following that account you will already have ONE entry in the contest.

The questions will be posted each day this week, and I will give sufficient warning as to when I am about to begin. The first five to answer correctly will have another entry, and so on. You will be entered as many times as you win.

WordPress is being complicated, so I am unable to add the photos of the prizes here, but they are on…

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