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#NewSeries ~ Bait & Switch by Kendall Ryan ~ @KendallRyan1 ~InkslingerPR “Deep down, he knew he should leave her alone.”

NYT Bestselling Author Kendall Ryan brings you a brand new exciting series, Alphas Undone. Each book is a standalone. We are very excited to announce the first book Bait & Switch, which will release on February 9th, 2016.
Bait & Switch
Alphas Undone Book 1
Love is a trap, a trick only other
people fall for. Former Navy SEAL Nolan has no such illusions. The only things
real in his life are his beloved bulldog and the two women who regularly share
his bed. One is light—soft, innocent, and tender touches. The other is dark—and
gives him all of the wicked things he craves behind closed doors. It’s not
cheating when each is aware of the other. But when he begins to feel much more
than he ever bargained for, the order of his carefully crafted world is shaken,
and he stands to lose everything.
Nolan thinks we met by chance. We
didn’t. I sought him out, seduced him, and in return got the sanctuary I needed
to survive. But now, impossibly, I’ve fallen in love with him. I don’t care
that he has another lover, because when he finds out who I am, it’s going to
ruin any chance I ever had with him anyway. She’s the least of my worries.
Bait & Switch is Book 1 in a new contemporary
romance series by Kendall Ryan.


“So, how does all this work? Do you mind if I pry a little?” Her cheeks heated slightly, knowing all the questions spinning in her mind. It was one thing to hear about it over drinks the other night, it was quite another to see it with her own eyes.

“Pry away,” he chuckled softly, his hand slowly stroking up and down against her spine.

Awareness zinged through her. It had been a long time since she’d felt a man’s touch. Six months to be exact.

“How did she end up living here with you?”

“I knew her through a mutual acquaintance, and after breaking up with her ex, she needed somewhere to live. I offered my guest room up. Rent free. No strings. And she said yes.”

“That was awfully nice of you.” She blinked at him in wide-eyed astonishment. It wasn’t something many people would do.

“Trust me, I’m very far from being a white knight.” His voice dropped lower, and his hand came to rest at her lower back again. “Our relationship sort of evolved from there.”

He didn’t continue, leaving Lacey to guess if it was some type of BDSM interest that they shared.

“What else is going on inside that pretty head of yours?” he asked.

“H-how did you come to be this way?” She cringed when she realized how it sounded. As though he was damaged goods. Then again, maybe he was. Nolan didn’t even raise an eyebrow to her question.

“After a demanding career as a SEAL …” He let out a deep sigh, gazing down at the courtyard. “My goals are much simpler now – to enjoy life one day at a time and take pleasure where I find it.”

She simply nodded. He didn’t elaborate, but he didn’t need to. Growing up in a family of men who served, she knew he had seen too much, done too much, probably experienced losing teammates he fought beside. She knew it could mess a man up. At the very least, it changed them. And in Nolan’s case, it made him harder and closed him off to the hearts and flowers kind of love she hoped to find someday. He was surviving, in his own way.

“I need to know what you taste like,” Nolan murmured.

She blinked up at him, her eyes still searching his. There was so much she was unsure about, but the electricity buzzing between them wasn’t one of them.

He leaned forward, moving slowly, and brought his lips to hers. Hesitating for just a moment, as if to give her a chance to decide, Nolan’s warm breath ghosted over her mouth. Lifting up onto her tip toes, Lacey touched her lips to his. With one hand stroking her jaw, his other came to settle against her hip, his thumb running along the bare skin at the waistband of her jeans. Nolan pulled her body close, until she felt the hard ridge of him against her belly. He felt massive. Her lips parted in a silent gasp and he stroked his tongue against hers.

His mouth seemed made to fit over hers. And the skillful way he moved his tongue provoked thoughts of what other ways he could use that tongue. While her panties grew wet, and her breathing turned ragged, they kissed deeply for several minutes.

Her hands wandered, running over his firm biceps, and down the front of his shirt where rounded pecs waited invitingly under his shirt.

Sex rolled off of him in waves. No, not just sex. Fucking. Lacey was sure that being intimate with Nolan would be unlike any other experience she’d had. And that excited the hell out of her.

“God damn, woman,” he murmured breaking away from her lips.

Lacey couldn’t disagree. Everything about that kiss felt right. Backgrounds ceased to matter. Messy entanglements forgotten. When she was kissing Nolan, nothing mattered except getting even closer. More, her body begged.

“Just keep an open mind,” he said, tucking a stray lock of hair behind her ear.

A New York Times, Wall Street Journal, and USA Today
bestselling author of more than 18 titles, Kendall Ryan has sold more than a
million ebooks and her books have been translated into several languages in
countries around the world. She’s a traditionally published author with Simon
& Schuster and Harper Collins UK, as well as enjoying success as an
independently published author. Since she first began self-publishing in 2012,
she’s appeared at #1 on Barnes & Noble and iBooks charts around the world.
Her books have also appeared on the New York Times and USA Today bestseller
list 23 times.
Visit her at: for the latest book news, and fun extras.
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#BookRelease ~ Worth Saving by W.S. Greer ~ @EJBookPromos @AuthorWSGreer #Giveaway #Rafflecopter

Title: Worth Saving
Author: W.S. Greer
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Release Date: October 17, 2015

When we first met, we were both lost. It was written in our eyes when we first saw each other. My past haunted me, your present haunted you. I could see that you were aching, yet trying to bury the pain deep down so that no one would know, but it was there. I saw it. I saw you.

I thought you needed me to swoop in and save the day; to be your hero, your knight in shining armor that would ride in and rescue you from the torment. And something inside drove me to a place I’d never been before. A place where it didn’t matter how stacked the odds were, because nothing would stand between us. Nothing would stand in the way of me being the savior you needed me to be, and I’d go to hell and back to protect you. I thought you needed me, but I was wrong.

It’s me who needs you. I need your heart next to mine in order to get over what I’ve been through, and to push through the obstacles that are in our way now. It won’t be easy. It’ll be the hardest thing either of us has ever had to endure, but as long as we make it through together, it’ll all be worth it, because you’re worth every bit of the struggle. It’s because of you that I can stare death in the face and not feel the slightest hint of fear. You make it all okay. You’re worth it. You’re worth saving.

WS Greer is a multi-genre author, and an active duty military member with the US Air Force. He’s been serving his country since 2004, and has been an author since his debut novel, Frozen Secrets, was released in 2013.WS was born to military parents in San Antonio, Texas, and bounced around as a child, from Okinawa, Japan, to Florida, to New Mexico, where he met his high school sweetheart, who’d become his wife in 2003. Together, the two of them have two wonderful children, and are currently living overseas on the tiny island of Guam.

WS has tackled different genres throughout his writing career. From suspense with his debut novel Frozen Secrets, to erotic suspense with his bestselling Carter trilogy and Defending Her, and now contemporary romance with Worth Saving. As a reader, WS usually prefers the drama of suspense, but as a writer, he’s branched out and is doing his best to reach a wide audience and a plethora of readers.

WS loves connecting with his fans and readers, and does so whenever he gets the chance, and he would love to hear from you. You can find him on his personal blog, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Stay tuned, there’s more great stories coming from WS Greer!




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#BlogTour ~ Enough by Dawn L. Chiletz ~ @DawnLChiletz @EJBookPromo #Giveaway #rafflecopter

Title: Enough: A Novel
Author: Dawn L. Chiletz
Genre: Contemporary Inspirational Romance
Release Date: October 11, 2015 



My name is Everly. I’m a stay-at-home mom of two beautiful kids. I have a husband who provides for our family, but I don’t think he loves me anymore. Inside I die a little every day.

I am not enough. Not enough of a mother, a wife, a friend, a woman… I’m not enough to get you to stay, to love me or to accept me. There’s a battle I’m fighting. It’s a battle within myself.

I’m a fixer; I help others. I try to make everyone around me happy and whole, yet I haven’t figured out a way to fix myself.

When time and circumstances push me to my breaking point, I’m forced to take a hard look at what I’ve become. A failed marriage, a failed attempt at a career, and a failed attempt at being a mother. I’m not enough to hold any of it.

This is my story. It’s about trying to figure out how to be happy with who I am, how to love myself again, and how to allow others to love me. When a second chance at love is standing in front of me, will I be able to see anything more than my broken reflection in his eyes? Will I be able to rebuild and reinvent myself when everything falls apart? Can I find the love I truly deserve?

Will I ever be enough?

“This story is very well written, and I feel a must read for anyone who might be in a bad relationship or feeling they are inadequate. I love the message of the story, YOU ARE ENOUGH. never doubt yourself, you are stronger than you think.” ~ The Book Sirens

“If I could give this more than 5 Stars, I would. This book, I have no words to describe how much I loved this book. This book is raw, it is bone chilling, it is heartbreaking and this book makes you think. But then it is sexy, heartwarming, exciting, and the journey of one women discovering that she is Enough is simply beautiful.” ~ A Beautiful Book Blog

“Mom, where are my soccer cleats?” Marlow yells from her room.


“I think I saw them by the dog’s bed in the family room.”


Marlow thuds down the hall then rounds the corner into the kitchen. “Can you untie my shorts?” she asks.


I put the lid back on the roast and close the oven door before I bend down and sigh in frustration. “Did you make this knot?”


“Yes,” she responds. “I didn’t want them to fall down when I was running, but now I have to pee and I can’t get them off.”


I attempt to dig my nail into the fabric, but there’s no nail there to use. My nail-biting habit is out of control again.


“Mom!” I hear Kale scream from upstairs.


“Kale, if you want to talk to me, come down the stairs and speak in a normal voice.”


“I don’t want to come downstairs. I just wanted you to know that Marlow left her stinky socks on the bathroom floor.”


I sigh at Marlow as she dances from place to place. “I really have to pee, Mom,” she whispers in fear.


“Why did you leave your socks on the bathroom floor?” I ask as I manage to make a small dent in the fabric.


“They were wet.”


“Why were they wet?”


“Roscoe peed in the hall and I stepped in it.”


I stop what I’m doing and stare at my six-year-old daughter.


“What?” she asks with her hands in the air.


The timer on the oven sounds, letting me know the roast is ready.


“Mom!” Kale hollers. “Roscoe peed in the hall again.”


“Then clean it up!” I shout back in irritation.


“Eww… no way!” he responds.


The timer continues to beep when the phone rings. I stand and pull Marlow toward it. I hit answer and place it on my shoulder before bending down to return to the knot from hell. She’d make a great sailor.




“Did you pay the credit card bill this month?”


“Well hi, Mike,” I respond. “I’m fine, how are you?”


“Shit, Everly, just answer the damn question.”


I sigh. “Yes, I paid it.”


“Are you sure? Because I still have a balance and I told you to pay it off.”


“Mom!” Kale yells from upstairs.


“I did pay it. I called it in a week ago.”


“Mom?” Kale shouts again.


Marlow continues to dance in front of me as I finally free her from her binds and she rushes toward the bathroom.


I stand and turn off the annoying timer.


“What’s the confirmation number?” Mike asks.


“I don’t know, Mike. I’m kinda busy right now.”


He chuckles into the phone. “You have no idea what it means to be busy. You should see my desk right now.”


I pierce my lip with my tooth and begin to form the f to my favorite word when Kale charges down the stairs. I stop myself on the consonant.


“Didn’t you hear me, Mom? I called you like a hundred times!”


“Must be nice to sit around all day while I work and claim you’re too busy to get a simple number for me.”


“Mom!” Marlow cries out. “There’s no toilet paper!”


“Mom, why are you ignoring me?” Kale asks as he pulls on my shirt.


I take a deep breath and attempt to prioritize. Asshat husband wants check number… I stare at the phone for a second as he asks “Hello?” in his annoying voice to gain my attention. I end the call. Check.


Screaming Kale has something urgent to ask. “Yes, Kale. What do you need?”


“I forgot I need to bring cookies to karate tonight.”


I close my eyes to stop myself from asking why he didn’t tell me this morning so I could have picked some up from the store. I open the pantry and grab a bag of Oreos. “Done,” I tell him.


“Those are open!” he states in utter disbelief.


I glance into the package. There are only a few missing. I’m pretty sure I ate them in the car on the way home from the store. “It’ll be fine,” I assure him. Check. He mumbles something under his breath as he makes his way back up the stairs. I’m too tired to ask him what he said.


“Mom… toilet paper?”


I hurry into the laundry room and grab the new pack, pulling off the plastic wrap. I knock on the door before I open it slightly to her shriek of horror. “I’m in here!” she yells. “Privacy!”


I roll the paper to her and close the door. Check.


No more screaming. No more angry husband. All butts are accounted for. I lean against the wall and sigh as the fire alarm blares into my ears. I turn and see smoke coming from the stove.


“Should I call 911?” Kale screams from upstairs.


“What? No, Kale! Everything’s fine!” I open the oven and take out the burning roast, waving the smoke and opening a window.


“What?” he yells over the deafening sound.


I wave my towel in the air under the smoke alarm in the hall.


“Should I exit the house from the window up here like we practiced in the fire drill?” Kale asks in a panic.


“Kale, for Christ’s sake, there’s no fire!”


“There’s a fire?” he screams.


I hustle back into the kitchen and wave the smoke toward the open window. The blaring stops and I take a calming breath, staring at the crispy roast for a moment. In the distance, I hear sirens. They seem to be getting closer. I silently pray it’s the hospital coming to take me away.

Dawn L. Chiletz is the author of The Contest and Waiting to Lose. She currently resides in Illinois with her husband, two boys, and two dogs. When she’s not binge writing or reading, Dawn drinks large amounts of coffee and checks Facebook instead of doing laundry.