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Meet An Author!

Author L. A. Fiore

Writing Questions:

Why do you think readers are drawn to what you write?

I try to make my stories a journey, like a movie that you read. My goal is to immerse the reader in the story, tugging on all of their emotions, and make them feel as if they’re living the story too.

Why do you write?

I think in plot lines and characters; I’ve always done that, even when I was a kid. I’m also someone who doesn’t particularly like reality. I find if I listen to the news, it’s rather depressing. Writing, I get to create my own reality and I really enjoy the worlds I create because despite all the ups and downs, there’s always a happy ending and I’m a sucker for the happy ending.

Who inspires you?

May sound odd, but the characters do. Each takes on a life of their own and as their stories unfold, the more inspired I get.

Was being an author something you’ve always wanted to do?

Always. My dream has always been to roll out of bed, get the family off, and then grab a cup of coffee and head to my office to spend the day writing. The fact that I actually make a living from my dream is incredible.

Favorite place to write?

My office because I’ve filled it with mementos that represent the characters in my books…a painter’s palette clock for Logan and Lark, a cake plate with fake fancy cupcakes for Avery, typewriters for Ember, Mia’s crystal-encrusted platform pumps, etc.

What is your favorite book you’ve written? Why?

His Light in the Dark because I adore Cole Campbell. His life is hard and yet under his remote exterior is a heart of gold. And Mia complements him perfectly because she’s sweet and wears her heart on her sleeve, but more she sees Cole as he is and not how he perceives himself.

What elements around you, inspire you?

Music. Many writers write to music because music inspires. There are songs that make you want to dance and songs that make you want to cry. Tapping into the emotion stirred by music, at least for me, helps me really set the tone of a scene.

How often do you publish?

I try to publish three books a year.

Personal Questions:

Dream trip to go on someday?

Ireland. I want to see in real life the majesty I’ve seen in pictures.

Do you have a bucket list?


If so give us your top 5!

5. Walking the cliffs in Ireland

4. Sky diving

3. Building my own lightsaber

2. Attending the Academy Awards

1. Seeing my kids grow up…finding a career, watching them fall in love, seeing their faces in their children.

Favorite shows?

Supernatural, iZombie, Walking Dead, Sons of Anarchy, Chicago Fire and Hawaii Five-O

What is your favorite Holiday? Why?

Christmas, it’s magical.

Do you have a favorite movie you watch over & over?

Star Wars, the original trilogy.

If you weren’t writing, what would you be doing?

Owning a little garden center or an on line shop specializing in cheesecake; I make a mean cheesecake.

What distracts you easily?

Gardening…creating colorful gardens that look wild.

Name a few addictions? These are fun addictions… Shoe, Book, Purse, Jewelry Addict

Swag creating, jewelry and books.

Fun Questions: (Quick Answers)

Shoes or No Shoes? No shoes

Channing Tatum or Ryan Reynolds? Neither. Henry Cavill

Coke or Pepsi? Coke

e-Book or Real Book? Real book

You’re a Superhero, who are you? Not so much a superhero, a Jedi Master

Favorite Muppet? Rizzo the Rat

Are you a TV or Movie Type? Movie

Romance or Thriller? Romance thriller

Country or Ocean? Country

Snow or Summer? Autumn…crisp, cool air, jeweled toned leaves, apple cider and pumpkin pie



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