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Madi and Her Boss – Chapter 1

This is my writing and mine alone. Please do not copy or use this. It’s for your entertainment purposes only. I welcome respectful feedback if you’d like to leave it.

Updated 8/17/2020



Bent over his desk, silent, eyes closed, she let him do what he needed to do, thrusting back and forth, grabbing her hips. Squeezing them tight. She loved this and he was mindful of that. She never understood how turned on this made her, or how much pleasure he would give her.

“Oh baby, that’s it. Your pussy is so tight for me.”

She didn’t dare move, arms spread out. Hands grabbing the edge of the desk. Oh god this felt good, his steady movements and the skin to skin.

“Take my hard cock, that’s right baby. You make me so proud to see you like this.”

He had a certain rhythm as he moved back and forth, hard and fast, his balls banging into her pussy exciting her even more. She just wanted to touch her clit, rub it, bring herself some relief. But this wasn’t about her. When they played, it wasn’t about her, it was about him. She did this for him.

Growling out loud, he said. “ohhhhh that’s it, fuck that’s so good,” as he came inside her. She could feel his hard, warm cock throbbing as he emptied himself, waited a second or two, then he pulled out, taped her ass cheek, leaving her laying on the desk. She waited until she heard him go into the bathroom within his office. The toilet flushed, and she knew she was safe to get up. She pulled her underwear up and fixed her clothes and did the best she could with her hair. She waited. Knowing what came next.

He exited the bathroom all fresh and clean. Walked over to her, stood in front of her. She stood still, arms at her sides, head down. When he was ready to address her, his hand met her chin and gently raised it up to look at her.

“Are you okay?” He always asked her after they finished. “Do we need to discuss anything?”

“No, sir, I am fine.” She answered. “May I return to work now?”

“Thank you, Madison, you may,” as he kissed the top of her forehead before she turned to leave.

She exited his office, closed the door and went to the bathroom. Her usual routine.

In the past, she would feel the “walk of shame” as she went down the hallway, she wondered if anyone could tell what she had just done and did every Wednesday afternoon at this time. Trying to keep her head up, she walked quickly to the restroom. Once she got inside, she went into the stall and sat on the toilet, listening to make sure no one followed her.

This “thing” she had with her boss used to make Madi so enraged. Pissed enough to cry. Angry with herself. Every Wednesday it went the same way. He’d call on the intercom, “Madison, I need you to take some notes on a project. Hold my calls and get in here.” He never smiled, he was stern, demanding. She never saw him act otherwise. But she wanted more. She had given herself to him and she needed more from this weekly encounter. Then she got more. More than she bargained for. But look at her now.

Why, she would asked herself? Why did she put up with him and this arrangement? She knew the answer to that question, at first, she needed the money. He was VERY generous when it came to bonuses and extras, but the day to day interactions were sometimes, downright rude and discourteous. But there was something about him that she craved. That’s not how she was raised. Madi was nice to everyone. At least she tried to be. Her mother would roll over in her grave if she knew what Madi was doing now.

Madi put herself together and returned to her desk. She waited for 6:00pm to come around so she could go home. She had unfinished business to take care of when she got home.

She stepped off the bus and walked to her apartment. She wasn’t far from Central Park. Her apartment had a pretty nice view of the park. Madi had grabbed a salad at a local market on her way to the bus. She couldn’t wait to get inside and eat it.

She entered her apartment, turned to close the door and rested her forehead on the door as she turned the lock. After a heavy sigh, she walked towards the kitchen to put her food and bags down then made her way to her bedroom. She wanted a shower to clean up from earlier, before she could do anything else. Taking her clothes off, putting her shoes away, she stood there in her bedroom naked. Staring in the mirror on her wall she just looked at herself. Madi couldn’t figure out her feelings, dirty, sexy, turned on, ashamed? She was a mess of emotions but seemed to be more and more turned on after each encounter with her boss. This was still so new to her.

She didn’t realize her right hand was on her breasts, rubbing her breast until she stopped on her left nipple. Watching herself, she took it in her fingers and pinched it, “mmm” as she sucked in her breath. This was good for her. Madi’s left hand went down over her stomach. Rubbing over her mound, she spread her lips and found her clit.

“Ahhhh, finally,” she said. She rubbed her clit and pinched her nipples over and over again. She felt the tingling feelings begin to get more intense, she was so wet. Eyes closed, Madi let her head fall back and started to imagine her boss, tall, dark, handsome and sexy with his masculine scent. That cologne was a unique scent that made her want to do more with this man, to please him in every way he asked. How could a man have this much of an affect on her?

Madi continued to play with her breasts and pinch her nipples while her other hand kept rubbing her clit. She was so wet. She couldn’t help it. He made feelings come to life within her, more than any other man had ever done. Feelings she couldn’t explain, but didn’t want to try to, she just wanted to enjoy this moment.

The more her fingers moved the more the desire grew. Her nipples were so hard, and her clit was tight and sensitive too. As Madi remembered her boss fucking her today, talking about her being so tight and the way his balls bounced against her pussy, that was all she needed to lose herself into the moment and come all over her hand.

She was so exhausted she fell to the floor and laid there for a moment. Eyes closed, she imagined him coming in her room. He would pick her up in his arms and kiss her. Oh, she wanted to be kissed by that man. How would he taste? He’d walk her into the shower and thoroughly fuck her again while she was pinned up to the cold wall by his large and handsome body. That huge cock would be moving in her tight pussy and she’d feel every movement he made. Then he’d wash her and caress her in the shower before drying her off with a large warm towel.

Madi had the most beautiful dreams of a man she barely knows. If only he’d make them all come true.


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