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Madi and Her Boss – Chapter 9


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Updated 2/19/2020



Madison – 3 months ago


She sniffled and wiped the tear from her face. “How did you get up here? I didn’t give them permission to let you up here?” She kept walking away from him to keep the distance between them.

“Madison, I have my ways. If I want to see you, I will see you. Nothing will stop me.”

“I can see that now.” She stood behind the kitchen table while he stood in the living room. He was staring so hard at her; his eyes were melting into her. She didn’t know if it was from the walk or from him being here, but she was warmer than usual and maybe a little more wet too. Her stomach didn’t feel right either. She had a nervous feeling in her stomach, probably carried over from the park.

“Mr. Stewart,” she began, “I don’t know why you picked me or why you are interested in me for your sub thing, but I don’t think I can do this. You should find someone else.”

He tilted his head slightly to the left, still studying her. He knew he was making her uncomfortable. This was his intention. Then he smirked.

“Please stop that,” Madi asked. She couldn’t take his staring any more. She kept trying to look away, but it wasn’t working. His eyes drew her back to his beautiful face. She wanted to go to her bedroom and lock herself inside, but she knew he would follow her. And her bedroom was the LAST place she wanted him to follow her to right now.

“Look Mr. Stewart, I think you need to pick someone else. I can’t do this for you or to you or whatever it is, I can’t, I won’t be any good.” Madi’s nerves were making her hands shake.

“Madison, come here. Move away from the table and come here.” Madi paused for what seemed like minutes, then she sighed and did as he commanded.

“Good. Now, let’s try something before you give up on this idea.” He took off his jacket and laid it on the back of one of the kitchen chairs. He undid his cuff links and started to roll up his sleeves.

“Madison, take you shorts and underwear off.”

Making a face at him, she questioned what he asked. “Mr. Stewart, please, I don’t’ think…”

“Madison, I am not asking you to think. I have given you an order to take something off. Now do it.”

She closed her eyes, took a deep breath and pulled the shorts and underwear down to the floor and stepped out of them.

“There. Does this make you happy?” Madi was mocking him now but she really wanted to do this. She knew what he was doing to her and she liked it.

“Come bend over this table. Put your arms over your head.” Madi followed the orders and laid herself on the table. She felt more embarrassed and exposed as the seconds ticked away.

The cool air on her exposed pussy started to excite her. The anticipation of what was coming, or what she thought was going to happen, was making her wet as well.

“You will now see and feel what makes me happy, Madison. I had something else planned, but the tone of your mouth has changed my mind. You will learn when your smart mouth should run and when it should stop. I want you to count off as we go. Understand?”

“Count off? What am I counting?”

WHACK – his hand spanked her left cheek hard.

“What are you…” she was shocked. What had he just done to her? She lifted herself up from the table.

“That is one, Madison, count or I keep adding more.” His hand pressed on her middle back to make her lay back down.

“What the hell…” she wasn’t sure what he was doing.

WHACK – his hand spanked her right cheek just as hard. Nothing from Madi.

“Count Madison. That is two.” His tone was stern.

“Fine. Two. Is that what you want…”

WHACK – back to the left cheek and harder. Her cheek was red and marked. The fire was burning up inside her, heat rising for more than one reason.

“Three, how many…”

WHACK – back to the right cheek. Also, pink and marked.

His cock was growing hard watching the color in her cheeks become more alive.

“Four, can you answer me…”

WHACK – left cheek again, but the bottom of the cheek near the thigh this time.

“Five” her voice getting a little choked up as if the pain was getting to her. Her ass was on fire, as was her pussy.

WHACK – right cheek this time but also near the top of the thigh.

“Six.” Her voice was quieter and more subdued. Her eyes were getting heavy. She was giving in to the pain, or enjoying the feeling finally.

He took two fingers and shoved them in her pussy and quickly pulled them out. She gasped and even jumped a little. He got her attention.

“Open your mouth Madison.” He put his fingers in her mouth. “Taste how wet and aroused you are from that spanking.”

She closed her eyes as she sucked on his fingers. She couldn’t believe she felt this way after he spanked her. She really wanted something else to suck on, but she wasn’t telling him that.

Then she heard him undo his belt buckle and his pants, rip open the condom wrapper and he was inside her. That fast. “Mmhh,” Madi didn’t know if her verbal reaction was allowed or not, but it felt good, she couldn’t deny that. She couldn’t help her moans.

“Oh, Madison. Well done.” He thrusted into her quickly. He had to. He was so hard, she had pleased him today. “We need to work on the proper way for you to speak to me when we do this but that will be learned.”

He knew she would react this way. He knew she would get turned on by this. He kept thrusting. Faster. Harder. Faster. He grabbed her hips tightly. He squeezed so hard he probably bruised her skin.

Madi didn’t realize she would like that so much. He spanked her. Yet, her body liked it. She could feel the excitement growing with each spanking. She knew what he would find before he even felt her pussy. Damn her body for betraying her. Madi couldn’t believe she liked the spankings.

He reached around to her front and started rubbing her clit.

“Oh my god! Oh yes!” That was what she needed to get to orgasm. And it wouldn’t be long. Finally, pleasure for her.

Madi was shocked, but this felt damn good. She knew it was only a matter of minutes before he took her over the top. Her breathing increased. Her heartbeat grew faster. She grabbed the sides of her table to hold on. The warmth and tingling went all over her body.

“I am going to come,” she panted.

He continued his fast, hard thrusts. He knew he was ready to come, she was too. It was time. “Come Madison, come all over my fucking cock.”

She did. She started to shake and came on his hard cock that was ready to explode. “Oh god yes!” followed by some heavy breathing and trouble catching her breath.

After hearing her come, he made a few grunts and he came inside her. “That’s it Madison. That feels so good.”

When he finished emptying his load, he pulled out and went to the kitchen to clean himself up. Then he went to the sink and grabbed a towel, put some warm water on it and came to clean her up.

She stood up looking for her shorts and underwear and put them on.

When the both had their clothes on, he walked over to the couch and asked her to sit down. When she did as he asked, she grimaced a little as her cheeks hit the leather.

“Careful Madison. You will be sore for a few days until you get used to me doing that.”

Get used to him doing that… Madi was surprised that she liked that idea.

“Madison, how did you feel today?” He sat very still watching her for her response.

Madi played with her fingers and kept her head down, a little embarrassed to admit her pleasure.

“Madison, look at me when I address you and I want an answer, an honest answer. This will not work if we are not honest with each other.”

Raising her head slowly, she very quietly answered him. “I liked it.”

“As I expected you would. This was a sampling of what our time together would be like.”

He watched her. Studied her eyes and her body movements. She kept looking down or away from him.

“Would you like to go further and try more?” He was hoping she would say yes. He had so many things he wanted to do with her.

“I think so…” she said very quietly.

“Very well then. You will return to work tomorrow. After work, we will meet for dinner. There, we will talk more about this arrangement. Will you please tell me if your calendar is free for tomorrow night?”

Madi wasn’t sure what to expect.

“Yes. I have no plans tomorrow night” she said quietly. Still obviously shaken and unsure of her feelings.

He leaned forward and kissed her forehead. He needed to leave before his cock demanded more time with her.

“Good evening Madison. I will see you tomorrow. Lock up after I leave please and sleep well.”

And with that he as gone. Just got up, grabbed his jacket from the chair and walked to the door. Looked back at her and walked out the door.

Madi fell back into the couch. She was on cloud nine. But she was scared to death.


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