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Madi and Her Boss – Chapter 7

This is my writing and mine alone. Please do not copy or use this. It’s for your entertainment purposes only. I welcome respectful feedback if you’d like to leave it.

Updated 2/19/2020


Jonathan – 3 months ago

The drive home is dark and quiet and all I can think about is Madison and the look on her face tonight. It hurt to see her face that way. Was it pain, distrust, confusion? I couldn’t put my finger on it, but something went awry.

This day went all wrong. Nothing went as planned. The surprise meeting with my investor, not seeing Madison like I normally do, her being out with friends. Even my anger I felt when she wasn’t at work surprised me. Maybe I need to call and talk to Anthony. I need a clear head to think this through.

When I arrived home, I changed my clothes into more comfortable clothes, and sat on the couch with my glass of whiskey. I needed to go over the night again and try to see where Madison’s head might be.

For some reason, Madison has become important to me. She is young and fresh, untouched and yet she has no idea of her potential. My cock reacts to her smile, to her laugh, to her eyes when she looks at me. I can’t begin to imagine the many ways I can bring her pleasure. Trust comes first.

Her first step tonight was letting me taste her. She seemed to like it. I want to do that more often when she has pleased me. Speaking of, did I scare her when I put my cock in her mouth? Jeezz man, that was a dick move. She wasn’t ready for that.

Swirling my drink around in the glass, all I can think of is her pink pussy and how she tasted. I want more. I need more. Closing my eyes, I can smell her again. Taste her again. I can’t get enough. I need to do this right. I can’t lose another sub. Tomorrow I will call Anthony and talk things over with him.

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