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One More Night – New York

New York


What company in their right mind planned a conference in December in New York City? Must have been a man who picked this place she thought. Shaking her head with a chuckle, she clutched the Starbucks cup in her hand and waited for the elevator doors to open. Thank god the conference was in the same hotel she was staying in. The temperatures outside were too cold for her to venture outside and walk back to another hotel. But even in the hotel, she was cold.

The doors opened, and she didn’t look around, just entered the elevator and turned to face the doors. There were people in the car, but she didn’t take notice. She just wanted to get to her room and get warm. She was tired, and this conference was boring. Nothing a good night sleep wouldn’t help.

She didn’t notice the man behind her until he leaned into her shoulder to whisper into her ear, “god I’d love to be that Starbucks cup in your hand right now.”

She smiled as the shivers went up her spine. She knew instantly who that was.

“Don’t turn around and don’t say a word.” He continued. “Just go to your room, get undressed and wait for me.”

She bit her bottom lip; closed her eyes, the sparks were going off all over her body. The heater was turned on and she could feel the temperature rising slowly. She knew she was getting wet at the thought of seeing him again. What a nice surprise.

The elevator doors opened on her floor and she walked straight ahead, never looked back. She didn’t have too. She knew it was him. She knew he wouldn’t be long either. So, she picked up the pace to her room. She wanted to be ready when he got there.

Fumbling with her key card, she finally made it in her room. She set down the cup of coffee she carried around, took her coat off and hung it up. She took her shoes off and then started to undress. Suit jacket, blouse and skirt came off, set neatly on the chair. Her bra and garter remained. How did she know when she picked out clothes today that he would see her? That made her smile. Thank god she matched, the thought made her chuckle.

Her heartbeat was racing. She went to the bathroom to brush her teeth and fix her makeup. He wouldn’t be long.

Sure enough, there was a light tap at the door. She smiled. So big. Her pussy clenched at the thought of seeing him. The tingles she got as she walked to the door.

She took a deep breath and opened the door. There he was. Suit coat, dress shirt with a few buttons undone, tie was already gon. Handsome as ever with his dark hair and dimples. God those dimples. They melted her. Sexy as ever. She couldn’t wait to get that shirt off.

“Well are you going to let me in,” he asked?

“Of course, love, get in here,” she said with a wink.

She stepped back to let him in, she could smell him as he walked by, spicy and sexy, all in one. That cologne drove her crazy. She let the door close and turned to walk into the room behind him.


She walked into the room and he immediately went to her like a magnet, put his hands on her face and kissed her. Hard, rough kisses that said it had been too long since he had tasted her.

“Mmmm” was the only sound she could make come out of her mouth as his tongue danced around with hers. Her hands went to his buttons on his shirt and started to undo them as he kissed her.

His lips left her mouth and went for her neck. Her head fell back.

“Your outfit is very nice,” he said, “I like the garters.”

“Oh god babe, I have missed this.” Her pussy was getting wetter and wetter the more his lips moved over her. First the space between the neck and the shoulder, then the shoulder as his hand grabbed her breast and squeezed. The other hand found her ass cheek and squeezed that as well. He pushed into her letting her feel the reaction his body had to seeing her again.

She made good use of her hands as they undid his belt and buckle. Then the zipper came next. He might have let out a little groan as he continued kissing her, now his mouth was on her nipple. She started to pull his shirt off and out of his pants, then dropped it on the floor.

Her hands went to his pants, finished unzipping the zipper and pushed them down. She grabbed his cock and rubbed it through the underwear. She had felt that hard cock in his pants when he first kissed her. Now she wanted to reacquaint herself with it.

“Oh god babe,” he cried. The kissing stopped, and he looked at her. Eyes to eyes. His heartbeat fast. He needed to come quickly, or he wasn’t going to make it. The effect she had on him was incredible, but it went both ways.

She must have read his mind because she took his underwear off, his cock bounced out and stood at attention as she moved him to sit on the side of the bed. Going down on her knees in between his legs, she took his cock in her mouth. She missed this cock. So thick and tasting. The bead of pre-cum was glistening on the tip. So beautiful.

First, she kissed the head, licked the tip, did some slow strokes with her lips, enjoying the taste, all while her hand moved up and down the shaft. He placed his hands behind him supporting himself on the bed. His head fell back, and his eyes closed. He wasn’t going to last. “Oh, fuck babe. That feels so fucking good.”

She stopped and looked at him, smiling into her sucking and let him know with a moan or two that she knew he loved what she was doing. She loved doing it for him. After a few strokes she opened her throat and took his hard cock all the way in, her lips on his stomach. One hand was cradling his balls. One hand was scratching his stomach. Infighting the nerves already on fire. She went deep with him a few times as he rocked his hips into her mouth.

“I am going to come babe, take me in your mouth.” He wasn’t asking, he was telling. She smiled at him and continued sucking his cock. She knew he was close. She could tell how hard and thick he was, his breathing had changed. She knew his signs.

He could feel the cum building up, he was ready to burst in her mouth. A few more strokes with her beautiful mouth and he was coming down her throat. He moaned and groaned, grunted a little too. He came. In her mouth. She swallowed over and over trying to take it all in.

“Oh god, look what you do to me babe.” He could barely speak. His breathing was labored as he caught his breath. And he was still hard.

She got up off the floor, kissed his stomach and went to the bathroom to clean up.

He walked into the bathroom while she was cleaning up and had that sparkle in his eye. She saw it. And it scared her. He walked up behind her, put his arms around her torso and hugged her. Kissing her shoulder, he said, “let’s go get something to eat babe, you need your energy for round 2.”

Surprised and in need of an orgasm herself, she turned around and looked at him.

“Are you kidding?” she asked. “I just sucked you off, I need a release too.”

He opened his hand and smiled, holding a small device in his palm. “You will wear this while we are out at dinner and then when we get back, I will take care of you babe.”

She stood there and looked at him, wondering what he had in mind for the evening. After a few minutes she agreed. He waited to put it in for her, so she bent over, leaning on the counter while he took the device and inserted it into her pussy.

“I want to test it out to make sure it works before we go.” He hit the little remote in his hand and she jumped. She felt the buzz inside, closed her eyes and enjoyed the feeling.

“I can see by your reaction that it works, get dressed and let’s go eat.” He put his hands on her shoulders and kissed her upper back. “I can’t wait to go to dinner with you.” He winked at her and smacked her ass as he walked away to go get dressed.


Things were pretty calm in the taxi, the vibrator stayed on low and she was enjoying the feeling. Almost getting used to it. When they reached the restaurant, he helped her out of the taxi and they walked into the restaurant.

Once at their table, he ordered her a glass of wine while he had a beer. She was studying the menu and he was studying her. He turned the vibrator up while she read the menu. He watched for her reaction. She closed her eyes and smiled. Took a deep breath, her eyes met his, then she went back to the menu. Her body was getting very warm by this fire he started within her. She could feel her nipples tingle. Good thing her suite jacket covered them up.

The waiter came over with their drinks and took their order. They toasted to seeing each other again. She mouthed something about being a “devil” but he couldn’t make it all out.

“Okay, before I lose my senses tonight, please tell me how you knew where I was?” She still didn’t know how he knew she was there in that hotel.

“My company sent me here last minute to work with a client. I saw the sign for your conference when I checked in.”

Her eyes got narrow, she stared at him, he had known she was coming here. Somehow something was off, there was more to the story. She wondered what else he had planned, knowing she would be there.

“So how long are you here?” she asked, taking the wine glass, twirling the wine around and then taking a sip of wine.

“Just tonight. I leave tomorrow afternoon. Long flight home.” So, she knew she had one night with him. Just one.

“I want you to do me a favor,” he said. Eyes on her, gauging her reaction, “Take your underwear off.”

“What? Are you kidding?”

“I am not. Do it. Right here. Right now. Take it off. Hand it to me.” He just sat there, eyes focused and smiled.

He was serious. She sat and looked at him for a few minutes. Waiting for him to tell her not to do it but he wasn’t going to. He was serious.

He turned the vibrator up again. Her eyes got big. Fuck, he wasn’t kidding.

She slowly took her right hand and reached under her skirt and grabbed her underwear. Slowly and carefully pulling it down her leg, trying not to draw attention to herself.

The waiter decided to come over and bring them bread and oil at that moment. She stopped her movement. She felt the heat in her face as he approached the table. She looked at him and mouthed ass as the waiter stood there. It only made him smile more than he already was watching her try to be casual about this. Once he left, she continued taking one side off and around her foot.

She could feel the cold chair on her cunt as she sat there. This added to her discomfort, but it felt so good. Carefully she worked the underwear down and around her other leg.

His hand was open on the table.

“What? You want me to put my underwear in your hand?” she chuckled.

“Yes. I do. That’s why the hand is out.”

It took her a few minutes to get the underwear casually into his hand without other people around her realizing what she had just done. She felt like she was on display and everyone knew what she just did. But the mix of the exposure, cold air and cold chair were heaven for her as she moved around in the chair.

He took the underwear, bunched it up and smelled it. “Oh babe, you are so turned on, aren’t you?” Then he put them in his pocket.

“I am so wet, and your vibrator isn’t helping me.” She took another sip of her wine while her eyes stayed on his. “And you wouldn’t let me find relief before we left my room.” God, she needed an orgasm so badly. If he as much as touched her pussy with a light graze she’d come. Maybe she would go to the bathroom and take care of herself. She wasn’t going to make it through dinner this way.

“I can turn it up if you want me to?” He asked. Smiling as he knew what she was plotting. “But don’t think you are leaving this table without me.”

She leaned in closer to him, surprised that he was onto her game. “Are you kidding me? I can’t go to the bathroom by myself?”

“Not when you want to go in there and put your fingers to work, no.”

She snickered at his comment. He knew her too well. “What if I legitimately have to go?”

He had an answer for that too. “They have family bathrooms, we can go together.”

“You are unreal,” she said, and then the vibrator stopped. He turned it off. Her eyes got very big. “What did you just do?”

“Ah…I took the pleasure away, didn’t I?’

“Ass” was all she could say. She felt the void, but her orgasm needed to come soon. She needed to figure out a way to get back to the room quickly.

The food was delivered, and the presentation was beautiful. She had penne al a vodka with sausage, mushrooms and peas while he had Chicken Madeira with mushrooms and spinach. The waiter brought her another glass of wine, and him another beer.


Waiting on the elevator for the doors to open, crowded around with other hotel guests, he leaned into her ear and whispered, “I want to play with your ass tonight” and his hands went to the hem of the skirt and started to lift it up her thighs.

Her pussy just clenched, the vibrator was back on and she could feel her heart was ready to jump out of her chest. Her ass tonight?

When they arrived back at the room they both took their coats off and hung them up. He turned to her, “Babe I want you to get undressed, I need to prepare you for later.”

She knew what that meant, and it scared and excited her all at once. She knew how thick he was when he was hard.

She took her clothes off as he asked, including the garter and bra. “Where do you want me,” she asked, not sure what to expect next.

“Come over on the bed, get on all fours for me please babe.”

She saw what he had in his hand and the vibrator inside was turned up a notch.

Her eyes met the plug in his hand. Silver and teardrop with a jewel at the end. How the hell was that going to fit in her tight little ass?

He noticed her staring at it and he smiled, patted the bed and asked her again to get on the bed.

She positioned herself as asked, he placed his hand on her back pushing her down, so her head was on the bed and her ass was on display for him. The cool air reached her pussy. She needed to be touched, the vibrator was still buzzing inside. That cool air turned her sensitivity up a notch.

“Be still and let me do this so it’s not so painful.” He kissed her cheek and gave it a little bite. She sunk lower into the bed.

She felt a lubricant drizzled over her ass, it was warm and tingly. He rubbed it on her opening, massaging while the other hand found her clit.

This felt so good, she lost herself in the moment, full of pleasure and enjoyment in the sensations going on. Her hands reached for the comforter as she started to fist the fabric.

His tongue found her pussy as he started to suck and lick. Her ass rose higher as if that would get it more attention. She started rocking to the side and moaning to let him know how good this felt.

Without warning he stuck a finger in her tight ass, moving it from side to side.

“Mmmm that feels so good.”

He smiled. He knew she would like this, but he needed to do it right, so she would want to do it again.

He continued to lick her pussy as two fingers went into her hole, moving and stretching her opening. She couldn’t believe how much she liked it.

“Oh god babe, you are making me want to come.”

“Patience sweetheart, we will get there. My cock is so hard watching you right now, I can’t wait to stick it in this sweet hole.”

A little more stretching and he removed his fingers. He picked up the jeweled plug and brought it over, without warning he put it in her ass. The cold sensation of the metal made her realize what he was doing, but with the hand on her clit and the lube he used, the plug went right in without too much pain.

“Oh, that feels good.” He knew she’d like it. With a huge smile on his face he removed his hand from her clit and stood up to get undressed.

“Stay just like that,” he said as he smacked her ass, leaving a beautiful pink mark on her cheek.

He undressed, taking his time as he laid his clothes neatly on the chair near the desk. His eyes continued to watch her and look at the beautiful jewel sitting in her ass. She made little motions to move back and forth to feel it inside her. She was enjoying the feeling. He found himself watching her and smiling.

Walking over to her, he kissed her ass cheek, the one with the beautiful pink mark on it.

“I am going to remove this now,” as his hand wiggled the plug, “so hold still” and with a gentle motion he pulled it out and set it on a towel.

She felt the void immediately. Turned her head to look back at him. She watched him prepare his cock for her, rubbing lube on it. That was such a sexy thing to watch. His cock was so hard and now it glistened, waiting for her.

He kissed then bit each of her cheeks before he started. His tip met her opening. He made sure the vibrator was on the next higher level inside her before he began. His hand went to her clit and rubbed as he started to push inside.

She gasped. She was nervous.

“I’ve got you babe, don’t worry, just breathe.”

“Oh, fuck that stings…” this wasn’t what she expected.

“Keep breathing, I have to go slow.”

He pushed in slowly, getting passed her tight ring. It wouldn’t be much longer.

“Oh my god that’s amazing.” He smiled.

“You okay babe?” He needed to make sure she was okay as he took his time going all the way in.

Her eyes had closed, she was definitely enjoying this. His hand on her clit, his gorgeous cock in her ass. What more could she ask for?

“MMmmm I am so good right now.”

Then he started to move. Slowly. Back and forth.

“Oh my god this feels so fucking amazing.” She loved it.

His grin, if she could see it, would tell her how much he enjoyed it.

Sensations she had never felt before were coming alive in her. The feeling in her ass was incredible and the desire to orgasm was already there. He handed her a small wand vibrator to use while he concentrated on his movements. The vibrator inside was on, she had a wand for her clit, and he was ready to finish the job himself.

His movements increased little by little as he found it hard to hold back. He grabbed her hips, squeezing hard, thrusting back and forth.

“Babe you feel amazing, so tight.”

Her moans were getting louder, she was squeezing the comforter in her hand as the other one held the wand vibrator. She was ready to explode.

“You ready babe? I can’t wait any more,” he said as he was moving.

And with that, she came, moaning and groaning, he could feel her muscles contracting and tightening on him. That made him come inside her leaving his load in her. She could feel him pulsing and squirting cum. After a few more slower movements he was done, and carefully withdrew from her.

“Oh, that feels so weird.” She felt a void when he pulled out.

“Give it a minute, it will come back,” he explained.

He went into the bathroom to clean himself up. He started a warm bath before he left the bathroom.

Walking over to the bed where she was laying, he went over, kissed her on the ass cheek.

“Come take a bath with me please?” His hands were on her shoulders, moving her hair away from her neck to lay gentle kisses on her neck.

Her head turned towards him, smiling she said, “I’d like a bath with you.” She slowly got up off the bed to walk with him into the bathroom.

The bath was drawn, with bubbles floating on top. The lights were low. He took her hand and helped her into the tub, then joined her. He sat down first leaning against the back of the tub and pulled her back to his chest as she settled in the tub with him. Her head rested on his chest, eyes closed. His arms wrapped around her and held her tight.

“Can we just stay like this?” She already knew the answer. Her heart hurt to hear it.

“We can tonight, babe.” We’ve got one more night together.”

To be continued….

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