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Master Cowboy

I prepare myself for my master, walking into the dungeon, with only my underwear on, hair in a ponytail.

After closing the door, I walk over to the cabinet. Take out the handcuffs and lay them on the table. Master lets me pick out the flogger of my choosing and any other toys I want to use during our scene.

I lay my favorite flogger next to the cuffs, and pick out a plug as well. The one with the pink jewel. Master knows that’s my favorite one.

Quickly returning to my spot by the door, I kneel down, sit on my feet. Lay my hands on my leg, palms up. Head bowed and wait for my Master.

As I have been instructed, I close my eyes and concentrate on my breathing. Slow. Steady.

Calming my anxiety, although no matter how many times we play, I still feel this way. Slow breaths. Slow and steady. Breathe in and out.

After what seems like forever, I hear the door open. I keep breathing. Slowly.

I hear your footsteps as you walk in the room. I dare not move without your instruction.

You go turn on the classical music you love to listen to, selecting the track that suits your mood. Then you walk over to me, your footsteps stop in front of me.

You look beautiful my Petal,” you say as you look me over. I don’t have to see you do it to know what you’re doing.

Rise to your knees please.” Your first instructions.

I do as you say, my head is still bowed.

Get me ready for our playtime, Petal,” you instruct and knowing what that means, I do as you say.

I lift my head, looking straight ahead at your thighs. My hands reach out for your pants, unbutton your jeans, and lower them a little.

“May I sir,” I ask for your permission.

You reply, “you may, Petal.”

So I continue. I take your cock out of your pants, hold it in my hand. Gently, I kiss your tip before putting my mouth around your cock.

I go at a slow pace. Back and forth. Hand on your shaft and mouth around your hard cock.

Hands on my head, you’re moving in and out of my mouth, controlling the speed and getting harder and harder. My eyes stay focused on your cock or your legs, as I’ve been trained.

You pull out of my mouth. “Enough Petal. Thank you. Remove your clothing, leave it on the bench then go bend over the table, please.”

Standing up, off my knees, I walk over to the table and assume the position. You see me rub my knees, I can never slip anything by you.

So you ask, “Petal, are your knees bothering you?”

Your question makes me smile, “yes sir, I’ll be fine though.”

I get close to the table, thighs pressed tight. I bend forward and lay down. Place my arms out wide and spread my legs a little too. I am anticipating what you will do, trying to make you proud.

You notice my efforts. “beautiful Petal, just beautiful.”

I smile, as I know I please you.

Petal, I’m going to use a spreader bar today. I will place it on your legs. We’ve used one before.”

Feeling the cold metal go around my lower legs I know you’re getting ready for our play. Each cuff clicks into place. You spread my legs a little further as the bar clicks into place now too.

Beautiful, Petal. This will help with what you’ve picked out for us.

You move around to the front of the table and with the hand cuffs in hand, you attach each of my hands to each corner of the table.

Your hands run over my arms and down my back, calming me with your touch. You place a kiss to my upper back.

Breathe petal. Don’t forget your breathing.

I hear you walk over to the cabinet. The drawer opens and then closes. I have no idea what you have taken out. The familiar sound of the lube container opens and my mind starts to wonder what’s next.

You know my mind is all over the place, as you remind me to relax.

Breathe petal…”

You know me so well, it makes me smile.

After putting the lube on your fingers, you run them down my backside. It’s so cold. You rim my ass and then find my lips. You’re generous with your touch, playing with my lips and finding my clit. Something is pushing into me, I have a feeling I know what it is. Your fingers and the egg are inserted inside. Your fingers leave but the toy starts to vibrate.

Thank you sir.”

Your fingers find my clit and rub while your other hand rims my ass again.

I start to moan as this all brings me pleasure. The vibrator stops and a hard sting is felt on my cheek.

There will be no sounds from you, Petal. This is for me, not you.

I must remember that, but it’s so hard since you make me feel so good.

Yes Sir, this is for your pleasure, not mine.”

The vibrator continues as your fingers continue again. More lube is placed on my ass as your fingers enter and start to move in and out. I can’t hold back the moans. This just feels so good. I don’t think before I make another sound.

Another sting, and another.

I can make it more painful if you need, Petal?”

Certainly a trick question, one I will answer very carefully though.

No sir, I will try my best to stop.”

The vibrator continues and so do your fingers. Two enter and start to stretch me. I am breathing as you’ve taught me, trying to block out the feeling, but this is so hard. Your fingers feel so good.

A cold metal plug is placed at the tip of my ass. You gently place it in and your other fingers find my clit and massage my clit while the plug is pushed in, slowly. The pleasure from your fingers on my clit make the pain of the plug bearable.

Once it’s in place, you reach for the flogger and begin to flog my ass cheeks.

You’re very good to make sure you flog my cheeks evenly, paying attention to each one as you bring pain. You rub the cheek then flog some more not forgetting to take a break to rub my lips and massage my clit. You seem pleased as a small groan comes from within as you place a kiss on my back.

You’re a beautiful site, Petal. You please your master very much today.”

You return to flogging, the vibrator turned on more powerful, a few more smacks to each cheek. Then the vibrator stops and you remove it. I hear you put the flogger away then you return to where I am spread before you. Your pants are dropped to the floor as you step out of them. You kiss each of my warm cheeks as you gently rub them.

“Sweet red cheeks, Petal. They are very soft and warm.”

You take your hard cock in your hand, find my entrance and push in. I can’t help but let out a moan. When you enter me with your huge, gorgeous cock, I can’t help but react to it. I realize it came out after though, too late. Damn it.

“Master, I’m so sorry. I did not mean to do that,”

Your reaction is your warning, “brace yourself Petal, I’m going to go hard on you.

I grab for the sides of the table, push my legs against the table to brace myself, and wait. I know what’s coming.

You pull out and thrust back in. Hard.

Again. Pull out and thrust in.

Harder and harder. Flesh smacking flesh.

Not only your movements but your cock as well. It’s so hard.

Your body presses into me and into the table. Your hands on my hips as you thrust. Squeezing hard.

I’m cumming Petal.”

In your raspy voice you’re warning me that this is for you, not me. I am not to cum.

I squeeze the sides of the table hard. I need to concentrate on doing as I’m told. Your thrusting is hard, flesh to flesh. Concentrate. Yet I’m so turned on.

And finally … you hold my hips tighter and release. Warmth spreads inside. I breathe through it. Trying to temper my own need for release.

A few more pushes and you’ve finished. You pull out and go clean yourself up.

Returning to me, with a warm wash cloth, you place it on my lips and clean me up. You walk around to the front of the table and undo my hands, rub my arms. You remove the spreader bar and ask me to go lay on the table on my back.

Yes master,” I can barely speak. I need a release but will never ask you for it, as my body is yours.

Laying down, arms to the side and knees bent and legs spread I wait for you.

You bring a vibrator and place it on my clit, while your fingers go inside my pussy. I reach for the side of the table again. The vibrator hums over my clit while your fingers dance around inside, reaching as deep as you can. You’re bringing me to great pleasure as I feel the warmth spreading all over my body.

I can’t hold back. I can’t stop it.

It’s coming. I want to cum.

Sir, may I cum?”

Not yet Petal. Patience. Enjoy the feeling.”

I grab hold of the table. My fingers are going numb. The vibrator. The fingers inside. The plug. It all has me feeling ready to explode.

Sir, may I please cum? I’m almost in tears as the build up is too great.

Yes Petal, you may cum.”

My body lifts off the table, I let it all release. The great pleasure explodes, I scream in ecstasy, my body is twitching and releasing, your hands are covered in my juices of pleasure.

My heart is racing, my body is numb.

You carefully remove the plug, and vibrator. You go and gather some warm wash cloths to clean me up. After I’m clean, you pick me up in your arms and take me to the bed. There you give me some water to drink. You place a nice warm blanket over us and we lay together in the bed until I fall asleep by your side.

As I fall asleep I hear you whisper, “very good Petal. You did really good today.”

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