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The Punishment


A text message pings on my phone, I know who it is from the sound. I want to read it and yet I don’t, I know what he wants and I am not able to answer him. I haven’t figured out how to make this work without telling him. Just the thought has my heart racing a little, I know he said to always be honest with him, but I know I will disappoint him, and I don’t want to do that.

I tuck the phone back in the drawer, I will answer him later. I want to try to concentrate on the rest of the day. I have so much work to do on this project.

About an hour later I open the drawer and hear it ping again. CRAP! I totally forgot to read it and answer it. Taking the phone from the drawer, I open the messages.

MASTER: Hello Petal, I am just reminding you about Wednesday at 7:00 pm. I will give you more instructions on Wednesday. Reply to confirm.

MASTER: Petal, is everything okay? You haven’t answered.

MASTER: Petal, I am about to head over to your job and check on you. Answer please.

I quickly call him, for I know he is not kidding about worrying and checking on me.

I dial his number and wait for the ringing to start. Funny, well not funny, but I hear the phone ring in the distance… I close my eyes, damn it… he is already here. CRAP! I say “fuck” in my head as he won’t let me say it aloud.

When he approaches my desk, I stand up, no words are exchanged. My eyes catch a glimpse of the anger on his face then my eyes look downward to the floor. We walk silently to the stairwell, then up two flights of stairs to the door that gives us access to the roof. Up on the roof there is a small coffee vendor and tables and chairs, some couches and loungers all under umbrellas or cover. I follow him to a quiet spot away from others.

Waiting for instructions, he sits and looks at me, I know he is looking at me since I can feel the heat rise in my neck and it’s going higher. I just want to start apologizing, I got carried away with work, I forgot to read it and answer it, I didn’t mean to. I want to tell him all of these, but I don’t speak yet.

Petal, sit down.

I sit and fold my hands in my lap, wrap my foot around the other at the ankle. My hands are sweating and I need to have my fingers to fidget with.

Three text messages. You couldn’t bother to answer me?

My head is down, I can’t answer until I think of the right thing to say. I got busy – won’t work, I have a responsibility to him, as he does to me. That’s why he is here. He worries about my safety.

Petal, look at me. Why am I here? Why did I leave work to come to your job to find you?

Pinching my finger hard to cause pain, I close my eyes, take a deep breath, open my eyes and look at him. Oh, he’s mad. Blinking a few times, what answer makes this better? The truth, he always tells me to be honest. These seconds feel like long minutes ticking by.

“Sir, you are here because I didn’t answer your text messages this afternoon.”

That’s correct. Why didn’t you answer, Petal? Three messages went unanswered.

Lowering my head, looking at my fingers as I play with them in my lap, how do I tell him?

Petal? I want an answer. Eyes up on me.

My had raises to look at him as a tear slides down my cheek. I can’t look at him.

Petal, please explain what is going through your head right now.

With a lowered voice, “Sir, I have a conflict with Wednesday. I don’t think I can meet you.”

My stomach is in knots all of a sudden. Half of the truth is out, not all of it though.

Petal, explain please.

Deep breath in and out, another tear follows the first one, looking all around for some courage somewhere to help me say what I need to say.

“Sir, I have a project for work that I have to finish for Wednesday and I am not as far along as I need to be in order to finish on time.”

He leans forward, takes his thumb and wipes the tears from my cheek, then he sits back.

Petal, why does this make you so upset? There is more to this?

Silence, for what seems like an hour, I don’t want to tell him the truth, but I can not lie to him either.

“Sir, I didn’t spend enough time on the project over the weekend. I did other things instead of the project.”

I see, so your mismanagement of time will mean that we can not meet on Wednesday, our day together, is that correct?

Barely with any sound, not even a whisper, “yes, Sir.”

It breaks my heart to say this, I know he is very disappointed with me. I am in myself now that I realize what I have caused to happen.

Will you be able to meet Thursday? I suspect you will be working late on Wednesday then?

“Yes, Sir. I will be here with the team on Wednesday.”

Very well then, I will be here to pick you up Wednesday night and take you home to ensure you are safely home, is that clear? You will call me when you are ready to leave.

“Yes Sir.”

I don’t have much time to discuss this, but tell me, why did this bring tears, Petal?

“Sir, I know I messed up this weekend and I knew you would be upset with me. I didn’t want to disappoint you.”

Well Petal, you have, and we will discuss your punishment on Thursday when we meet. You are to call me Wednesday night, understand? I will take you home.

“Yes, Sir.”

Very well, you need to get back inside to work then. I will have some time to figure out your punishment. In the meantime you need to focus on work and getting your assignment completed. I do not want you to bring pleasure to yourself before I see you Thursday, is that understood Petal?

“Yes Sir. Very clear.”

He stood up, I followed and we walked back to the door, and down the stairs to my floor. He kissed my forehead, opened the door and I went to my floor and desk. He was gone.


I won’t lie and say my mind has been completely on work and getting this assignment done. I can’t stop thinking about what the punishment is going to be from Master. I have never had a punishment before. Our relationship is still new to me so I am learning as I go, but my feelings for Master are real. I want to please him and make him happy. His eyes twinkle a beautiful ocean blue color when I make him happy.

Not to mention I desperately need an orgasm to relax but Master said I couldn’t pleasure myself. I don’t deserve one after I made him upset on Monday. I won’t do that again, that’s for sure.

My watch says it’s 10:00 pm and the team is wrapping up the project. I text Master and tell him I will be ready to go in 30 minutes. We put the final touches on the presentation and save the work. I take my time cleaning up and walk down stairs with the group just before 10:30pm. Most of them leave, I stay in the lobby until Master tells me he is outside.

My phone pings.

MASTER: Petal, I am outside at the curb. I will come to the door to get you.

PETAL: Yes Sir.

Within seconds he is at the door, opens the door and I walk to him. His arm goes around me and we walk to his Jeep together. He opens the door and I get in the passenger side. After closing my door, he goes around to get in and starts the Jeep.

Good evening Petal. How was work today?

” Good evening Sir. Today was productive. We finished our presentation and are ready for tomorrow’s meeting. We even had time to practice it together.”

Very good Petal. I am glad to hear that.

We traveled in silence until we arrived at my house. My cozy little house that makes me smile when I see it. I forgot to put the lights on before I left this morning. My cute little house is so very sad and dark right now.

Petal, let me come around and get you out of the truck. I will walk you to the door. Please get your keys out.

“Yes Sir.”

I find my keys and wait for him to open the door. We then walk to the house where he takes my keys and opens the front door.

Let me go check to make sure everything is okay in the house.

“Yes Sir” not that it wouldn’t be, but I appreciate that he wants to make sure I am safe. I stand and wait for him.

Master walks around the house, turns lights on and brings my house to life. It’s not the first time he’s been here, obviously. When he’s done, he comes back to me in the foyer.

Everything looks fine, Petal. I wish you had remembered to put some lights on. I understand your mind was on your work project instead.

Let’s sit and talk a moment, please.

We walk over to the couch and Master sits on the lounge chair while I choose the sofa to his right. I sit at the front of the sofa, hands folded in my lap, knees together, my head is lowered waiting for Master to share what’s on his mind.

Master sits up, rests his arms on his legs, twins his fingers together and looks at me. I will not speak until he has spoken. Sitting in this silence I hear my pulse rate start to go faster.

Seconds feel like hours. Tick. Tock.

Petal, I have thought a great deal about this situation and what has happened this week. We have a standing time each Wednesday to meet and work on our relationship. It’s our time to learn more about each other and to explore together. You did not make that a priority this week. This time is important for you and I to make this relationship work. Do you understand this?

Squeezing my eyes shut, I need to answer him.

“Yes Sir. I let you down and that bothers me a lot. That’s why I couldn’t tell you Monday when you asked. I knew you would be upset.”

Petal, it’s not that I am upset, I am disappointed. I look forward to growing this relationship with you if, and only if, you are willing to give it the time and work it takes. We are going to make mistakes along the way, and we will learn from them and learn more about each other. You must invest time into this and commit to being honest and forthcoming with me on all things.

“Yes Sir.”

Tomorrow when we meet, I want you naked and kneeling in your spot in the playroom. I will choose what I will use with you. Petal, please look at me.

Slowly, I turn towards Master. I don’t want to see the disappointment on his face. My eyes find his and I wait.

Tomorrow, there will be a punishment for your actions. Be prepared for it and you are not pleasing yourself tonight. Understand?

“Yes Sir, I understand.”

Lock the door behind me and I will see you tomorrow. Good night Petal.

“Yes Sir.” I followed him to the door and locked it as he left. With a deep sigh, I turn and lean against the door. I am not looking forward to this punishment.


I haven’t thought about anything else but this moment all day long. I couldn’t eat lunch, my stomach is in knots. I did force myself to have half of a sandwich before I left my house. I know that question will be asked about eating.

Entering the playroom, I stand at the bench neat the door and remove all of my clothes. I fold them and leave them on the bench. Since this is a punishment, Master said I do not get to pick out the toys tonight. I hear Massive Attack playing through the speakers. Master’s head is in a different place. I am not sure how I feel about this.

I quickly look around for him, but I do not see him anywhere. I kneel in my spot, sit down on my legs, hands facing up on my legs, lower my head and close my eyes. I start the breathing routine Master taught me. I really need to relax tonight. My head is filled with all sorts of wild ideas of punishment.

Slowing down my breathing, inhaling completely, holding it, and exhaling completely. I start to focus on the music and my breathing. I don’t hear Master in the room or notice that he’s dimmed the lights, I only know he’s there when he stands before me and I smell his clean scent.

Good evening Petal.

“Good evening Sir.” My head stays lowered as I respond. He is barefoot and in jeans I notice, that’s all I can see.

Petal have you had food and water tonight?

“Yes Sir. Half a sandwich and a bottle of water before I came here.”

Very good.

This is your first punishment Petal, one that I have not taken lightly. I have thought about the appropriate recourse for tonight to show you that I want truth and honesty from you at all times. Petal, you are mine to protect, to look after and to teach. The ultimate satisfaction for me is to see you receive pleasure from my actions. As your dom, I will push your boundaries and take you to places you have never explored. But tonight, you will be made uncomfortable and you will not receive pleasure, this is all part of your punishment Petal. I find no enjoyment in giving punishment, so learn and don’t make this mistake again. Do you understand me Petal? Lift your eyes and look at me as you answer.

Lifting my head slowly, after all that he has said has been processed, I look up at his face, the disappointment and hurt are still there.

“Yes Master, I understand what you are doing and why I am here. I was not honest with you for fear of disappointing you. But I did just what I tried to avoid.”

Very well Petal, get up. Go over to the bench and lay your torso on the top, face down. Spread the legs and arms. Prepare to be retrained.

Following his directions, I walk to the tall bench, lay my stomach and chest down. My thighs press into the top of the thick bench. I spread my arms to the corners and step my legs apart. I lay there and wait.

I can hear Master moving around, drawers opening, some clanging of metal, maybe I am making sounds up. My pulse is getting a little more rapid, I need to return to the breathing Master taught me to do.

Master takes handcuffs and binds my wrists to the corners of the table, my ankles to the other corners. He was generous with the handcuffs, I can wiggle around but I am not leaving the table.

Cold lube is spread down my anus, Master takes a plug and inserts it. Must be a smaller one than normal because it went in pretty easy. My torture starts right now. I can’t have pleasure and I have a plug inserted, I am going to struggle with this.

Petal, I am choosing to spank you tonight. I have a wooden paddle and you will count off ten spanks. As this gets more intense you are to withhold your orgasm. If you can not, there will be a further punishment tonight, and it’s one you will not like. Do you understand?

“Yes Master, I am not to orgasm tonight.”

Petal, what is your safe word?

“Peach cobbler Sir.”

Very well then, we will begin.

And as soon as he said begin, there it was, that smack stung my cheek. Right cheek. Crap that was hard and stung. I jumped a little in reaction.

Petal, you are to count or you can add an extra one, I will not ask again.

“That was one Sir.” Breathe girl, breathe.

Smack, another sting. This time on the left cheek. Ouch. I jumped again. Even though I know what to expect.


Eight more to go… I will do this…. I think.

Smack, oh that hurt, the right cheek again.


Smack, fuucckkkk, I am only two in….


Smack. Right cheek but a different spot, thank god!

“Five.” Half way.

Master wiggles the plug a little – oh fuck, that has me SO turned on, not going to lie. The pain doesn’t seem as bad but I need to concentrate on not having an orgasm.

Smack. Left cheek, outside.

“Six” my voice is softer, I am starting to have an internal struggle.

Smack. Right cheek, under the cheek where the thigh starts. That stung.

“Seven.” almost a whisper.

Petal, are you okay?

Swallowing, eyes closed, there is a sense of relaxation and euphoria surrounding me as I try to answer.

“Yes Sir.”

Smack. Left cheek under the thigh. Stings just as much.


Smack. Right cheek, center. Oh crap this hurts and feels good at the same time.


Smack. Left cheek. Hard. Ouch, that really fucking hurt. It’s all I can say to give an number. The last one.

“Ten” said in a soft whisper.

The blanket of euphoria warms me as Master rubs a cream on my ass cheeks. Its so cold, so cold on the warm cheeks. He undoes the cuffs on my ankles and does a quick rub on the skin. Gently, he twists the plug. Oh fuck that feels good. I want to release so bad right now. So bad. I just need fingers, fingers inside. Something. Give me something, please!

Master pulls the plug out, I want to scream. FFUUUUCCCCKKKKKK…. a low moan comes out.

Master uncuffs the wrists and rubs my skin.

Master lays a blanket over my back, picks me up and takes me into the other room where he lays me on the bed. He is warmth behind me, his actions tell me he cares even though this hurt tonight. Hurt both of us.

Petal, I am going to go clean up the playroom. Stay here and rest. We will talk in the morning. You did great tonight, just as I knew you would.

A kiss on the forehead and I can feel his body leave the bed. My eyes never opened to see him leave the room. This feeling, the feeling of complete bliss and frustration is weird and amazing all at once.

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