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The Shower

Looking up from my book, I realize I don’t hear your fingers tapping on the keyboard. There is a strange silence coming from the room you were working in.I get up from the couch, lay the book down and go looking for you. Checking all over, I can’t find you. Finally, walking into the master, I hear the shower running.

I’m not tryin to sneak up on you, but I walk quietly to see what you’re doing. Approaching the bathroom, I see you in the shower, hands on the wall, head bowed, you look deflated, tired and worn down.

I back up, walk in my closet and take my clothes off. Trying to remain quiet, I approach the shower. The steam from the hot water is hugging you, trying to help you relax. I open the door and step inside, being careful not to startle you.

Walking up behind you, my hands reach around your side to hug you. My body closes the space between us, cheek resting on your back. I squeeze enough for you to feel me.

You sigh. Your head lifts in recognition, I kiss your back, and take my hands and grab for the soap and wash rag. You slowly turn around. No words are exchanged but you know what I’m doing.

Your starting to get aroused, I notice, as I kneel down to wash your feet. You brace yourself holding the wall, and lift your feet, one at a time for me to wash. Then your legs are cleaned. As I get to your inner thighs, your cock is harder. I make sure to take my time as I wash your thighs. I won’t lie. I’m turned on too. This was supposed to be a relaxing shower for you. I can’t help what you do to me.

Making the wash cloth soapy again, standing up, I take your cock in my hand and rub the shaft before bringing the wash cloth over to clean you. While I wash your cock, my other hand rubs your balls.

Your hands grab my face, your lips quickly find my lips and you kiss me. Intensely. Our tongues instantly dance together. There is no ask, they just tango. Your cock is harder.

You take my shoulders, turn me around, place my hands on the wall. You whisper, “don’t move them” as you pull my hips back a little and your foot kicks my feet apart. I lift my ass to you, I know what you’re about to do. I can’t wait.

You take your cock in your hand, line it up to my entrance and push yourself in as you lift off your toes.

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“Oh my love, you feel so good” you fill me up. You grab my hips and start to move with need. This is about you. Not me.

You’re telling me how good it feels, squeezing my hips and moving faster. I raise my ass a little higher to help you. I can feel you throbbing, you’re close. I press my hands into the wall to anchor myself and allow you to finish. As you do you come closer to me, grab me tight around the chest and push hard into me. Bodies are touching as you climax. My arms wrap around yours holding you until you come down.

I turn around after you pull out, take your face in my hands and kiss you before we hug. You tell me how much you needed that. I know. I just want to help you relax, I tell you.

We finish washing and turn off the shower, dry off and dress for bed. We cuddle together as we fall asleep, nice and relaxed.

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