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Shower 2

Standing in the shower letting the hot water run over me from head to toe. The warmth of the water melts away the hectic day.

My eyes are closed as I stand under the water. Drops beating down on my head and shoulders then rolling down my body. The warmth flows down.

Breathing. Relaxing. Letting it go. The day. The hassle.

Hair is wet, ready to be washed but the hot water feels so good all around me wrapping me like a cocoon.

I don’t even hear you come in the shower. But all of a sudden your strong hands are massaging my head, washing my hair. You’ve gotten shampoo and you’re rubbing my head.

Between the nails and finger tips, goosebumps are lighting my body up like fireworks. All over. Every limb.

Your hands move down to my shoulders, strong hands rubbing my shoulders, massaging the tension away.

Your lips find my neck with gentle kisses, nips and even soft bites on my ear lobes. I bend my head to the side, giving you more access.

You know what your touch is doing to me. You’re turning me to putty.

You rinse my hair of all the shampoo, rub some conditioner through it and wipe my eyes with the towel.

Our eyes meet, no words exchanged. Just with our eyes. Then slowly, with our lips. Softly, our lips connect.

My hands find your hair as you hold me close. Our lips continue to kiss. Our tongues greet each other and dance together.

Standing under the water together, I feel your hard erection between us. Our kisses intensify. You have me so turned on.

And yet so relaxed.

You ask me if I want more from you…. you don’t want to wear me out.

The twinkle in your eye is all I need to see. I don’t have to answer you. You already know what I want as your hand goes down my back, around to my stomach and down to my mound.

Your touch sparkles the skin as you move over my body.

Your hand finds my lips as you enter my pussy and you can tell how much my body needs you.

With your other hand, you turn me around to face the shower door, your hand on my abdomen pulling me back into you.

You take your hard cock in your hand and push it to my entrance. I’m dying to feel you inside. Anticipation is adding to my need for you.

Slowly, you push in.

Slowly, you go all the way in.

Slowly, you pull out.

Slowly, you go back in.

My hearts beating fast, your hand on my mound pulling me to you, fingers on my lips finding my clit.

“Are you ready,” you ask, as you kiss my neck.

My moan tells you I am, I can’t form any words, let alone a sentence.

You start moving faster. Fingers find my clit and move faster. I can’t even begin to tell you how good you feel, you know from my moans and groans. Your hard cock moving faster. My pussy walls hugging you as you come in for pleasure.

My release comes the moment you pinch my clit. I wanted to wait for you but I just couldn’t.

I squeeze your cock as I come, my body shakes and my release is intense.

You aren’t far behind me, a few more thrusts and you find a much needed release.

Your movement slows down, I know you are finishing.

Your kisses on my neck send shivers all over my sensitive body and you make my knees weak. Thank goodness your holding on to me as my knees almost give out.

You lean me against the wall, turn off the water and grab towels. Gently you dry me off and somehow get yourself dry quickly too. Towel around my body, you towel dry my hair, then carry me to the bedroom.

Pulling back the sheets and blanket, we melt into the bed together, cover up with the sheets and blanket, and close our eyes.

Laying in your arms, with you in my dreams.

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