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An Awakening

Master’s POV

Pacing in the house, I am bothered by the tone of her voice when we spoke. I knew something was wrong this week, I am usually pretty good about judging a situation and a person. The more I have gotten to know her the better I can judge her body language. It’s there. Something is off with her. Her mind is clouded.

Time is not my friend right now as I wait for her to arrive. Pacing, that’s all I can do. I asked her to write in her journal this week. Journal writing when I am conflicted, always helped me, I hope it did the same for her.


I am not patient at waiting.

After a few minutes I see the headlights in the driveway. Tonight, I asked her to meet me at my house. I felt it was better to deal with whatever this was in private and not at the club.

The house sits back at the end of a long driveway, surrounded by trees and forest on the sides and a lake hidden in the back. The motion lights come on as she approaches the house and parks the car.

Opening the door to welcome her in, her eyes are wide and moving all around. I remember the first time I saw the property too. The smell of woods and forest at night though are better than a scented candle. Her reaction makes me smile.

“It’s much prettier in the daytime, I promise you. Hello Petal. Please come inside.” I stand back as she enters my home and then close the door and turn the lock.

Hello Master. This place is beautiful. You are so lucky to live here.”

I am, and I don’t forget that too often.

“Thank you, Petal. I am glad you could make it.”

Her eyes take in the foyer as she follows me to the living room. She is very observant. I started a fire to make the house feel comfortable. There is a sense of peace and calm in a warm house with a fire crackling. At least for me there is. I hope she will feel the same way.

“May I get you something to drink other than water?”

I had a tray on the ottoman with some water bottles if she was thirsty. She reached over and grabbed on, then sat on the couch opposite where I was standing. I picked up my bourbon glass and sat on the couch facing her.

Thank you Master, water is fine.”

“Petal, I am glad you agreed to come over tonight. I know you probably know that I have figured out there is something on your mind as you haven’t been yourself the past few weeks. You haven’t wanted to go to the club and play, and that is important for our growth, for your growth as a sub and for our relationship.”

Not that I wanted to scold her but I see her lower her head.

“Petal, I am not mad at you. This is a journey we take together and I am here to help you figure out or deal with whatever it is you are struggling with. Do you understand that?”

Waiting for a response, I watch her carefully. Her chest rises and falls before she lifts her head. There is so much tension on her face and in her body.

Yes Master. I do. It’s just not something I am used to doing. Sharing my problems I mean, or asking for help. I have always been on my own.”

Listening to her as I take a sip of my drink, I feel good we are here. It’s a start.

“Petal, remember I asked you to write in your journal that I gave you, whenever you have feelings you can’t explain, or you are troubled by something in this lifestyle or you have questions?”

I lean over to the ottoman and pick up a leather bound book. It’s pretty tattered and worn. An elastic band holds it closed.

Holding it in my hand, I tell her “this is my journal. I was asked to do the same when I started in this lifestyle. My questions, conflictions, what I have learned, it’s all here. That’s why I asked you to do the same when I gave you your journal book.”

Setting the journal book down, I lean back in the couch watching her.

“There will be times I want your thoughts to remain yours, and there will be times like this one, that I want to read your writing. We discussed this already, do you remember?”

Yes, Master, I do. And my writing about what’s bothering me is something you want to read. So you can help me.”

She raised her head to speak to me, so no matter what is going on in her head, she remembered her manners even though we are not in full play mode. I am proud of her for that. Mental note made.

“Yes, Petal it is. May I have your journal book? Would you open it to the section so I may read?”

She reaches in her purse, takes it out and slowly opens it. I sense some hesitation maybe? She finds the page where she left her thoughts, reaches over with the book and hands it to me. I take it and sit back to read. She is still sitting on the edge of the couch, hands folded in her lap as nerves must be getting the better of her.

It doesn’t take me long to read it all. I would like to go back and read it again to make sure I don’t miss anything, but I will do that later. She is struggling and conflicted, that’s for sure, and the pressure and stress she is putting on herself needs to be dealt with properly.

I close the journal, and let it sit in my hands while I start to think about the plan I had set for her for tonight. Pondering the details quickly, I think I set the room up properly and this should work. Time to teach her how to manage her stress. She hasn’t noticed I finished reading unless she heard me close the book, her eyes have been on the rug since she handed me the book.

Leaning forward on the couch, elbows on my thighs, fingers intertwined, it’s time to get her to calm down.

“Thank you for sharing this very intimate writing with me Petal.” Her head lifts to look at me at the sound of my voice.

You’re welcome Master. I am learning to trust you with more and more lately.

“And I don’t take the trust you give me lightly Petal. I have worked hard to earn that and I will never do anything to break that bond with you. I hope you know that. That is why I asked you to come here to my house instead of the club.”

Taking a sip of the bourbon, placing the glass down I look into her eyes.

“Petal, I have an idea to help you with the management of the stress. I would like to try a form of play with you, in my dungeon here in the house. I would like to push the pain level and see if we can find some relief. Would you allow me to do that tonight? You still have your safe word and you can stop play at any time. What do you think?”

Petal sat there studying me, her eyes going back and forth. I want to know what’s going through her mind. She chewed on the inside of her lip while she decided what to say next.

Yes Master, if you think it would help. I will try it.”

“Thank you Petal for that. Let’s go get acquainted with my dungeon. Come with me,” I say as I stand up and walk over to her, and with my hand behind her back, I lead her to the hallway.

I stop at the door at the end of the hallway. With my hand on the door handle, I want to go over the important stuff.

“Petal, what is your safe word?” I ask to remind her to use it if she is uncomfortable.

Peach cobbler, Sir.” Her voice is low and quiet.

“Very good. Now, you know that can be used at anytime after we start our play, correct?”

“Yes, Master. I do. If I say it you will stop everything, And then we talk about the reason why I said it.”

“That is correct, Petal. Now, I am going to open the door. You do not have to remove your clothes yet, and you do not have to kneel at the door either, like you do at the club. To help you feel more comfortable, I want you to first, let your eyes get used to the lower lights, then I want you to walk around and look at the room. See what is there. Touch when you are curious. If you feel at ease with the room, this will be easier for both of us. Do you understand?”

Yes, Master. I may walk around the room and explore.”

“That is correct. Nod your head if you are ready to go in the room.”

Watching her, she nods with complete eye contact. So far so good. I open the door and let her go in first. She takes two steps in and stops. Her reaction makes me smile as her head turns while she takes in the room and the furniture. I won’t lie, the smell of leather gets me a little excited when I come in here.

The room is painted in a dark blue with cherry wood accents. The dark brown couch against the wall, the end table, the leather chair, and the bed are the only “normal” things in the room. I do have a St. Andrew’s Cross in the corner, a bench with metal clips for handcuffs or ropes and a few other items that I like to use in my play. Soft classical music is playing on the speakers.

She turns to look at me, “Master this room is beautiful.

“Thank you Petal. Do you have any questions about anything you see here?”

No Master. I am eager to get started. I am a little nervous, to be honest.”

“Thank you for that, Petal. Come over here and see what I have laid out,” I ask her as I approach the bed and she follows.

Picking up the flogger, I let her touch it and feel the many tails. She holds it in her hand.

“Petal I am going to start with this flogger, then to get a little more sting, I will use the riding crop next,” I explain as I pick the crop up and let her hold it. She hands it back and I take her hand, open it up and demonstrate the sting of the crop. She flinches and her eyes instantly jump to mine, as I excepted.

“Petal, is that okay?” I ask while still holding her hand.

Yes, Master. I just never experienced this. The sting was exciting and surprising all at once.”

Getting the reaction verbally that I hope for, I realize that this might be perfect for her.

“Petal, do you want to explore any more? Do you have any questions?”

No Master, I am ready to begin.

As am I.

“Petal, I am going to get myself prepared. I would like to ask you to take your clothes off. We will use the bench over here, one that you are familiar with at the club. When you are ready, lay yourself on the bench, front side down and spread your arms and legs. I will be right back.”

Yes Master.”

I walk to the back of the room, out of sight, to where I prepare for the play. I sit down to think out the plan of what and how. Lowering my head in my hands I visualize the session with Petal. This has to be just right for her.

With my mind ready, I stand to walk out to the bench. There is Petal, spread on the bench just like I asked, her hair in a ponytail, with her head turned to one side. The vision of her like that makes me stop and stare. Damn, she is beautiful. My cock jumps, it reminds me just how magnificent she is, spread out for me.

Adjusting myself, I then walk over to her at the bench.

“Petal, you are so beautiful like that. Thank you for this.”

You are welcome Master.

“Petal, I am going to run my hands over your body to prepare you for the flogger. I will do the same when we get to the crop. My touch should help with the sting and burn. I want you to relax, remember your breathing. FEEL the flogger and crop as it connects with you. I accentuate that Petal, because I want you to do nothing but listen to your body react to what I am going to do. Can you try to do that?”

Watching her breathing while I give instructions, I see her taking deeper breaths.

Yes Master, I will try. Please remind me if you don’t see me breathing right.”

“Petal you know I watch you very carefully when we play. I will confine your wrists with rope tonight, but not tightly. I will not confine your ankles, unless you can’t stand still. I want to remind you to use your safe word if any of this scares you or becomes too intense for you. Understand?”

Yes Master, I will.

“Okay then let’s begin.”

I walk over to the bed to grab the flogger. I use the remote for the speakers and turn the music up a little bit for Petal to find a rhythm to breathe with. Walking back to Petal, I slip her wrists in the ropes and gently tighten them, but not too tight. Her hands reach around and grab the ropes.

Gently, I place my hand on her soft skin near her neck. Although I try not to, my touch startles her, but she settles right back. Her breathing is perfect. I move my hand all over her back. Slowly. Covering her shoulders, her neck, down to her beautiful ass, around to the tops of her thighs and back up. A few times to help settle her. Her skin is soft, smooth and ravishing. She has a golden glow to her, the sun loves her skin.

I pick up the flogger in my other hand so the transition is quick. I rub the flogger down her back and her ass then lift it and gently strike her ass once. Again on the other side. She reacts to each, but by the fifth and sixth time, she doesn’t jump. My hand rubs her skin in between the strikes to spread the warmth.

Watching her closely, the rise and fall of her back is just perfect, I can see she is concentrating. The pink marks on her skin add a beauty to her already tanned skin. My cock comes to life as I mark her skin.

Each strike is a little stronger than the last one, increasing to the intensity. She is doing well so far. As I rub her warm skin, then switch over to the crop. This will sting more, lets see how she does.

“Petal, how do you feel at this point?”

Master, I feel relaxed. Are you done?”

With a smirk, “Oh no Petal, we are not done yet. You are doing very well. Keep breathing like you are, let’s continue.”

I have a surprise for her if she keeps doing well. A reward of sorts.

Once again, rubbing her delightful, warm skin first, I start to tap her with the crop. Pink spots appear on her back and ass. Quicker hits deliver more pain as the strength increases. My cock has come to full attention watching her enjoy this type of play. Her breathing is deeper, this is working.

A few more hits with the crop, mostly on the ass cheeks. Since her legs are spread so nicely, I take the crop and hit her pussy lips. THAT made her jump. Maybe a slight moan as well? I have to try that again. I do. Her reaction is perfect.

She is just gorgeous laying here. There is no doubt she is enjoying this. My cock is hard and ready, and so is she. I unbutton my jeans, tug the zipper down, then a few more hits with the crop to keep her on the edge.

With quick movement, I drop the crop, push my pants down and line up behind her. Taking my hard cock in one hand, I rub her wet lips with the other.

Two fingers pushed inside tell me she is ready for her surprise. FUUCCCKKKK she is SO wet. She LOVED this. Now let’s finish this and bring her to orgasm.

Holding my cock, I line it up with her entrance and push in while she moans in pleasure. This won’t take long for her, she is so damn wet.

My hands go to her hips, she is putty in my hands as I move to bring her to pleasure.

“Petal, I want you to come for me.”

A few hard thrusts and a rub of her clit and she has the most powerful orgasm I have ever seen her deliver. Grabbing the ropes tightly, she screams in pleasure. Her knuckles turn white as she lifts her head from the bench. I am trying to let her finish and admire the amazing sub before me, but I can’t pull out now. I wasn’t supposed to orgasm tonight, this was for her needs, but fuck, she has taken me with her over the edge.

She is shaking, her pussy is tightening around my cock, squeezing me, FUCKKKKK I can’t hold this back. She feels so fucking good. I can’t stop myself. I release inside her, she doesn’t seem to notice. I feel guilty having cum like this, tonight was to help her find relief, not for my pleasure. Holding her hips tightly I push into her as hard as I can go, I want to give her everything I have. Fuck she feels good.

Pulling out of her, I need to clean her up and apply after care. She looks exhausted. She is just laying there on the bench. I grab my pants and head to the bathroom, quickly cleaning myself, grabbing a warm washcloth, the lotion, and the blanket, I return to Petal.

I take the warm washcloth and gently wipe between her legs. She must want more since she subconsciously rocks into my hand. I smirk as I clean her. She is going to be dangerous when we get into some other types of play.

Squirting the vitamin K lotion in my hand, I rub it all over her skin where I used the flogger and crop. I lay the blanket over her, remove her hands from the rope restraints and pick her up, taking her to the couch where I sit down while holding her in my lap.

“Petal, I am very proud of you tonight. I just want you to rest right now, we will go over this tomorrow. I hope you experienced subspace today in our play, that was my goal for you. Subspace should heighten your senses and make you forget everything around you, except pleasure. All the stress and concerns you had should be gone. Just pleasure.”

A slight moan came from my sub, all curled up in my arms. I moved myself to lean back in the coach and stretch out, cradling Petal while she fell asleep. I closed my eyes and let my mind remember her beautiful body once more before I too fell asleep.