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One More Night – Happy Hour

Happy Hour


Why did I agree to come to happy hour with the girls from the office? It’s noisy, loud and people everywhere. Not really my style. Not today. People bumping into each other, and Christine is practically screaming so we can hear her tell us how lame her fiancé is. Christ, all she wants is a human bank account with a big dick. I have to be careful how many times I roll my eyes when she talks.

The bar in the hotel is elegantly decorated. This night does have some redeeming value. The chandeliers hanging from the ceiling sparkle and the way the liquor is displayed behind the bar looks like a wall of art, so colorful I can’t stop staring at it. At least the scenery is nice. Not to mention the eye candy around here is pretty to look at too, it’s a shame I am not in the mood tonight.

I cannot take the bitching about a guy who is madly in love with that witch. All day long she complains about him and his lack of effort in the bedroom. She sure loves his credit cards though. The other girls hang on to her every word. Pathetic. I need to get out of here.

Looking down at my glass, it is empty. There is my excuse. I get up and excuse myself, not that any of the ladies will even notice. Walking to the bar, I place the glass on the bar and when the bar tender comes over, he offers to make another Cosmo. It just takes a wink and a nod, and I head to the bathroom.

This place is so crowded I am touching bodies trying to walk between tables to get to the bathroom. Suddenly, I stop. I sense someone following me, watching me, something. The hairs on the back of my neck are standing up. I look around but cannot see anyone I know.  There are too many people here. I increase my speed as I walk to the bathroom. Once inside, I close the door and lean against it. My heart is beating a little bit faster and I try to take some deep breaths to slow it down. That was weird. Not going to lie, that freaks me out a little bit.

Leaving the bathroom, I decide to get the drink I have waiting for me and when it’s done, I will call it a night. I tried this happy hour crap. This just is not my style.

As I walk back to the bar, I have that same feeling again. I cannot explain it. Looking around to see who is here is pointless as I scan my surroundings again. Too many people. I cannot shake this nervous feeling though.

Retrieving the Cosmo from the bar, I also ask to pay my tab. The bar tender tells me it’s been taken care of. I look at him in confusion. Who paid my tab? Surely the girls didn’t notice I left and why would they pay for it?

“I’m sorry, do you have the right person? I didn’t come here with anyone” I ask him.

He grabs an envelope and hands it to me. “A gentleman walked over after you left and paid your bill, and also asked me to give you this.” He shrugged his shoulders and wished me a good night.

I take the envelope and my drink and find a spot to sit at the bar. Looking around, the girls are still sitting there listing to Christine, they do not even realize I am gone. I am trying to see who in the bar area would know I was here, let alone see me get up and leave. Everyone appears to be in conversation within their groups. I just stare at the envelope while I sip my drink. This must be the weird feeling I had earlier.

Taking the envelope in my hand, I open it. There is a card inside. Okay, I am intrigued and scared all at the same time. Looking around again, is anyone watching me? Slowly moving around the room with my eyes carefully looking everywhere. Nothing. I open the card. It reads “Mia Bella” and there is a room key enclosed. That’s all it says.

That’s all it needs to say.

I drop the card on the bar. He’s here.

It’s him.

My heart starts pounding. It is him that I sensed. He has been watching me. He knows I am here. Damn him. I subconsciously clench my pussy thinking of him. Fuck!

My eyes close, deep breaths. I can almost inhale his heavenly scent, a mix of earthy clean and spice all wrapped up into him.



I open my eyes; my heart is racing. I have two choices. Go home or go to him. My body is betraying me and telling me it needs him. I actually chuckle at the reaction my body has to him.

My drink sits half full as I find myself staring at it. Time to finish it and make a decision. He is waiting for me. Somewhere in this hotel. He is THAT close to me right now.

Lifting my head back to rest on my shoulders I take a deep breath and think about this offer. It’s one night. One more night of intense pleasure. He will take every ounce of me that I give him. In return he will give me such incredible pleasure that always leaves me wanting him and only him. He ruins me.

Then he disappears on me.

Until the next time.

I think it’s clear what I want. My body wants him. I can feel myself getting wet just sitting here.

I take the Cosmo and finish it in one swallow, pick up the note and key card, grab my purse and head for the elevators on the hotel side. No looking back now. Right? Not listening to my head trying to be practical, listening to my heart and pussy instead. I thought three drinks would help me relax but knowing how close I am to him has the opposite reaction.

Deep breath as I step into the elevator. Push the floor number written on the card. Lean back against the wall and wait. I pray to God no one walks in the elevator with me.


The ding of the elevator brings me back to reality. The doors open and I exit. My palms are sweaty, my body is full of excitement. When is the last time I saw him?

I look for the room number, walking to the end of the long hallway. The walk is taking forever it seems. Of course, he has a suite. I smirk. Would I expect anything else?

Stopping at the door I ask myself again, is this what I want? Deep breath.

Of course, it is. Just go in, I finally tell myself.

I put the key card in the slot. Hear a click. I turn the door handle. My heart is beating faster.

No going back now.

Pushing open the door, I step inside and carefully close the door.

My eyes need to adjust to the dark room. The open curtains expose one whole wall of glass, and millions of sparkling lights on the other side.

I can hear classical music playing and I can smell his cologne.

He is here.


My body starts to react to the knowledge that he is in the room. My pussy tingles for his touch. I am wet, I know I am.

I choose to stand still, forcing him to make the next move, or rather I am hiding in the foyer, gathering my bearings, whichever, but I am not moving. I can hear the crackling of what sounds like a fire. The temperature is nice and warm.

I listen for him to talk, make a sound.


I only hear my own breathing and my heart beating.

Taking a few steps into the living area, I look around and set my purse down in one of the chairs.

I don’t see him, but he is here.

A glass sits on the table, two fingers of brown liquid. He is here.

Turning around and looking at this beautiful suite decorated in his style with plenty of room.

My eyes stop at the bar. What I see makes me smile. It’s there. He knew I would come up here. He knows me. That bottle is for me. He knows me all too well. I am his Prisoner.

Still quiet in here, he must have stepped out or we are playing a different game tonight.


After waiting a few minutes I decide that maybe a shower will help calm me down and I can kill some time until he gets back. I find my way to the master suite and undress leaving a trail for him to find when he returns. My top is dropped in the doorway, the skirt draped over the bed, the bra on the floor to the bathroom and then the underwear outside the shower doors. Surely, he will know where I am with those clues. I smile, thinking I am quite clever.


I am not sure I have ever seen such an exquisite bathroom. The earthy natural tile, decorative lighting, and dark fixtures. Just gorgeous. Stepping into the shower area or room, I am not sure what to call it, it is such a large space for a shower. There is a long wall with two shower heads, the rain kind of shower heads where the water falls over your head, and a row of six more heads on the wall. I turn on the shower and make sure the water is hot. I want steam to fill the shower area. Stepping into the shower, it is so relaxing to stand here with the water gently beating down over me.

I close my eyes, block out the world and enjoy this. My hand starts to gently move over my breast, squeezing carefully, then down to my stomach and slowly, I go to my mound. I can still hear the music he put on, makes me sway a little to the sounds. So relaxing.

Fingers go between the lips, right to the labia and clit. Rubbing, touching, attention. Much needed attention. My head falls back as I rub myself. This feels so good.

I turn to get the soap, facing the wall where the bottles are lined up and a hand suddenly covers my mouth. I can’t scream. I start to fight and a strong arm wraps around my torso holding my arms down. My heart rate increases, I cannot fight this person. He is too strong. I try to move back and forth to escape and I slip. His grip tightens. Fuck!

“Do not fight me, you will not win.” He whispers in my ear.

His foot kicks my legs further apart, I don’t know how to stop what is coming next.

I try to make noise, to scream, to call for help, but nothing comes out but muffled sounds. I need to get help.

I feel it. I feel what I was afraid would happen. His hard cock is rubbing against my pussy. Fuck! I keep fighting to make him keep his arms around me, maybe he won’t be able to penetrate. His arm leaves but his hand pushes on my back forcing me to the wall. I am pushed hard into the shower wall, my head turns before my forehead hits the wall. My arms are brought behind my back and held by his hand. God dam him.

Before I know it, his hard cock is inside. He has pushed himself inside. FUCK!

I try to keep squirming to get loose from his hold. It is not working. I am not strong enough. I can’t keep fighting. He’s moving his cock in and out and honestly, it feels good. But I need to fight, keep fighting.

“Stop resisting me,” he whispers in my ear, but it does not help. Makes me react even more.

I surrender internally, damn it, my body is giving over to him. His hard cock has filled me up and it feels so damn good moving in and out. I shouldn’t like this, but I do.

He picks up the pace. One hand still on my back, although I have almost surrendered myself to him, he does not need to hold me there. His other hand comes around to feel my breast. I subconsciously lift off the wall giving him room. He pinches my nipple and rolls it around between his fingers.

A moan escapes my lips. I find myself starting to get into the moment, as dirty as it is, it still feels good. Sensations all over my body coming alive.

And then he pinches my clit. Hard. My eyes open wide. I am ready to come right now. Finish what I started earlier.

I am brought back to reality when he says, “This is not for your pleasure. You are not to come. There will be consequences if you do and you won’t like them.”

I am so gone, I can’t event try to make out the voice or try to guess it. Do I even know this person?

His thrusting has picked up. I can’t hold back. It’s been too long since I’ve had a real male cock inside me, to pleasure me.

I can’t. Despite the warnings for consequences….

I can’t.

I let go.

I fall over the edge as he stops moving and comes hard as well. Inside me.


I am done in more ways than one. I feel his warm release inside as he pulses to a stop, and I ride the wave too.

What did I just do?

He pulls out and walks away as I drop to the shower floor.

I don’t know who that was but I am not sure I care at the moment.



I finish in the shower and hurry out. What the hell was that and WHO was that. I rush to go find him. Is he back, did he see who it was?

Towel wrapped around me, towel around my wet hair I rush into the suite to look for him.

Nothing has changed in the suite.

His glass is there still.

Same amount of liquid in the glass.

I am frantically looking around the dark room. What the hell have I walked into? Where is he? I start to go look throughout the suite.

Then I hear him. “Mia Bella.”

And there it is.

His voice.

Those words.

I stop.


He makes my heart melt with those words. I almost drop to my knees despite my anxiety right now.

I turn to find him.

He is sitting in a chair by the fire, holding a different glass of brown liquid. The fire lights up his eyes. I can’t help but smile. He is so handsome. My shoulders drop in relief.

“Come closer, please.” He says.

My knees are weak, they feel like rubber as I walk closer to him.

“Where have you been? Did you just get back? Did you see anyone leave here?” The questions flow out too quickly, I want answers.

“Shhhhh, you are safe here.” A single finger to his lips and a smirk on his face.

My eyes focus tightly on him, trying to process the words and thoughts flying all around in my head. I don’t even take notice of his clothes or how he is dressed.

“How did you know I was here, in this hotel?” I ask as my curiosity is peaked but I really don’t care, to be honest.

“Come closer, I want to see you.”

Holding my towel, I move closer and ask again, “how did you know I was here?”

He smiles, his eyes smile too, “I always know where you are Mia Bella. You are mine to protect.”

Goosebumps run down my spine. Funny, him having that knowledge does not seem to bother me. I somehow feel safe knowing that he knows where I am. Safe that he is here now.

I walk closer to him as he stands to meet me, handing me his glass. His build is strong and broad. He’s taller than I am even wearing heels. He has a dress shirt on with the top few buttons undone. I want to touch him, touch his chest. But not yet. I can’t.

I look into the glass of brown liquid and swirl it around as if it were tea leaves predicting my future. I know how they read for tonight. Taking a sip of his cognac, warm fire follows it down, yet I shiver.

He laughs as he takes the glass back.

“You always make that motion when I give you the good stuff.”

He takes my face in his hands and kisses my forehead. “Now let’s get you more comfortable.” I breathe in his scent as I feel my nipples get hard. “Time to take care of a certain punishment.”

I push back from him, visibly upset at my realization, my hand hits his chest hard, while the other hand still holds my towel in place.

“WHAT?” My eyes go wide open. “What the fuck…”

“Watch the mouth.” He is quick to stop me in mid-sentence, his tone changes instantly.

“I understand you weren’t expecting that type of play tonight, but you will still act like a lady. And you have a punishment to receive….”

He hands me the glass again, “would you like another sip before we continue?”

I close my eyes and make a huff sound at him. Once I open my eyes, I take the glass and fill my mouth with the liquid fire and swallow. That burned going down, maybe not the best idea.

He takes the glass back and grabs the front of my towel and removes it, leaving me standing before him, totally naked. I have never played like this with him before, but I think I like it, my body has reacted in some interesting ways.

He sets the glass down and stands there staring into my eyes, his icy blue eyes cut right through to my soul. The wetness between my legs has increased, he knows how I react, and he loves it. I want to kiss him, but I know I am not in charge tonight.

“Do you have any idea what I want to do to you,” he whispers in my ear. “I am going to take my time with you now.” Then his lips find my neck, as my head drops back giving him more access. The stubble on his chin tickles my skin giving me goosebumps.

His hands hold down my arms to keep me from touching him. He continues small kisses until he reaches my collar bone. He stops and looks up at me. I am putty in his hands.

“Don’t answer me.” He puts a finger to my lips. “I think I will show you instead. But first, I want you to have a little more cognac with me. You will need it tonight.”

He kisses my lips so gently, yet I can taste the fine liquor on his lips. Handing me the glass again I take one more sip and swallow. He takes the glass back and sets it down.

“You really are not playing fair tonight,” I say to him.

“Mia bella, I will do as I wish with you tonight,” in his sexy scruffy voice.

And, yes, he will.

He always does,


“Go to the table in the dining area, spread you legs and lean forward over the table, face down.”

I stand for a minute looking at him, comprehending what I have heard, meanwhile he starts to undo his sleeves and roll them up the arm. His tan arms dusted in dark hair appear as the sleeves roll up more and more. God he is sexy.

He clears his throat, bringing me back to reality.

I walk over to the table, spread my legs as wide as I can and then lean my body down on the table. The table is cold. Not only is my chest cold but my pussy feels the cold air now that my legs are spread open.

I do not hear him come behind me, but I feel his warm hand rub both my ass cheeks. So relaxing, this will not be so bad. Then I hear the crop as it smacks against my skin. When did he grab that? His wrist is so quick with short movements that he is warming my skin and making my desire grow throughout my body.

He is being kind to hit both cheeks, top and bottom. Quick and calculated hits.

I start to move a little bit on the table in enjoyment, and he noticed. Of course, he did.

“Oh Mia Bella, I guess you need help staying still?”

Damn it. This just prolongs the desired outcome.

He must have some rope close by because it doesn’t take long for him to wrap the ropes around my ankles, securing me to the table legs and keep me from moving.

“I am warning you to stay still. Do you trust me?”

My heart is racing faster as I start to think of all the things this implies. I get my answer when the lube is rubbed on my anus and his finger is inserted.

Subconsciously, I start to move my hips in enjoyment, but the crop reminds me to still.

“Mmmmm” I moan as he stretches me.

As soon as his fingers exit, I feel something cold and hard enter and take up the space. Slowly he pushes it in. I have no idea what it is but oh my god it feels so good.

“Massimo…” I try to speak but I cannot form words. I have every nerve ending in my body is on fire. There is a pool of desire in my belly that needs to explode, quickly.

The crop continues a few more hits to my ass and then to my lips. Being spread open like I am, he has perfect access to my pink pussy that is throbbing for touch.

“Fu..” I catch myself, at least, I think.

“I don’t want to hear that talk.” He warns me before the crop gets a little harder.

The sting. The bite. The desire. The fire.

If I cannot say it out loud, I am screaming it in my head, FUCKKKKK.

Eyes are closed as I enjoy the pain and building pressure. Suddenly and quickly, his fingers touch my lips entering my pussy. He knows how wet I am now. But please, don’t take them out.

“Mia Bella, you are so wet for me.” And the fingers withdraw.

Oh, I am, so fucking wet.

The crop continues to leave little sparks all over, including on the plug and more on my lips. I am absolutely going to explode soon.

“I am going to take you quick and hard, your punishment is that you can not come. If you do, the next time will be worse. I promise.”

His zipper goes down, I hear his pants fall and then his cock is inside me, hard and fast like he said. God I am so wet but I can’t hold off too long.

I can’t do this. I can’t do this. He feels so good.

I can’t do this.

He is moving back and forth, thrusting, hard and fast. My walls are tight around his cock.

I can’t do this.

His hands grab my hips and squeeze hard.

I can’t do this.

He growls out something I can’t understand, and I am done. His deep voice spouting off something in Italian…. I am done.

I fall off the cliff. Fast. Screaming out his name and grabbing for the table edge. I can’t do it. I give in. I let go. I have to let go.

One more forceful thrust and he’s going over the cliff with me. Throbbing. Pulsating.

I feel liquid come down my leg. I can’t catch my breath. Tears drip from my cheeks.

“I’m sorry. I’m sorry. I just couldn’t….”

My heart pounds for more than one reason.

He pulls out, removes the plug and walks to the bathroom.

Realization has set in that I came without his permission. I am not sure if I am more excited or worried.

I hear him padding across the room, getting closer to me but I am still bound to the table.

“Look at you there. Spread open for me.” His hands start to undo the ropes.

“You are too beautiful to punish Mia Bella, but you didn’t follow my instructions.”

I push myself off the table and turn to look at him, still in a daze or a high, whichever.

“Go clean yourself up and come meet me on the couch.” He turns to walk towards the living area while I move towards the bathroom.


While he pours us new drinks, I go to the couch, sit down and pull my legs up under me.

He returns with a another glass of his favorite cognac and a glass of my favorite red wine, The Prisoner. Handing me the wine he says, “you are my prisoner tonight,” with a wink as he sits down next to me.

Swirling the glass, letting it breathe, then I take a sip of my favorite wine.

“So why were you in the bar tonight, my dear? That is not the type of place you frequent.”

He knows me. I smirk.

“You are right, it’s not, but the girls from the office asked me to come along for Happy Hour, except it turned into one of the girls talking about her love life.” I role my eyes to emphasize the ridiculous conversation that was going on then.

“Well, I am glad I am in town tonight to see you.”

Intrigued, I take the bait and ask, “why are you here, Massimo?”

He smiles at me and I get the answer I always get, “I am here to see you of course, Mia Bella.”

I stare into his eyes while I sip my drink. I love looking into his beautiful blue eyes. I wish I could read them better, but I know when they smile, I know when they are full of desire and I know when they are happy. I have never seen anyone with such expressive eyes as his.

He is sitting there watching me. The glow of the fire fills the room, and his eyes are almost a golden color from the flames.

“What is on your mind, Mia Bella, you are quiet tonight.” He knows my mind is racing.

Chewing on the inside of my lip while I think, I try to formulate my words carefully, but nothing comes out. I take another sip to avoid the conversation.

“You know we will talk about what is on your mind so save yourself the trouble and please start talking.”

He is right. He will get it out of me eventually.

“Massimo, I am hungry. Can we get something to eat?”

“Changing the subject?” His eyes tell me he is not amused.

“I am hungry. Please food, then we can talk?”

“Fair enough.” He goes to the phone and makes a call I cannot hear. When he returns, he tells me we have 15 minutes before food arrives.

“Why don’t you get comfortable, I need to make a call for business. I will be right back.”

I stretch out on the couch, turn on my side and close my eyes. The smell of him, the wine, and the sound of the fire, I am lulled to sleep in no time.


Surely, it’s been longer than 15 minutes, I wake up with a blanket over me. I almost want to go back to sleep.

“Ahhhh, Mia Bella, there you are, it’s time to eat.” He walks over to kiss my forehead and help me sit up. I am a bit disoriented. Too tired, I guess.

Walking me to the table, the food is laid out perfectly.

“Did you do this yourself?” I will be surprised if he answers me.

“You underestimate my talents,” he answers with a wink and a smile.

Such a gentleman, he pulls the chair out for me, and pushes it in when I sit. Then he sits down himself.

His patience will only hold for so long. I keep my head down while I eat buying my time.

When I am done eating, I place the water glass on the table. He sees this and takes his napkin and places it on the table.

“Enough silence, you know I prefer to talk through what’s on your mind.”

Okay, I am in a corner now and need to come clean with my thoughts. Crossing my legs under the table, I hold on to my feet while I share.

“Mossimo this is a new side of you, one I have never seen before. I like it, please do not take my words to think anything other than enjoyment, but I have never been punished before by you and I am not sure I will be able to take my punishment. I can’t seem to hold an orgasm for you.”

“This is what is on your mind?” He studies me for a while.

“Yes. Yes, that is what I am thinking about.” My eyes drop to my plate looking for something to fiddle with my hands.

After a long silence he finally asks, “why do you think you can’t follow my instructions?”

I shrug my shoulders, my words have suddenly abandoned me.

He stands up and reaches for my hand, forcing me to stand up with him. Twirls me around and brings me close to him. The scent of him invades my nose up to my brain. I can’t think. This man. What he does to me.

He walks us towards the bedroom. As we approach the bed, he unties my robe and lets it drop to the floor.

“Climb on the bed, lay on your stomach for me,” as he kisses my cheek and taps my sore ass.

Doing as I am told, I climb onto the bed and lay down, getting comfortable.

He undresses himself and climbs on the bed with me. I can feel his knees moving on the bed. I did not see him grab anything, and I don’t realize he has some toy in his hand.

He comes over to me and lifts my abdomen up forcing my ass in the air, his knee pushes my knee out further.

“I have something to try and help you practice holding orgasm. Relax while I put it in.”

Oh, wait, what? Before I finish the thought the lube is already on my anus and there is a plug going in.

“This one…. Hurts…. It’s bigger …..” The look on my face tells you how much this stings.

His hand comes around to my clit and pinches it while the plug slides in.

I squeeze my anus trying to find some comfort from the burning feel.

He quickly flips me around on my back, laying flat and legs spread. The plug he put in starts to vibrate. And his mouth finds my mound. His tongue on my labia. His hands squeezing my cheeks.

“MMMMM, this feels so good.” I can’t help but to verbally share the symphony of feelings he is creating inside. Pressure is building as his mouth and tongue savor me. I try to lift off the bed, bend my legs, but his strong hands keep me grounded.

My hands reach for the comforter, I can feel the desire coming faster than I wanted.  

All of a sudden, the plug vibe stops. His mouth is gone.

“What the fu..”

I did it again. Closing my eyes waiting for him to speak.

“Do I need to put something in that filthy mouth to keep it from saying those words?”

“It’s your fault. It is what you are doing to me. The wave of emotions you make me feel.”

But yes, if he wants to put something in my mouth, as long as it’s his cock.

What I miss most is the loss of sensations, the mood was killed quickly there. “Why did you stop the vibe?”

“To help you hold the orgasm longer.”

And here is the punishment….. fuck me.

The vibe starts again, different rhythm this time. His lips are back on me, sucking and licking.

Then he adds his finger, going in and out slowly.

Oh there is that feeling again, yes, euphoria on the rise.

And then a second finger.

Oh, this feels so good, I am moaning and enjoying it. Feeling the buildup move around in my body, getting close to needing a release. My hands grab for the comforter again.

And he stops. Again. Vibe and mouth stop, and fingers are removed.


“For the love of….” I catch myself before I finish. Sitting up a bit to see him I ask the obvious. “Why? This is torture.” I must understand why we are doing this…. Oh wait, my punishment.  

He just sits there and smiles while I figure this out on my own.

I drop my head back and just breathe.

“Are you holding your orgasm now, Mia Bella?” he asks in his sarcastic tone.

“Yes, I am,“ I answer at him, loudly.

“Then it is working, isn’t it?” Said with a big ass smile on his face.

“Let’s continue then.” He reaches under the pillow for a hand vibe. It is plugged in. Oh holy fuck…..

“What are you going to do with that?” I ask, like it isn’t obvious what he is going to do.

The plug vibe starts again. This time, instead of his mouth, he places the hand vibe in my labia area and starts to massage me.

Oh, this feels so good, relaxing, and amazing. His lips find my nipple, and he bites the nipple while he has the vibes running. One nipple and then the other.

My body starts to lift off the bed in pure pleasure. Head rolls to the other side as I enjoy the heavenly feel about to happen.

And he stops.


“Fuck me” I scream because I cannot take this anymore.

He is NOT happy.

“If you prefer to be FUCKED, as you put it, I can take you right now and be done. Be clear though, you WILL NOT COME until we see each other again. Is that what you want?”

Eyes close tight and I sigh deeply. Do not open your mouth, don’t say it. I bite my lip to keep quiet.

“Wise choice,“ he says, watching me. “Shall we continue?”

“Yes please,” I respond, words dripping with sarcasm.

The anal vibe starts up, the hand vibe starts up. And he gets up on his knees. Positioning himself in front of me, he takes his beautiful cock that is so hard and red and places it at my entrance.

“Nothing has changed. You are not to come until I tell you that you may. Do you understand me?”

“Yes, I understand that you are going to kill me with withdrawal,” I say as I grab for the comforter again.

His cock slowly finds warmth inside. After a few seconds, he starts to move slowly. Somehow his movement is in rhythm with the vibrators. He is taking his time to build this up. I feel him inside, so hard, and so big. I wish to savor this feeling, except my body is deciding it is time to come to a boil.

Slow movements in and out. Anal vibe. Hand vibe at my clit.

I am almost there, at the edge, ready to jump. Lost in the pleasure that is bursting to get out, pushing at the edges, my pussy is starting to contract. I am trying to hold on, by a thread, I think.  

He leans forward and whispers in my ear, “you feel so good Mia Bella. You bring me such incredible pleasure that I can’t get enough of you.”

My moans get louder, body moving in pleasure, toes curling at the edge of the cliff, I cannot do this any longer.

“Come with me Mia Bella” was all I needed to hear.

So, I did. I came.



Somewhere between the amazing orgasm and right now, he went and made a warm bath for us, grabbed some water and snacks, and carried me to the bath. I am laying in the tub in front of him as holds me. His strong arms wrapped around me. My head is on his shoulder. He has washed me, carefully, as I am a tad bit sore. Bubbles surround us on all sides.

My eyes are closed as I lay against him, so relaxed.

I don’t even know what time it is or how long I have been here. When I am around him, I lose all sense of days and time.

“Mia Bella, I can never get enough of you,” as he kisses my cheek.

“The feeling is mutual.” I slowly and carefully turn myself around to face him, straddling him in the large bathtub. I lean into him, slowly, my eyes are locked on his blue eyes. My hands go to his face, to his hair, and I touch my lips with his.

A soft touch at first. And again. Lips to lips, simple touch. Then my tongue traces his lips, asking for permission to feel more. He obliges. My tongue finds his, my hands move through his hair. Our tongues dance together, slowly. Passion, love, ownership all in that kiss. So many things can be said from that kiss. His arms around me, I feel so safe.

He starts to stand up, holding me with him, and we exit the tub. Grabbing a couple of towels, he dries us off and takes us to bed.

“Let’s go enjoy the last few hours we have left,” as we snuggle together in bed.

Warm, cozy, tired, satisfied, and safe.

All I need from him, until next time.

To be continued……