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Madi and Her Boss – Chapter 8

This is my writing so please do not copy or take it for your use. Thank you.


She sniffled and wiped the tear from her face. “How did you get up here? I didn’t give them permission to let you up here?” She kept walking away from him to keep the distance between them.

“Madison, I have my ways. If I want to see you, I will see you. Nothing will stop me.”

“I can see that now.” She stood behind the kitchen table while he stood in the living room. He was staring so hard at her; his eyes were melting into her. She didn’t know if it was from the walk or from him being here, but she was warmer than usual and maybe a little more wet too. Her stomach didn’t feel right either. She had a nervous feeling in her stomach, probably carried over from the park.

“Mr. Stewart,” she began, “I don’t know why you picked me or why you are interested in me for your sub thing, but I don’t think I can do this. You should find someone else.”

He tilted his head slightly to the left, still studying her. He knew he was making her uncomfortable. This was his intention. Then he smirked.

“Please stop that,” Madi asked. She couldn’t take his staring any more. She kept trying to look away, but it wasn’t working. His eyes drew her back to his beautiful face. She wanted to go to her bedroom and lock herself inside, but she knew he would follow her. And her bedroom was the LAST place she wanted him to follow her to right now.

“Look Mr. Stewart, I think you need to pick someone else. I can’t do this for you or to you or whatever it is, I can’t, I won’t be any good.” Madi’s nerves were making her hands shake.

“Madison, come here. Move away from the table and come here.” Madi paused for what seemed like minutes, then she sighed and did as he commanded.

“Good. Now, let’s try something before you give up on this idea.” He took off his jacket and laid it on the back of one of the kitchen chairs. He undid his cuff links and started to roll up his sleeves.

“Madison, take you shorts and underwear off.”

Making a face at him, she questioned what he asked. “Mr. Stewart, please, I don’t’ think…”

“Madison, I am not asking you to think. I have given you an order to take something off. Now do it.”

She closed her eyes, took a deep breath and pulled the shorts and underwear down to the floor and stepped out of them.

“There. Does this make you happy?” Madi was mocking him now.

“Come bend over this table. Put your arms over your head.” Madi followed the orders and laid herself on the table. She felt more embarrassed and exposed as the seconds ticked away.

The cool air on her exposed pussy started to excite her. The anticipation of what was coming, or what she thought was going to happen, was making her wet as well.

“You will now see and feel what makes me happy, Madison. I had something else planned, but the tone of your mouth has changed my mind. You will learn when your smart mouth should run and when it should stop. I want you to count off as we go. Understand?”

“Count off? What am I counting?”

WHACK – his hand spanked her left cheek hard.

“What are you…” she was shocked. What had he just done to her? She lifted herself up from the table.

“That is one, Madison, count or I keep adding more.” His hand pressed on her middle back to make her lay back down.

“What the hell…” she wasn’t sure what he was doing.

WHACK – his hand spanked her right cheek just as hard. Nothing from Madi.

“Count Madison. That is two.” His tone was stern.

“Fine. Two. Is that what you want…”

WHACK – back to the left cheek and harder. Her cheek was red and marked. The fire was burning up inside her, heat rising for more than one reason.

“Three, how many…”

WHACK – back to the right cheek. Also, pink and marked.

His cock was growing hard watching the color in her cheeks become more alive.

“Four, can you answer me…”

WHACK – left cheek again, but the bottom of the cheek near the thigh this time.

“Five” her voice getting a little choked up as if the pain was getting to her. Her ass was on fire, as was her pussy.

WHACK – right cheek this time but also near the top of the thigh.

“Six.” Her voice was quieter and more subdued. Her eyes were getting heavy. She was giving in to the pain, or enjoying the feeling finally.

He took two fingers and shoved them in her pussy and quickly pulled them out. She gasped and even jumped a little. He got her attention.

“Open your mouth Madison.” He put his fingers in her mouth. “Taste how wet and aroused you are from that spanking.”

She closed her eyes as she sucked on his fingers. She couldn’t believe she felt this way after he spanked her. She really wanted something else to suck on, but she wasn’t telling him that.

Then she heard him undo his belt buckle and his pants, rip open the condom wrapper and he was inside her. That fast. “Mmhh,” Madi didn’t know if her verbal reaction was allowed or not, but it felt good, she couldn’t deny that. She couldn’t help her moans.

“Oh, Madison. Well done.” He thrusted into her quickly. He had to. He was so hard, she had pleased him today. “We need to work on the proper way for you to speak to me when we do this but that will be learned.”

He knew she would react this way. He knew she would get turned on by this. He kept thrusting. Faster. Harder. Faster. He grabbed her hips tightly. He squeezed so hard he probably bruised her skin.

Madi didn’t realize she would like that so much. He spanked her. Yet, her body liked it. She could feel the excitement growing with each spanking. She knew what he would find before he even felt her pussy. Damn her body for betraying her. Madi couldn’t believe she liked the spankings.

He reached around to her front and started rubbing her clit.

“Oh my god! Oh yes!” That was what she needed to get to orgasm. And it wouldn’t be long. Finally, pleasure for her.

Madi was shocked, but this felt damn good. She knew it was only a matter of minutes before he took her over the top. Her breathing increased. Her heartbeat grew faster. She grabbed the sides of her table to hold on. The warmth and tingling went all over her body.

“I am going to come,” she panted.

He continued his fast, hard thrusts. He knew he was ready to come, she was too. It was time. “Come Madison, come all over my fucking cock.”

She did. She started to shake and came on his hard cock that was ready to explode. “Oh god yes!” followed by some heavy breathing and trouble catching her breath.

After hearing her come, he made a few grunts and he came inside her. “That’s it Madison. That feels so good.”

When he finished emptying his load, he pulled out, pulled his pants up and went to the kitchen to clean himself up. Then he went to the sink and grabbed a towel, put some warm water on it and came to clean her up.

She stood up looking for her shorts and underwear and put them on.

When the both had their clothes on, he walked over to the couch and asked her to sit down. When she did as he asked, she grimaced a little as her cheeks hit the leather.

“Careful Madison. You will be sore for a few days until you get used to me doing that.”

Get used to him doing that… Madi was surprised that she liked that idea.

“Madison, how did you feel today?” He sat very still watching her for her response.

Madi played with her fingers and kept her head down, a little embarrassed to admit her pleasure.

“Madison, look at me when I address you and I want an answer, an honest answer. This will not work if we are not honest with each other.”

Raising her head slowly, she very quietly answered him. “I liked it.”

“As I expected you would. This was a sampling of what our time together would be like.”

He watched her. Studied her eyes and her body movements. She kept looking down or away from him.

“Would you like to go further and try more?” He was hoping she would say yes. He had so many things he wanted to do with her.

“I think so…” she said very quietly.

“Very well then. You will return to work tomorrow. After work, you will meet me for dinner. There we will talk more about this. Understand?”

Madi wasn’t sure what to expect.

“Yes. I understand” she said quietly. Still obviously shaken and unsure of her feelings.

He leaned forward and kissed her forehead. He needed to leave before his cock demanded more time with her.

“Good evening Madison. I will see you tomorrow. Lock up after I leave. Sleep well.”

And with that he as gone. Just got up, grabbed his jacket from the chair and walked to the door. Looked back at her and walked out the door.

Madi fell back into the couch. She was on cloud nine. But she was scared to death.

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Madi and Her Boss – Chapter 7

This is my writing so please do not copy or take it for your use. Thank you.





Madi woke up the next morning wondering if last night was a dream or was it real. Did her boss really make her have an orgasm? Did he really lick her pussy? Did she have his cock in her mouth? Oh, what did Madi do? She laid in bed trying to see if any of it made sense. She finally concluded that it didn’t.

Having her morning coffee after her shower, Madi decided she didn’t want to go into work today. She was kind of apprehensive to see Mr. Stewart. So, she called in sick and made sure someone would take his calls for her.

Madi laid on her couch staring at the ceiling. She started to replay last night’s events in her head. She wanted to remember everything he said, everything he did. Thinking about it all just made her excited again, so that had to stop. She wanted a clear head to think about this dominant and submissive proposal he made to her.

She took her phone out and started googling the terms he used last night. All kinds of things popped up on her screen. People tied up with ropes, people on some kind of cross, people wearing collars, people crawling behind another person, people using whips and people gagged and blind folded. She gasped and put her phone down. What the heck was he thinking? She couldn’t do this, be tied to a cross and crawl on the floor behind him?

“I can’t do this, who does he think I am?” She certainly didn’t want to face him right now.

Madi decided to go for a walk in the park. She put her clothes on, sneakers too and grabbed her headphones and phone. Maybe this would help her clear her head.

Entering Central Park, she knew exactly where she wanted to go. There was a beautiful, peaceful lake and once she got to the lake she wanted to go sit on the big rock that jutted out over the lake’s edge and look out at the lake. With her music on, listening to Lindsey Sterling, she started her walk to the lake.

When Madi got to the rock she went out as far she could go and sat down. She criss- crossed her legs, put her hands on her knees and closed her eyes to relax. She turned her phone to silent, wanting to just relax and hear the birds and feel the warmth of the sun. Deep breaths helped her to focus and relax. She listened to her breathing in and out. Slowly. Deep breaths.

Madi’s thoughts went to her mother first. What would she think of Madi right now? Madi was raised to be a good church-going girl, praise Jesus and avoid sin. This was far, far from how she was raised. Her parents kept her very sheltered in their small town until her father left them. Then her sister left. Madi moved soon after her mom passed away. There was nothing keeping her there but memories.

But then Madi remembered her mom used to say, “Madison, you have to be happy in life, no matter what you choose to do.” So now Madi was listening to her mom but felt the guilt of trying to explore something new and different. A new career, a new place to live, a new hobby, her mom would have encouraged that, but this? A sexual relationship with a man who would be her dominant? What exactly did that mean? Part of her was curious and turned on by the thought of serving him and that scared her, but part of her thought her boss was so hot she WANTED to have sex with the man, more than what she had already done. She wanted him to bring her to orgasm again. Touch her, kiss her, run his hands all over her. But this time with his cock inside her. He’d be her first meaningful relationship, but would he see it that way?

Sitting on the rock for a while, Madi just enjoyed the warmth of the sun. Listening to the world around her. Then a thought hit her. Madi wondered what would happen if she wasn’t good enough for Mr. Stewart? What if she didn’t give him what he expected. She would have to quit her job, and maybe move away. She couldn’t work for him if he didn’t want her as a sub any more. How could she be good enough? She was young and inexperienced, and he obviously knew what he was doing and what he wanted.

Madi started to cry. Maybe she just needed to look for a new job now. Her emotions were all mixed up and seeing Mr. Stewart every day wouldn’t make this easier. Madi got up, decided to go back to her apartment to start looking for another job, even a temp one, the sooner she got out the better. If she didn’t see him, she could forget this whole thing.

She grabbed her phone to turn her music back on for the walk home when she noticed the many missed calls and text messages. What the heck was going on? Her apartment building had called her? Missed texts from a number she didn’t know. She started to listen to the voice mail messages.

“Hello Ms. Ryan, this is the doorman at your apartment. We have a gentleman here trying to get up to see you, a Mr. Stewart, but he isn’t on your list and you are not answering your phone, so we are not letting him up the elevator. He is very upset so please be advised when you return. Call us if you need anything.”

Madi stopped dead in her tracks, leaned over and put her hands on her knees. She wanted to be sick. He was at her apartment. Damn it. Now what did she do? She thought about sneaking up the stairs and avoiding the lobby, in case he was waiting. Oh wait, the text messages… she opened them up. The same number that messaged her last night.

Unknown: Madison this is Jonathan. Where are you? Why did you call in sick today?

Unknown: Madison, I want an answer – where are you?

Unknown: Madison you need to tell me you are okay? Let’s talk about last night.

Unknown: I am going to find you. We need to talk.

That did it. She sat down right there on the walkway. She laid her forehead in her palms. She started to cry. This was all too much for her.

After a few minutes, she got up, pulled herself together and walked home. She needed to get home and start looking for another job, maybe move, she didn’t know where, but she needed to avoid all of this.

Madi let herself in the stairwell with her tenant key, walked up the four flights to her apartment. When she opened the stairwell door to her floor everything was clear. She walked down the hallway and turned the corner and then her heart stopped, and she froze up. There he was pacing the hallway outside her door. Damn it. Madi instantly turned around hoping he didn’t notice her. He did.

He heard her walking and looked up. “Madison.” He said it very firmly and with anger.

Madi stopped in her tracks and turned around so she wasn’t looking at him. “I don’t want to see you right now.”

“That’s obvious,” he said, “but that is not what is going to happen. Turn around and come back.” His commands made her do it without thinking. Damn him.

Madi turned around and walked to her door, her head looking down at the floor the entire time. She couldn’t look him in the eye right now. When she stopped to take her key out, he took his hand under her chin and lifted her face to his.

“Madison, you cannot avoid me. We have unfinished business to deal with. Now let’s go take care of what’s on your mind.” As a tear rolled down her cheek, he held the door open for her to go into her apartment.


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Madi and Her Boss – Chapter 6

This is my writing so please do not copy or take it for your use. Thank you.





Oh shit. The look on her face says she found the folder on my desk. Fuck! I can’t mess this up.

“Madison, you may sit down,” I said as I walked to my Liquor cabinet. “I want to talk to you about something.”

I poured her a drink and refreshed my own drink at the small bar near the bathroom, then walked back to the desk. One glass I placed in front of Madison and the other, I took to the other side of my desk and sat down. Leaning back in my chair, I took a sip. Holding my glass in my hand, I watched Madison.

Madison sat as he asked her too. She fidgeted with her hands in her lap. She looked like she was ready to cry. She looked uncomfortable sitting there while he stared at her. She glanced at the glass not knowing what was in it or what to do with it. She was worried about something, maybe he scared her off already? Had he misread her?

“Take a sip Madison, it won’t hurt you, in fact it might help” he said with a smirk on his face.

She slowly picked up the glass and held it. “What is it,” she asked softly.

“Whiskey. Take a small sip” he warned.

Figuring she was a virgin at other things, he figured this would hurt, so he watched her closely as she picked up the glass ad smelled it.

Taking a sip larger than she probably should have, she coughed as it burned the whole way down. She fought not to spit it out when she coughed. He found that funny, laughing a little when her eyes got real big and she almost choked.

“I’m sorry,” she said, “I’ve never had whiskey before.” She placed the glass back on the desk.

He was right.

“Well I am guessing there are a lot of things you’ve never had or done before, am I right Madison,” he asked, placing his glass on the desk as well and then sitting back while watching her.

“What do you mean by that and why do you call me Madison and not Madi,” she asked.

He studied here for a minute thinking about her question. Why did he call her Madison? He preferred the way it sounded instead of Madi. Madison fir the beautiful woman in front of him, while Madi sounded like a cheerleader on the football field.

Taking a deep breath, he was ready to put his cards on the table, but he had to go slow for her benefit. She was obviously young, naive and inexperienced. He wanted all of her under his control and ready for his cock, but he didn’t want to scare her away.

“Let me answer something first Madison, you have worked as my assistant now for about 6 months and I think we seem to fit together well. I would like to offer you something else, something I think you would enjoy trying.”

He could see the wheels spinning in her head, a look of shock and worry came across her face. What was she worried about? Back track in his mind, she thinks he was letting her go maybe?

“Slow down Madison. I can see the look on your face, your mind is racing ahead of you.”

She sat up straighter, and folded her hands in her lap. “Okay, so what is it you want to offer me,” she asked.

“Well let me answer your other question before we explore what I wanted to discuss with you. Your name. I think you are more fitting of your given name of Madison, rather than Madi as everyone here calls you. I prefer Madison.” Tilting his head to the side still intently staring at her, “does it bother you when I call you Madison” he asked.

Dropping her head to look at her feet she said, “no, it’s just that my mom was the only one who ever called me Madison.”

“I see,” he answered. “Well I will continue to call you Madison, so please get comfortable with that.”

He detected some sorrow and pain there in that honesty, he would have to explore that later. Come to think of it, he really didn’t know Madison well. They never spent time together getting to know one another. He only knew what was in her file.

Sitting up in the chair, leaning forward and placing my elbows on the desk I need to discuss what was on my mind and in that folder.

“Madison, have you ever heard of a submissive and dominant relationship before?”

I am watching her closely for any reaction that would make her run. That was not my intent. But I can get to her before she gets to the door.

I asked again but differently this time. “Do you know what a submissive and dominant are and how they relate?”

She looks confused. There is my answer, she doesn’t have a clue what I am talking about. My cock just got harder thinking of her as a fresh and new submissive.

“A what and a what?” she answered.

I need to explain this to her in the easiest way possible. Where do I begin? BDSM 101?

“One person is the submissive and does things to please the dominant person who is called their master. The submissive’ s role is to pleasure to the dominant, they belong to them.”

Watching the reaction, I am ready to jump for the door.

Her eyes got really big and she reached for the glass of whiskey taking another sip.

“You mean pleasure, is that like where you tie someone up and whip them and use them and stuff?” she asked.

I snickered, that is a google definition of something that can be so beautiful.

“Madison, slow down, it’s more than USING someone. First, I want to talk to you about being my submissive. I would be your dominant. You would serve and pleasure me, if you agree to this. I take great care of my submissive and as you bring me pleasure, I would do the same for you, when you deserve it. You would be rewarded.”

Her eyes are getting bigger and her eye brows are moving up. And my cock is getting harder at the thought of her on her knees for me.

“When I DESERVE it, what do you mean?”

Calm her down man. Get her back on board. I can see her wiping her palms on her skirt. She is nervous, frightened and unsure of this right now.

She took another sip of the drink I offered her. Thank god for the whiskey.

She sat up taller. “Wait a minute, do you realize I don’t even know your name? I mean I answer your phone as Mr. Stewart’s office, but I don’t even know your first name? Maybe we should start there?”

This was a side of Madison I had never seen. She had a voice.

“Ok, I didn’t realize you didn’t know that” I chuckled. “My first name is Jonathan, I am Jonathan Stewart.”

There was so much to teach her.

Sitting back in his chair, left hand to his chin, he watched her, studied her. Started to imagine things with her. He could feel his cock getting hard again. She did something to him, he needed to tie her up soon, control her.

Before she runs out the door let’s see what she thinks. I know she is interested, I just have to get her on board to try.

“Okay, so would you like to give this dom/sub relationship a try? Let say we start out slowly and work our way into it? Try some easy things?”

She is just staring at me, I can tell she is trying to process this offer. Maybe she needs a little evidence of how I would take care of her.

Standing up, he undid his cufflinks and folded his sleeve cuffs up his arms. He then walked around to the front of the desk where Madison was sitting, grabbed her hands and helped her to stand. His eyes were on hers the entire time. He slowly walked her over to the couch and turned to face her.

“I am going to help release some of the pressure you’re under, so you can think clearer,” he said.

He started to undo the buttons on her blouse and take the blouse off the shoulders, letting it fall to the floor. Her eyes went back and forth watching his face. He leaned into her, taking a deep breath as he went to kiss her shoulder before removing her bra strap.

Madi was feeling everything come alive as soon as he touched her. Sparks and flames ignited in her as he did this. She couldn’t stand it. He had never touched her so gently like this. He never kissed her like this. Her pussy was pulsing, goosebumps up and down her spine and in her scalp, this man was driving her insane.

Once the strap was off he grabbed her breast in his hand, “beautiful Madison” he said and took her nipple in his mouth, nipping the tip, sucking the tip.

Her eyes closed, and she took a deep breath as her head fell back. Her lips parted, and a little moan came from her lips as well.

He did the same to the other breast, nipping, sucking and pinching both to arouse her more.

His hand slowly went down her leg, under her skirt, and to her underwear. He could feel the warmth before touching it. His hand moved the under wear to find her fold. She started to drop to the floor.

“Careful Madison, I don’t want you to fall, lay down on the couch,” he said as he helped to position her on the couch, spreading her legs, one over the back and one on the floor. He wanted access to that warm pussy. His own cock was growing harder and demanding more of her.

Madison laid her head back on the couch. She looked so nervous and fresh. He loved this look on her. Scared and untouched. He sat down on the couch in front of her spread legs. His cock hurt it was so hard. God she was beautiful.

“Madison has anyone licked your pussy before,” he asked. He had a feeling he knew the answer. He was staring at her mound, wetness coming through her underwear.

“No,” she whispered. She closed her eyes tight.

“Well Madison, I am going to help you release some tension. Lay still for me and do not move. You move, I stop. Understand?”

She nodded. But that wasn’t what he wanted.

“I need you to say yes, verbally, so that I know you understand,” he said to her, looking at her, waiting for her verbal reply.

“Yes,” she whispered. He could tell she was uncomfortable being stread open like this. He wanted to see what other ways he could push her.

Getting the answer he wanted, he moved her underwear to the side, he laid his hands on her mound. He felt the heat she was giving off. He took his hands and spread her folds. “Beautiful Madison, just beautiful, so pink and ready.”

She was so wet and turned on. He couldn’t wait to get his mouth on her.

Madison closed her eyes while her hands clenched the side pf the couch.

He started to gently lick her inner lips. He purposely breathed on her to give her more sensations while he was down there. He lavished her with his warm tongue, enjoying the reaction. Her moans were making his cock harder and more uncomfortable. Slow licks, small sucks, and her moans told him she liked it.

He found her clitoris and started to suck and gently nip it. Continuing with the lips and back to the clit, he loved her taste and her moans said she liked this.

Then he slowly took his finger and placed it inside of her. Oh fuck!

“Oh Madison, you are so tight.” Adjusting himself he went back to her pleasure. Licking her lips and sucking her clit while slowly moving his finger in and out. She tasted so good.

“I am going to come, I think,” she said.

“Madison I want you to come for me,” he thrust two fingers inside and picked up on the speed. A little faster now. He could feel her starting to clench and squeeze his fingers, he knew she was close.

Her body started to shake. He could see the white knuckles holding the couch. What a fucking beautiful site in front of him.

Madison made some noises, “oh my god, mmmm, oh my, mmmm.” She squeezed the side of the couch, her toes curled up and she closed her eyes letting everything go, letting him make her feel so good.

Madi couldn’t catch her breath. Her eyes were still closed as she laid there on the couch trying to calm herself down.

His cock was so hard he knew what he would do when he got home. He had to adjust himself once again before he went to the bathroom to retrieve a warm washcloth for her.

Damn, she is so fucking beautiful. Standing at the mirror looking at himself. He needs to get his cock inside her soon. He took out a wash cloth, ran it under some warm water and returned to her on the couch. He wiped her before putting her underwear back in place and letting her legs lay naturally on the couch. She was very quiet.

After cleaning himself up in the bathroom, he walked over to her on the couch. Looking down, pleased with the site before him, he said, “I think you will need some time to think about what we talked about. We can discuss more tomorrow. You’ve had enough for tonight. Let’s get you home.”


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Madi and Her Boss – Chapter 5

This is my writing so please do not copy or take it for your use. Thank you.





Madi gasped but didn’t raise her head. She knew what she had run into.

Eyes closed, she breathed in his scent. It was heavenly, mesmerizing, and she knew she had no defenses right now. He owned her. He owned all the feelings and sensations going on in her body. All the way down to her wet pussy.

She placed her hands on his chest. It was hard. Solid. He must work out, she thought. She could feel his muscles through his shirt, the jacket was gone. Her forehead rested on his chest. Oh, he felt so good. She wanted to see more of him. Feel more of him.

He took his hand under her chin and lifted her face towards his. Her eyes stayed closed.

“Look at me.” He said in a stern, commanding tone. She didn’t respond.

“Madison, I will not ask twice,” he said.

 He said her full name again.

Madi opened her eyes slowly and looked at his face.

Wow. She had never truly looked at his face up close. Not this close.

She was in total awe of how handsome he was. Tanned skin, deep green eyes, strong jaw bones and a dusting of facial hair with a beautiful head of dark wavy hair. She couldn’t stop staring. He wanted her to look at him? She wouldn’t, she couldn’t stop looking at him in fact. Those eyes were mesmerizing.

“You were instructed to stay here until I returned, were you not?” he asked in a softer tone, yet still agitated. His other hand moved to her arm and held it. “Madison, I expect an answer.”

“Yes, you…did but…Jennifer invited me out for drinks and…um…” she was having trouble answering his question. His scent was overtaking her brain and his eyes, she couldn’t look directly into them without melting. Her eyes wandered away from his. She felt the warmth traveling down to her toes.

“I gave you specific instructions and you disobeyed me Madison. We need to discuss this in my office.” Taking his hand away from her chin, and removing his other hand from her arm, he turned, placed his hand behind her back to guide her as they walked to his office.

The place was eerily quiet. Madi only knew the office floor to be busy, noisy and alive with people working, talking and moving around. Right now, it was dead silent.

As they walked towards his office, she could hear music. Classical music coming from his office. Weird, she never heard music before in his office.

When they entered his large corner office, he walked her to the middle of the room. He took her bag and put it on the chair by the desk. While he did that, Madi looked out the floor to ceiling wall of windows at the night sky and the crazy city below them. He had quite a view from up there. He walked back to her, standing squarely in front of her.

“On your knees Madison. Now,” he said.

Madi didn’t even think about what she was doing, she just did it. She knelt. He unbuckled his belt, unzipped his pants and pulled out his cock.

“Mm,” Madi let a small moan slip when she saw his cock. It was gorgeous. Better than she ever imagined. Hard, smooth, pink with a vein running down the top and the side and a bead of pre-cum on the tip. She wasn’t sure what to do though. She knelt there quietly waiting for him.

“What’s the problem?” he asked. “Do you need to be told what to do with my cock?”

Letting her head fall in shame, she didn’t know how to tell him the truth.

“What the fuck is the problem Madison?” Impatience growing in him as he raised his voice a little.

She took a deep breath for courage, “I’m not very experienced at doing that… I mean, giving blow jobs” she said. She’d only done one or two before and never knew if she was any good at it. She dreamed of giving them but that was different.

“Are you kidding me Madison, take my cock in your mouth, and relax, I will help you. And don’t bite” he said. She couldn’t tell if he was being nice or didn’t care.

Just seeing his huge, gorgeous, hard cock in front of her, almost sent her to orgasm. She couldn’t believe she was going to do this and she wasn’t dreaming it for once.  

She put the head in her mouth. “Mmm” more moaning from Madi. She actually liked this, but then again, this could be coming from the liquid courage she drank tonight.

He held the side of her face as he moved back and forth. Gently at first. He let Madison go slow, so he didn’t scare her. He needed her to do this and to like doing this for him. Madi licked the tip and mouthed the head as he slowly created a rhythm. She gagged a few times while trying to go deeper and deeper. She was trying to relax. Trying to make this feel good for him, fighting her growing emotions and remembering to breathe all at the same time. Her moaning made his eyes close. He dropped his head to the side on his shoulders. The thrusting started to go a little faster. Madi started taking him deeper.

“That’s it Madison. Suck my hard, fucking cock. Those lips on my cock and your warm mouth are going to make me come quickly.” Madi placed her hand on the shaft to hold him tight. She didn’t want to squeeze too hard, she felt nervous and didn’t know what he would say when they were done.

She started moving her hand with the movement of her mouth. Thank god he was moving her head and she didn’t have to do that too. Deeper and deeper she took his cock. Trying to relax and make this feel good for him.

You are going to swallow everything I give you. Everything,” he said.

The thrusting was going faster now. Madi’s eyes were watering. She needed a release too. She wanted to touch herself right now. Better yet, have him touch her. She would come just from his touch, she knew it.

Madi kept moving, sucking while he moved her head back and forth. She concentrated on breathing. When he would pull her mouth off she would hold the head in her mouth or rub her tongue over the tip. His reaction told her he liked it.

“Madison. I. Am. Going. To. Come,” he said as he growled out loud and with a few more movements, he emptied himself in her mouth. A few more thrusts and he finished. She was swallowing as quickly as she could. Some of it was coming out the side of her mouth. She tried to wipe it, so he wouldn’t see it. Damn that man had a lot in him, she thought.

He pulled out of her mouth, “very nice Madison” he said, very matter of fact like and helped her to stand up. He walked towards his bathroom to go clean up, closing the door behind him.

Madi smiled, then straightened her dress. Looking for a tissue to wipe her mouth she walked over to his desk to take one from the tissue box. She was a tad bit proud of herself. She just gave her boss a blow job. Her smile quickly faded when she saw a folder on his desk with her name on it. What was in that she wondered? Why was it out on the desk?

The sound of the turning door hand startled her, and she turned around quickly, but not quick enough. He saw her looking at the desk.


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Madi and Her Boss – Chapter 4

This is my writing so please do not copy or take it for your use. Thank you.



This business meeting is dragging on longer than it should, and now he wants to have drinks. I have taken the day to meet with my investors and keep them updated on the business. But my mind is elsewhere. Smile man and make this guy happy. He is one of your biggest and oldest investors. I put on the fake smile and nod as he talks. All I can think of is getting back to the office. And Madison. That sexy secretary is on my mind all the time lately. And it’s Wednesday. Damn him. I want to be done.

Looking at my watch, Mr. Blackstone noticed. “Jonathan, I am sorry, am I keeping you from something?”

Realizing I was being rude I changed my behavior, “No Charles, I am all yours. How about another drink?” Waving at the waitress I ordered us both another round. After all, I have been out entertaining investors all day. Time to get back to the office after one more.

Yet the anger inside was turning into rage. I had plans for Madison tonight. I wanted to talk to her about taking our activities to a different level. But first, I had to finish with Charles Blackstone. I needed to keep Mr. Blackstone happy and happy he would be.

What seemed like hours later, Jonathan was finally walking out the door. It was dark out, and as he walked to the car he called the office to talk to Madison, certain that she was still there.

Call once, no answer. Maybe she is in the bathroom. Get in the car. Call again. No answer. Maybe she is at the copier, anger building even more. Call again, no answer. Pissed.

He went through his phone for a number he had never used. Taken from her file in case of emergency, he hit dial. It rang. And rang.

She finally answered, hesitant as she didn’t know the number.

He didn’t even hear her say hello, “WHERE THE FUCK ARE YOU?” It just burst from his lips, it sounded harsher than he anticipated. He needed to calm down, but his cock was aching for her. It was Wednesday. Wednesday was Madison. Even if he only had her for a little while. His cock needed to be in her.

He could hear music in the background, it was loud. She wasn’t at work and that made him even more upset. But, where was she? Were there other men looking at her?

Madison seemed flustered and had trouble answering his questions. She mentioned a girl named Jennifer from work. I don’t give a fuck who she is I just want her bent over my desk or sucking my cock.

As I walk through the lobby toward the elevators, I made the offer to send a car to get her, but she said she would return to the office on her own. I stopped to tell the guards to let her in when she returns. I use my card at the elevator to get me to my floor quickly. I don’t have time for more distractions.

Entering my office, I put my briefcase down, turn on some classical music trying to calm myself down. I walk over to the liquor cabinet and take out a glass and some whiskey. Pour two fingers and take a sip. I need to cut the tension before Madison arrives or she will never agree to my idea.

Looking at my watch, I realize she should be here soon. I take another sip of the whiskey and head to the elevator doors. The floor is nice and quiet, everyone is gone. Just as I wanted it. Time to face Madison and see if we can come to an agreement on this. My cock needs some attention. And I need Madison under my control more often.


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Madi and Her Boss – Chapter 3

This is my writing so please do not steal it or copy it without permission. This is just me putting some thoughts together into what might become a short story.

Updated 1/21/19

Wednesday morning Madi made her way to her desk. Thinking about the day ahead had her smiling already. She put her bag away, sat at her desk and checked her messages.

Her boss had left her a message that he would be out for most of the day, he would return late that afternoon. She was instructed not to leave until he returned. Instructed? This wasn’t like him to miss their usual Wednesday “meeting” but hearing his instructions gave her mixed feelings.

On the one hand, he had NEVER missed a Wednesday with her in months. She started to wonder what made today different. She didn’t even know if he was married or had a girlfriend, where he lived or what kind of car he drove. She didn’t know much about him at all, come to think of it. She was too shy to ask him any questions, just did as she was told. And she liked it when he told her to do things.

On the other hand, Madi’s body was starting to anticipate and react to the mere thought of her boss. Passing him in the office and smelling his cologne drove her crazy. Things were tingling and coming alive more often. Plus, she found herself wet at the idea of being with him today. Her confused feelings were doing a number on her.

Not knowing what time he would be back, she went about her day as best she could, doing her normal jobs and taking care of what he needed her to do. Trying to keep her mind focused was not easy.

At lunchtime, she went out with some of the girls on the floor. Madi always enjoyed listening to the girls talk about their lives. The more people that came to lunch meant the more people that talked about themselves and the less she had to talk about herself. One of the girls, Jennifer, convinced Madi to go out with her after work. Madi accepted after Jennifer wore her down to finally say yes. Madi wasn’t sure how the end of the day would go. She regretted saying yes already.

As the workday came to a close, Madi started to feel the pressure to leave with Jennifer. Yet her boss had not returned to work yet. Madi felt nervous and uneasy, not sure what to do until Jennifer was standing at her desk, purse in hand.

“Are you ready to get out of here?” she asked.

Voice shaking, Madi said. “I am not sure I can leave yet.”

Making a face, tilting her head, Jenifer asked “and why not? It’s quitting time honey.”

“I know but, but… he hasn’t been in yet for…um…for me to um…”

“Are you kidding me Madi? You can go over whatever it is that is that important tomorrow.”

Obviously, Jennifer was ready to go, and she wasn’t letting Madi stay behind to do any more work. But Madi felt like she should stay behind as her boss had said.

Grabbing Madi’s arm and her bag, Jennifer walked Madi out of the office to the elevator and right out of the building.

The girls ended up at a local bar where Jennifer ordered martinis for them both. She walked the drinks over to the booth Madi was sitting in and handed Madi her drink.

Madi held the glass when Jennifer gave it to her staring at the glass. Madi didn’t drink alcohol, this was all new to her. She certainly wasn’t going to come clean about it now. She just wanted to fit in.

“Cheers Madi, here’s to letting off some steam,” Jennifer said but Madi sat the glass on the table.

“What’s the problem? Don’t you like martinis?”

“I’ve never had one before,” she answered with her head lowered as if she was embarrassed to admit it.

“Oh honey, it’s okay. Just sip it slowly,” Jennifer said smiling. “You will love it.”

Madi took a taste, and she liked it. Maybe this won’t be so bad she thought.

She did her best to keep the conversation about Jennifer and not herself. When Jennifer asked her questions, she answered as little as possible and turned the questions back to Jennifer.

After her second drink, Madi’s phone rang. She was startled. No one ever called her but her sister. Who was calling her she wondered?

She looked at the screen and didn’t recognize the number. She got up to walk to the bathroom, so she could hear better. Tapping the green circle, she said hello.

“WHERE THE FUCK ARE YOU?” the voice was pissed. She instantly knew who it was. Her boss, and he was VERY angry.

Somehow this made her excited. She felt her pussy wake up.

“I… um… I went to um … to get a drink with um… Jennifer.” she answered. She was nervous. Her steps increased towards the bathroom hallway where the noise level was more conducive to talking on the phone.

Teeth clenched, he talked slowly to her, “I don’t give a fuck who Jennifer is, where are you I asked?”

Madi could hear the anger through the phone. She didn’t know what to do but answer him directly. “She works down the hall. She invited me for a drink and I … I um… didn’t know if or when you were coming back so I …”

“I specifically told you to wait for me, didn’t I?” he was pissed. “Do you need me to send a car for you, tell me where you are.”

Send a car for her? Madi had never had someone do that. “Right now? I need to go to um… can we do this um…” Madi wasn’t sure if she wanted him to know where she was. Part of her wanted him to come get her and part of her was scared of this man.

“No the fuck not!” he exclaimed. “You need to come here tonight. Where are you? I will not ask again, Madison.”

Oh damn. He used her full name. Usually reserved to when she was in trouble, her own mother hardly ever said it when she was younger. She told him what bar they were in, he asked her again if she needed a car to come get her.

“I can leave and drive back to the office, I don’t need a car, just um, give me a minute to say goodbye.”

“I will be waiting Madison.” His voice was stern and pissed as he hung up the phone without a goodbye.

Madi leaned against the wall in the hallway to try and gather her thoughts. Her hard hit the wall and her eyes closed. A deep sigh tried to help make sense of this mess.

Shivers went down her spine. What was he going to do to her? He sounded so pissed yet she couldn’t wait to see him. What the hell was going on with her?

She went back to the booth and told Jennifer she had to go, something about a roommate she didn’t have, needing help. It sounded good to her when she made it up. She left Jennifer some cash and headed outside. She didn’t want to think about what she was doing, or she’d go straight home.

She walked straight to her car, alone, probably not the smartest idea she had but her heart was beating out of her chest. She didn’t know what to expect when she got back to the office. Once she found her car she got right in and locked the door. Put on her seatbelt and took a deep breath to relax.

She closed her eyes and tried to anticipate what would happen when she got there. Maybe some mental preparation would make it easier for her. How mad was he really?

Madi found her hand rubbing her thigh and moving closer to her inner thigh. She sat back, with her eyes closed and let her hand find her underwear. She was wet. And getting wetter thinking about this man. Her boss. He infuriated her, confused her and turned her on all at once. There were sensations warming her inner body just thinking of him at this moment. Her fingers found her folds and she was warm and wet. Ugh!

Madi had to stop so she could drive. There was an angry man waiting for her. Madi started the car and headed towards to the office. She needed a release and needed it soon or she’d burst.

When she entered the lobby of her building, the afterhours security guard said, “He’d like you to go upstairs to his office, the guard will let you in that door there,” as he pointed to the one door being held open for her by the security guard.

“Thank you,” she said as she headed towards the building. The guard knew to expect her?

Her feet moved like she was walking in mud and couldn’t get them going. She wanted to hurry up and slow down all at once. She didn’t know what was going to happen when she got upstairs.

Once she was alone in the elevator, Madi suddenly felt sick. What was he going to do to her? Why did she need to stay so late for him? So many things went through her mind. And why the hell was she doing this? Why was she in such a trance with this man. Her heart began to race, and the alcohol wasn’t helping. She needed to leave, she needed to get out of the elevator or take it back downstairs. Madi changed her mind, she didn’t want to go see him tonight. She should get back in her car and go home. This was crazy of her to do.

She stood close to the doors waiting for them to open. She’d leave when the elevator stopped, hit the button and go back down. He would never know she was even there if she didn’t go to his office.

She whispered to herself, “come on doors, open please.”

When the doors opened she bolted out head down and determined to go home and hit something hard. Very hard that smelled very good. She knew that scent. She knew it well. Oh god, she walked right into him. He was waiting for her. Fuck! No way she wasn’t going to look up.


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Madi and Her Boss – Chapter 2

This is my writing so please do not steal it or copy it without permission. This is just me putting some thoughts together into what might become a short story.

Updated 1/21/19

Tuesday seemed like such a long day. Madi was looking forward to tomorrow. She knew she’d have more dream material after tomorrow. Her boss had been gone all week, but he never missed a Wednesday. Not for the last three months. As Madi walked to the bus stop, she started the fantasy in her head.

Walking in through the front door of her apartment, she dropped her purse and bag in the chair at the table and decided to take a long hot bath before dinner. She walked into the bathroom and started the water, added some Epson’s salts and started to undress.

As she set her foot in the tub, she waited a minute to let her body adjust to the temperature of the water. Then let her whole body lay in the tub. “Oh, this feels so good. Just what I needed,” she sighed. The warm water sent shivers up her spine. After closing her eyes, she saw him. All of him.

He walked through the bathroom door, “oh baby you are so sexy in that tub full of bubbles.” He slowly undressed, as if he was doing it for her benefit. His underwear was the last thing he removed and when he did, she gasped at the huge cock that spring out of his underwear. She had never really seen it, just always felt it. She knew it was huge, it sure filled her up.

“You want this don’t you, you greedy girl?” Then he grabbed his cock and slowly rubbed it for her excitement. It was so hard. She wanted to touch it, taste it. Worship it.

Madi watched him walk over to the tub and stop in front of her. His cock was at the perfect level and she wanted to suck it.

“Take it in your mouth. Suck it. Suck it all.” And he took a step closer while Madi reached out for it. Taking it in her hand, her tongue licked the tip of the head to take the pre-cum off. Then she licked the head and let her tongue go down the shaft. He responded to her tongue with quite a few moans, letting her know he liked it. Using her hand to rub the base of his cock, her mouth was getting used to the size and thickness. She put her mouth around the head, bobbing in and out a few times. Coming back to the tip she opened wider and took more in, working to gradually take it all in. Gagging a bit, she looked up at him and saw a smirk on his face. She continued to take him. All the way in. He let his head fall back and he groaned, “holy fuck. Your mouth is so good.” After a few more sucks, he pulled out and wanted to join her in the tub.

“Lean forward,” he said, so she moved up letting him get in the tub behind her. Wrapping his arms around Madi, he lifted her legs over his and rested them on the side of the tub. He then picked her up and set her on top of him. He wasn’t very gentle when he placed her on top of him. He penetrated her rather fast and forceful. “Agh” she gasped, not expecting that to happen.

Leaning into her ear, he whispered, “just relax, you might enjoy this too.”

With her legs over the side of the tub, her back to his front, he started to rub her pussy. She was so turned on and he could tell. His other hand found her left nipple and he started to roll it between his fingers. When he pinched her nipple, she’d make a little noise which he seemed to enjoy hearing. Her bud was so tight.

Slowly moving in and out of her, she let her head fall back on his shoulders. “That’s it baby, enjoy the feeling of my cock inside of you.”

He found her clit and started to pinch it while still pinching her nipples. The sensations were driving her crazy. This man was talented and seemed to know all the right places to touch her. But of course her body was overly sensitive.

She spread her legs wider while he rubbed. She started to move with his movements. She wanted more. So much more. Maybe she was a greedy girl. Feelings inside were building up and she wasn’t sure how much longer she could go. “Oh, this is so good,” she said in a nice throaty voice.

Suddenly, he stopped moving and stopped rubbing. Her eyes opened, she grabbed the side of the tub and sat up panting. “What? What happened? Why did you stop?”

All movement completely stopped, and her body was crying for it to continue. She was so close.

“I want you to rub yourself while I fuck you,” he said.

Okay, she could do that. She leaned back against his chest again. Her hand slid to her pussy, found her lips and then her hard clit. Oh, she needed this release. She started rubbing. He started moving again but this time harder, with more force. He was holding her on him by her hips as he rammed his cock into her. Water was splashing out of the tub.

Her eyes closed, she wanted this feeling to take over her, to take her, she wanted to go with him, wanted him to make her go there, but he stopped giving her pleasure. She could finish it though.

Almost there…she felt it coming. His normal grunting was starting. “Oh fuck, this feels good. Keep rubbing that pussy for me.”

She did as she was told, eyes still closed, head back on his shoulder again, she was almost there. “oh, I’m coming,” she panted. His growls started to get louder as she started to come. “Oh my god, oh my god,” and her tight pussy came all over his cock.

“Damn, you squeeze my cock so tight when you come,” he said.

She needed to catch her breath and enjoy the moment. She didn’t want to come down from this emotional ride. It was a damn good one too.

When she finally opened her eyes, she realized she was alone. There was no one else in the tub. No one behind her. Just her. Yet the floor had water on it, and her legs were over the side. She let the side of the tub hold her up. A deep sigh made her realize the truth.

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Madi and Her Boss – Chapter 1

This is my writing and mine alone. Please do not copy or use this. It’s for your entertainment purposes only. I welcome respectful feedback if you’d like to leave it.

Updated 1/21/19



Bent over his desk, she let him do what he needed to do, thrusting back and forth, grabbing her hips. Squeezing them tight. She secretly loved this but would never let him know how turned on she was.

“Oh baby, that’s it. Your pussy is so tight for me…just how I like it.”

She closed her eyes, hands grabbing the edge of the desk. Oh god this felt good.

“Take all of my hard cock, that’s right baby. You can take it all. That sweet young pussy of yours is mine.”

He had a certain rhythm as he moved back and forth, hard and fast, his balls banging into her pussy exciting her even more. She just wanted to touch her clit, rub it, bring herself some relief. But his wasn’t about her. It was NEVER about her. She did this for him.

Growling out loud, he said. “ohhhhh that’s my sweet fucking secretary,” as he came inside her. She could feel his hard, warm cock throbbing as he emptied himself, then pulled out, leaving her laying on the desk. She waited until she heard him go into the bathroom within to his office. The toilet flushed, and she knew she was safe to get up. She pulled her underwear up and fixed her clothes and did the best she could with her hair. She waited. Knowing it would come…

He exited the bathroom all fresh and clean. Walked over to her, looked at her, rubbed her shoulder as he said to her, “thank you, you can go back to work.” Such a nice boss. Sometime she got a wink from him too.

She exited his office, closed the door and went to the bathroom. Her usual routine. Feeling the “walk of shame” as she went down the hallway, she wondered who could tell what she had just done and did every Wednesday afternoon at this time. Her head hung low as she tried to walk quickly to the restroom. Once she got inside, she went into the stall and sat on the toilet to make sure no one followed her.

Madi was pissed. Every Wednesday it went the same way. He’d call on the intercom, “Madison, I need you to take some notes on a project. Hold my calls and get in here.” He never smiled, he was stern, demanding. She never saw him act otherwise. But she wanted more. She had given herself to him and she needed more from this weekly encounter.

“Why”, she asked herself? Why did she put up with him? She knew the answer to that question, she needed the money. He was VERY generous when it came to bonuses and extras but the day to day interactions were sometimes, downright rude and nasty. But there was something about him that she craved. That’s not how she was raised. Madi was nice to everyone. At least she tried to be. Her mother would roll over in her grave if she knew what Madi was doing now.

Madi put herself together and returned to her desk. She waited for 6:00 pm to come around so she could go home. And be “done” with him. She had unfinished business to take care of when she got home.

She stepped off the bus and walked to her apartment. She wasn’t far from Central Park. Her apartment had a pretty nice view of the park. Madi had grabbed a salad at a local market on her way to the bus. She couldn’t wait to get inside and eat it.

She entered her apartment, turned to close the door and rested her forehead on the door as she turned the lock. After a heavy sigh, she walked towards the kitchen to put her food and bags down then made her way to her bedroom. She knew she needed a shower to wash him off before she could do anything else. Taking her clothes off, putting her shoes away, she stood there in her bedroom naked. Staring in the mirror on her wall she just looked at herself. Madi couldn’t figure out her feelings, hurt, dirty, sexy, turned on? She was a mess of emotions but seemed to be more and more turned on after each encounter with the boss.

She didn’t realize her right hand was on her breasts, rubbing her breasts until she stopped on her left nipple. Watching herself, she took it in her fingers and pinched it. “mmm” as she sucked in her breath. This was good for her. Madi’s left hand went down her stomach to her pussy. Rubbing over her mound, she spread her lips and found her clit.

“Ahhhh, finally,” she said. She rubbed her clit and pinched her nipples over and over again. She felt the feelings begin to get more intense, she was so wet. Eyes closed, Madi let her head fall back and started to imagine her boss, tall, dark, handsome and sexy with his masculine scent. That cologne was his unique scent that made her want to do this more than once a week. How could a man have this much of an effect on her?

Madi continued to play with her breasts and pinch her nipples while her other hand kept rubbing her clit. She was so wet. She couldn’t help it. He made feelings come to life within her, more than any other man had ever done. Feelings she couldn’t explain, but didn’t want to try to, she just wanted to enjoy this moment.

The more her fingers moved the more the desire grew. Her nipples were so hard, and her clit was tight and sensitive too. As Madi remembered her boss fucking her today, talking about her being so tight and the way his balls bounced against her pussy, that was all she needed to lose herself into the moment and come all over her hand.

She was so exhausted she fell to the floor and laid there for a moment. Eyes closed, she imagined him coming in her room. He would pick her up in his arms and kiss her. Oh, she wanted to be kissed by that man. How would he taste? He’d walk her into the shower and thoroughly fuck her again while she was pinned up to the cold wall by his large and handsome body. That huge cock would be moving in her tight pussy and she’d feel every movement he made. Then he’d wash her and caress her in the shower before drying her off.

Madi had the most beautiful dreams of a man she didn’t even know. If only he’d make them come true.