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One More Night – Happy Hour

Happy Hour


Why did I agree to come to happy hour with the girls from the office? It’s noisy, loud and people everywhere. Not really my style. Not today. People bumping into each other, and Christine is practically screaming so we can hear her tell us how lame her fiancé is. Christ, all she wants is a human bank account with a big dick. I have to be careful how many times I roll my eyes when she talks.

The bar in the hotel is elegantly decorated. This night does have some redeeming value. The chandeliers hanging from the ceiling sparkle and the way the liquor is displayed behind the bar looks like a wall of art, so colorful I can’t stop staring at it. At least the scenery is nice. Not to mention the eye candy around here is pretty to look at too, it’s a shame I am not in the mood tonight.

I cannot take the bitching about a guy who is madly in love with that witch. All day long she complains about him and his lack of effort in the bedroom. She sure loves his credit cards though. The other girls hang on to her every word. Pathetic. I need to get out of here.

Looking down at my glass, it is empty. There is my excuse. I get up and excuse myself, not that any of the ladies will even notice. Walking to the bar, I place the glass on the bar and when the bar tender comes over, he offers to make another Cosmo. It just takes a wink and a nod, and I head to the bathroom.

This place is so crowded I am touching bodies trying to walk between tables to get to the bathroom. Suddenly, I stop. I sense someone following me, watching me, something. The hairs on the back of my neck are standing up. I look around but cannot see anyone I know.  There are too many people here. I increase my speed as I walk to the bathroom. Once inside, I close the door and lean against it. My heart is beating a little bit faster and I try to take some deep breaths to slow it down. That was weird. Not going to lie, that freaks me out a little bit.

Leaving the bathroom, I decide to get the drink I have waiting for me and when it’s done, I will call it a night. I tried this happy hour crap. This just is not my style.

As I walk back to the bar, I have that same feeling again. I cannot explain it. Looking around to see who is here is pointless as I scan my surroundings again. Too many people. I cannot shake this nervous feeling though.

Retrieving the Cosmo from the bar, I also ask to pay my tab. The bar tender tells me it’s been taken care of. I look at him in confusion. Who paid my tab? Surely the girls didn’t notice I left and why would they pay for it?

“I’m sorry, do you have the right person? I didn’t come here with anyone” I ask him.

He grabs an envelope and hands it to me. “A gentleman walked over after you left and paid your bill, and also asked me to give you this.” He shrugged his shoulders and wished me a good night.

I take the envelope and my drink and find a spot to sit at the bar. Looking around, the girls are still sitting there listing to Christine, they do not even realize I am gone. I am trying to see who in the bar area would know I was here, let alone see me get up and leave. Everyone appears to be in conversation within their groups. I just stare at the envelope while I sip my drink. This must be the weird feeling I had earlier.

Taking the envelope in my hand, I open it. There is a card inside. Okay, I am intrigued and scared all at the same time. Looking around again, is anyone watching me? Slowly moving around the room with my eyes carefully looking everywhere. Nothing. I open the card. It reads “Mia Bella” and there is a room key enclosed. That’s all it says.

That’s all it needs to say.

I drop the card on the bar. He’s here.

It’s him.

My heart starts pounding. It is him that I sensed. He has been watching me. He knows I am here. Damn him. I subconsciously clench my pussy thinking of him. Fuck!

My eyes close, deep breaths. I can almost inhale his heavenly scent, a mix of earthy clean and spice all wrapped up into him.



I open my eyes; my heart is racing. I have two choices. Go home or go to him. My body is betraying me and telling me it needs him. I actually chuckle at the reaction my body has to him.

My drink sits half full as I find myself staring at it. Time to finish it and make a decision. He is waiting for me. Somewhere in this hotel. He is THAT close to me right now.

Lifting my head back to rest on my shoulders I take a deep breath and think about this offer. It’s one night. One more night of intense pleasure. He will take every ounce of me that I give him. In return he will give me such incredible pleasure that always leaves me wanting him and only him. He ruins me.

Then he disappears on me.

Until the next time.

I think it’s clear what I want. My body wants him. I can feel myself getting wet just sitting here.

I take the Cosmo and finish it in one swallow, pick up the note and key card, grab my purse and head for the elevators on the hotel side. No looking back now. Right? Not listening to my head trying to be practical, listening to my heart and pussy instead. I thought three drinks would help me relax but knowing how close I am to him has the opposite reaction.

Deep breath as I step into the elevator. Push the floor number written on the card. Lean back against the wall and wait. I pray to God no one walks in the elevator with me.


The ding of the elevator brings me back to reality. The doors open and I exit. My palms are sweaty, my body is full of excitement. When is the last time I saw him?

I look for the room number, walking to the end of the long hallway. The walk is taking forever it seems. Of course, he has a suite. I smirk. Would I expect anything else?

Stopping at the door I ask myself again, is this what I want? Deep breath.

Of course, it is. Just go in, I finally tell myself.

I put the key card in the slot. Hear a click. I turn the door handle. My heart is beating faster.

No going back now.

Pushing open the door, I step inside and carefully close the door.

My eyes need to adjust to the dark room. The open curtains expose one whole wall of glass, and millions of sparkling lights on the other side.

I can hear classical music playing and I can smell his cologne.

He is here.


My body starts to react to the knowledge that he is in the room. My pussy tingles for his touch. I am wet, I know I am.

I choose to stand still, forcing him to make the next move, or rather I am hiding in the foyer, gathering my bearings, whichever, but I am not moving. I can hear the crackling of what sounds like a fire. The temperature is nice and warm.

I listen for him to talk, make a sound.


I only hear my own breathing and my heart beating.

Taking a few steps into the living area, I look around and set my purse down in one of the chairs.

I don’t see him, but he is here.

A glass sits on the table, two fingers of brown liquid. He is here.

Turning around and looking at this beautiful suite decorated in his style with plenty of room.

My eyes stop at the bar. What I see makes me smile. It’s there. He knew I would come up here. He knows me. That bottle is for me. He knows me all too well. I am his Prisoner.

Still quiet in here, he must have stepped out or we are playing a different game tonight.


After waiting a few minutes I decide that maybe a shower will help calm me down and I can kill some time until he gets back. I find my way to the master suite and undress leaving a trail for him to find when he returns. My top is dropped in the doorway, the skirt draped over the bed, the bra on the floor to the bathroom and then the underwear outside the shower doors. Surely, he will know where I am with those clues. I smile, thinking I am quite clever.


I am not sure I have ever seen such an exquisite bathroom. The earthy natural tile, decorative lighting, and dark fixtures. Just gorgeous. Stepping into the shower area or room, I am not sure what to call it, it is such a large space for a shower. There is a long wall with two shower heads, the rain kind of shower heads where the water falls over your head, and a row of six more heads on the wall. I turn on the shower and make sure the water is hot. I want steam to fill the shower area. Stepping into the shower, it is so relaxing to stand here with the water gently beating down over me.

I close my eyes, block out the world and enjoy this. My hand starts to gently move over my breast, squeezing carefully, then down to my stomach and slowly, I go to my mound. I can still hear the music he put on, makes me sway a little to the sounds. So relaxing.

Fingers go between the lips, right to the labia and clit. Rubbing, touching, attention. Much needed attention. My head falls back as I rub myself. This feels so good.

I turn to get the soap, facing the wall where the bottles are lined up and a hand suddenly covers my mouth. I can’t scream. I start to fight and a strong arm wraps around my torso holding my arms down. My heart rate increases, I cannot fight this person. He is too strong. I try to move back and forth to escape and I slip. His grip tightens. Fuck!

“Do not fight me, you will not win.” He whispers in my ear.

His foot kicks my legs further apart, I don’t know how to stop what is coming next.

I try to make noise, to scream, to call for help, but nothing comes out but muffled sounds. I need to get help.

I feel it. I feel what I was afraid would happen. His hard cock is rubbing against my pussy. Fuck! I keep fighting to make him keep his arms around me, maybe he won’t be able to penetrate. His arm leaves but his hand pushes on my back forcing me to the wall. I am pushed hard into the shower wall, my head turns before my forehead hits the wall. My arms are brought behind my back and held by his hand. God dam him.

Before I know it, his hard cock is inside. He has pushed himself inside. FUCK!

I try to keep squirming to get loose from his hold. It is not working. I am not strong enough. I can’t keep fighting. He’s moving his cock in and out and honestly, it feels good. But I need to fight, keep fighting.

“Stop resisting me,” he whispers in my ear, but it does not help. Makes me react even more.

I surrender internally, damn it, my body is giving over to him. His hard cock has filled me up and it feels so damn good moving in and out. I shouldn’t like this, but I do.

He picks up the pace. One hand still on my back, although I have almost surrendered myself to him, he does not need to hold me there. His other hand comes around to feel my breast. I subconsciously lift off the wall giving him room. He pinches my nipple and rolls it around between his fingers.

A moan escapes my lips. I find myself starting to get into the moment, as dirty as it is, it still feels good. Sensations all over my body coming alive.

And then he pinches my clit. Hard. My eyes open wide. I am ready to come right now. Finish what I started earlier.

I am brought back to reality when he says, “This is not for your pleasure. You are not to come. There will be consequences if you do and you won’t like them.”

I am so gone, I can’t event try to make out the voice or try to guess it. Do I even know this person?

His thrusting has picked up. I can’t hold back. It’s been too long since I’ve had a real male cock inside me, to pleasure me.

I can’t. Despite the warnings for consequences….

I can’t.

I let go.

I fall over the edge as he stops moving and comes hard as well. Inside me.


I am done in more ways than one. I feel his warm release inside as he pulses to a stop, and I ride the wave too.

What did I just do?

He pulls out and walks away as I drop to the shower floor.

I don’t know who that was but I am not sure I care at the moment.



I finish in the shower and hurry out. What the hell was that and WHO was that. I rush to go find him. Is he back, did he see who it was?

Towel wrapped around me, towel around my wet hair I rush into the suite to look for him.

Nothing has changed in the suite.

His glass is there still.

Same amount of liquid in the glass.

I am frantically looking around the dark room. What the hell have I walked into? Where is he? I start to go look throughout the suite.

Then I hear him. “Mia Bella.”

And there it is.

His voice.

Those words.

I stop.


He makes my heart melt with those words. I almost drop to my knees despite my anxiety right now.

I turn to find him.

He is sitting in a chair by the fire, holding a different glass of brown liquid. The fire lights up his eyes. I can’t help but smile. He is so handsome. My shoulders drop in relief.

“Come closer, please.” He says.

My knees are weak, they feel like rubber as I walk closer to him.

“Where have you been? Did you just get back? Did you see anyone leave here?” The questions flow out too quickly, I want answers.

“Shhhhh, you are safe here.” A single finger to his lips and a smirk on his face.

My eyes focus tightly on him, trying to process the words and thoughts flying all around in my head. I don’t even take notice of his clothes or how he is dressed.

“How did you know I was here, in this hotel?” I ask as my curiosity is peaked but I really don’t care, to be honest.

“Come closer, I want to see you.”

Holding my towel, I move closer and ask again, “how did you know I was here?”

He smiles, his eyes smile too, “I always know where you are Mia Bella. You are mine to protect.”

Goosebumps run down my spine. Funny, him having that knowledge does not seem to bother me. I somehow feel safe knowing that he knows where I am. Safe that he is here now.

I walk closer to him as he stands to meet me, handing me his glass. His build is strong and broad. He’s taller than I am even wearing heels. He has a dress shirt on with the top few buttons undone. I want to touch him, touch his chest. But not yet. I can’t.

I look into the glass of brown liquid and swirl it around as if it were tea leaves predicting my future. I know how they read for tonight. Taking a sip of his cognac, warm fire follows it down, yet I shiver.

He laughs as he takes the glass back.

“You always make that motion when I give you the good stuff.”

He takes my face in his hands and kisses my forehead. “Now let’s get you more comfortable.” I breathe in his scent as I feel my nipples get hard. “Time to take care of a certain punishment.”

I push back from him, visibly upset at my realization, my hand hits his chest hard, while the other hand still holds my towel in place.

“WHAT?” My eyes go wide open. “What the fuck…”

“Watch the mouth.” He is quick to stop me in mid-sentence, his tone changes instantly.

“I understand you weren’t expecting that type of play tonight, but you will still act like a lady. And you have a punishment to receive….”

He hands me the glass again, “would you like another sip before we continue?”

I close my eyes and make a huff sound at him. Once I open my eyes, I take the glass and fill my mouth with the liquid fire and swallow. That burned going down, maybe not the best idea.

He takes the glass back and grabs the front of my towel and removes it, leaving me standing before him, totally naked. I have never played like this with him before, but I think I like it, my body has reacted in some interesting ways.

He sets the glass down and stands there staring into my eyes, his icy blue eyes cut right through to my soul. The wetness between my legs has increased, he knows how I react, and he loves it. I want to kiss him, but I know I am not in charge tonight.

“Do you have any idea what I want to do to you,” he whispers in my ear. “I am going to take my time with you now.” Then his lips find my neck, as my head drops back giving him more access. The stubble on his chin tickles my skin giving me goosebumps.

His hands hold down my arms to keep me from touching him. He continues small kisses until he reaches my collar bone. He stops and looks up at me. I am putty in his hands.

“Don’t answer me.” He puts a finger to my lips. “I think I will show you instead. But first, I want you to have a little more cognac with me. You will need it tonight.”

He kisses my lips so gently, yet I can taste the fine liquor on his lips. Handing me the glass again I take one more sip and swallow. He takes the glass back and sets it down.

“You really are not playing fair tonight,” I say to him.

“Mia bella, I will do as I wish with you tonight,” in his sexy scruffy voice.

And, yes, he will.

He always does,


“Go to the table in the dining area, spread you legs and lean forward over the table, face down.”

I stand for a minute looking at him, comprehending what I have heard, meanwhile he starts to undo his sleeves and roll them up the arm. His tan arms dusted in dark hair appear as the sleeves roll up more and more. God he is sexy.

He clears his throat, bringing me back to reality.

I walk over to the table, spread my legs as wide as I can and then lean my body down on the table. The table is cold. Not only is my chest cold but my pussy feels the cold air now that my legs are spread open.

I do not hear him come behind me, but I feel his warm hand rub both my ass cheeks. So relaxing, this will not be so bad. Then I hear the crop as it smacks against my skin. When did he grab that? His wrist is so quick with short movements that he is warming my skin and making my desire grow throughout my body.

He is being kind to hit both cheeks, top and bottom. Quick and calculated hits.

I start to move a little bit on the table in enjoyment, and he noticed. Of course, he did.

“Oh Mia Bella, I guess you need help staying still?”

Damn it. This just prolongs the desired outcome.

He must have some rope close by because it doesn’t take long for him to wrap the ropes around my ankles, securing me to the table legs and keep me from moving.

“I am warning you to stay still. Do you trust me?”

My heart is racing faster as I start to think of all the things this implies. I get my answer when the lube is rubbed on my anus and his finger is inserted.

Subconsciously, I start to move my hips in enjoyment, but the crop reminds me to still.

“Mmmmm” I moan as he stretches me.

As soon as his fingers exit, I feel something cold and hard enter and take up the space. Slowly he pushes it in. I have no idea what it is but oh my god it feels so good.

“Massimo…” I try to speak but I cannot form words. I have every nerve ending in my body is on fire. There is a pool of desire in my belly that needs to explode, quickly.

The crop continues a few more hits to my ass and then to my lips. Being spread open like I am, he has perfect access to my pink pussy that is throbbing for touch.

“Fu..” I catch myself, at least, I think.

“I don’t want to hear that talk.” He warns me before the crop gets a little harder.

The sting. The bite. The desire. The fire.

If I cannot say it out loud, I am screaming it in my head, FUCKKKKK.

Eyes are closed as I enjoy the pain and building pressure. Suddenly and quickly, his fingers touch my lips entering my pussy. He knows how wet I am now. But please, don’t take them out.

“Mia Bella, you are so wet for me.” And the fingers withdraw.

Oh, I am, so fucking wet.

The crop continues to leave little sparks all over, including on the plug and more on my lips. I am absolutely going to explode soon.

“I am going to take you quick and hard, your punishment is that you can not come. If you do, the next time will be worse. I promise.”

His zipper goes down, I hear his pants fall and then his cock is inside me, hard and fast like he said. God I am so wet but I can’t hold off too long.

I can’t do this. I can’t do this. He feels so good.

I can’t do this.

He is moving back and forth, thrusting, hard and fast. My walls are tight around his cock.

I can’t do this.

His hands grab my hips and squeeze hard.

I can’t do this.

He growls out something I can’t understand, and I am done. His deep voice spouting off something in Italian…. I am done.

I fall off the cliff. Fast. Screaming out his name and grabbing for the table edge. I can’t do it. I give in. I let go. I have to let go.

One more forceful thrust and he’s going over the cliff with me. Throbbing. Pulsating.

I feel liquid come down my leg. I can’t catch my breath. Tears drip from my cheeks.

“I’m sorry. I’m sorry. I just couldn’t….”

My heart pounds for more than one reason.

He pulls out, removes the plug and walks to the bathroom.

Realization has set in that I came without his permission. I am not sure if I am more excited or worried.

I hear him padding across the room, getting closer to me but I am still bound to the table.

“Look at you there. Spread open for me.” His hands start to undo the ropes.

“You are too beautiful to punish Mia Bella, but you didn’t follow my instructions.”

I push myself off the table and turn to look at him, still in a daze or a high, whichever.

“Go clean yourself up and come meet me on the couch.” He turns to walk towards the living area while I move towards the bathroom.


While he pours us new drinks, I go to the couch, sit down and pull my legs up under me.

He returns with a another glass of his favorite cognac and a glass of my favorite red wine, The Prisoner. Handing me the wine he says, “you are my prisoner tonight,” with a wink as he sits down next to me.

Swirling the glass, letting it breathe, then I take a sip of my favorite wine.

“So why were you in the bar tonight, my dear? That is not the type of place you frequent.”

He knows me. I smirk.

“You are right, it’s not, but the girls from the office asked me to come along for Happy Hour, except it turned into one of the girls talking about her love life.” I role my eyes to emphasize the ridiculous conversation that was going on then.

“Well, I am glad I am in town tonight to see you.”

Intrigued, I take the bait and ask, “why are you here, Massimo?”

He smiles at me and I get the answer I always get, “I am here to see you of course, Mia Bella.”

I stare into his eyes while I sip my drink. I love looking into his beautiful blue eyes. I wish I could read them better, but I know when they smile, I know when they are full of desire and I know when they are happy. I have never seen anyone with such expressive eyes as his.

He is sitting there watching me. The glow of the fire fills the room, and his eyes are almost a golden color from the flames.

“What is on your mind, Mia Bella, you are quiet tonight.” He knows my mind is racing.

Chewing on the inside of my lip while I think, I try to formulate my words carefully, but nothing comes out. I take another sip to avoid the conversation.

“You know we will talk about what is on your mind so save yourself the trouble and please start talking.”

He is right. He will get it out of me eventually.

“Massimo, I am hungry. Can we get something to eat?”

“Changing the subject?” His eyes tell me he is not amused.

“I am hungry. Please food, then we can talk?”

“Fair enough.” He goes to the phone and makes a call I cannot hear. When he returns, he tells me we have 15 minutes before food arrives.

“Why don’t you get comfortable, I need to make a call for business. I will be right back.”

I stretch out on the couch, turn on my side and close my eyes. The smell of him, the wine, and the sound of the fire, I am lulled to sleep in no time.


Surely, it’s been longer than 15 minutes, I wake up with a blanket over me. I almost want to go back to sleep.

“Ahhhh, Mia Bella, there you are, it’s time to eat.” He walks over to kiss my forehead and help me sit up. I am a bit disoriented. Too tired, I guess.

Walking me to the table, the food is laid out perfectly.

“Did you do this yourself?” I will be surprised if he answers me.

“You underestimate my talents,” he answers with a wink and a smile.

Such a gentleman, he pulls the chair out for me, and pushes it in when I sit. Then he sits down himself.

His patience will only hold for so long. I keep my head down while I eat buying my time.

When I am done eating, I place the water glass on the table. He sees this and takes his napkin and places it on the table.

“Enough silence, you know I prefer to talk through what’s on your mind.”

Okay, I am in a corner now and need to come clean with my thoughts. Crossing my legs under the table, I hold on to my feet while I share.

“Mossimo this is a new side of you, one I have never seen before. I like it, please do not take my words to think anything other than enjoyment, but I have never been punished before by you and I am not sure I will be able to take my punishment. I can’t seem to hold an orgasm for you.”

“This is what is on your mind?” He studies me for a while.

“Yes. Yes, that is what I am thinking about.” My eyes drop to my plate looking for something to fiddle with my hands.

After a long silence he finally asks, “why do you think you can’t follow my instructions?”

I shrug my shoulders, my words have suddenly abandoned me.

He stands up and reaches for my hand, forcing me to stand up with him. Twirls me around and brings me close to him. The scent of him invades my nose up to my brain. I can’t think. This man. What he does to me.

He walks us towards the bedroom. As we approach the bed, he unties my robe and lets it drop to the floor.

“Climb on the bed, lay on your stomach for me,” as he kisses my cheek and taps my sore ass.

Doing as I am told, I climb onto the bed and lay down, getting comfortable.

He undresses himself and climbs on the bed with me. I can feel his knees moving on the bed. I did not see him grab anything, and I don’t realize he has some toy in his hand.

He comes over to me and lifts my abdomen up forcing my ass in the air, his knee pushes my knee out further.

“I have something to try and help you practice holding orgasm. Relax while I put it in.”

Oh, wait, what? Before I finish the thought the lube is already on my anus and there is a plug going in.

“This one…. Hurts…. It’s bigger …..” The look on my face tells you how much this stings.

His hand comes around to my clit and pinches it while the plug slides in.

I squeeze my anus trying to find some comfort from the burning feel.

He quickly flips me around on my back, laying flat and legs spread. The plug he put in starts to vibrate. And his mouth finds my mound. His tongue on my labia. His hands squeezing my cheeks.

“MMMMM, this feels so good.” I can’t help but to verbally share the symphony of feelings he is creating inside. Pressure is building as his mouth and tongue savor me. I try to lift off the bed, bend my legs, but his strong hands keep me grounded.

My hands reach for the comforter, I can feel the desire coming faster than I wanted.  

All of a sudden, the plug vibe stops. His mouth is gone.

“What the fu..”

I did it again. Closing my eyes waiting for him to speak.

“Do I need to put something in that filthy mouth to keep it from saying those words?”

“It’s your fault. It is what you are doing to me. The wave of emotions you make me feel.”

But yes, if he wants to put something in my mouth, as long as it’s his cock.

What I miss most is the loss of sensations, the mood was killed quickly there. “Why did you stop the vibe?”

“To help you hold the orgasm longer.”

And here is the punishment….. fuck me.

The vibe starts again, different rhythm this time. His lips are back on me, sucking and licking.

Then he adds his finger, going in and out slowly.

Oh there is that feeling again, yes, euphoria on the rise.

And then a second finger.

Oh, this feels so good, I am moaning and enjoying it. Feeling the buildup move around in my body, getting close to needing a release. My hands grab for the comforter again.

And he stops. Again. Vibe and mouth stop, and fingers are removed.


“For the love of….” I catch myself before I finish. Sitting up a bit to see him I ask the obvious. “Why? This is torture.” I must understand why we are doing this…. Oh wait, my punishment.  

He just sits there and smiles while I figure this out on my own.

I drop my head back and just breathe.

“Are you holding your orgasm now, Mia Bella?” he asks in his sarcastic tone.

“Yes, I am,“ I answer at him, loudly.

“Then it is working, isn’t it?” Said with a big ass smile on his face.

“Let’s continue then.” He reaches under the pillow for a hand vibe. It is plugged in. Oh holy fuck…..

“What are you going to do with that?” I ask, like it isn’t obvious what he is going to do.

The plug vibe starts again. This time, instead of his mouth, he places the hand vibe in my labia area and starts to massage me.

Oh, this feels so good, relaxing, and amazing. His lips find my nipple, and he bites the nipple while he has the vibes running. One nipple and then the other.

My body starts to lift off the bed in pure pleasure. Head rolls to the other side as I enjoy the heavenly feel about to happen.

And he stops.


“Fuck me” I scream because I cannot take this anymore.

He is NOT happy.

“If you prefer to be FUCKED, as you put it, I can take you right now and be done. Be clear though, you WILL NOT COME until we see each other again. Is that what you want?”

Eyes close tight and I sigh deeply. Do not open your mouth, don’t say it. I bite my lip to keep quiet.

“Wise choice,“ he says, watching me. “Shall we continue?”

“Yes please,” I respond, words dripping with sarcasm.

The anal vibe starts up, the hand vibe starts up. And he gets up on his knees. Positioning himself in front of me, he takes his beautiful cock that is so hard and red and places it at my entrance.

“Nothing has changed. You are not to come until I tell you that you may. Do you understand me?”

“Yes, I understand that you are going to kill me with withdrawal,” I say as I grab for the comforter again.

His cock slowly finds warmth inside. After a few seconds, he starts to move slowly. Somehow his movement is in rhythm with the vibrators. He is taking his time to build this up. I feel him inside, so hard, and so big. I wish to savor this feeling, except my body is deciding it is time to come to a boil.

Slow movements in and out. Anal vibe. Hand vibe at my clit.

I am almost there, at the edge, ready to jump. Lost in the pleasure that is bursting to get out, pushing at the edges, my pussy is starting to contract. I am trying to hold on, by a thread, I think.  

He leans forward and whispers in my ear, “you feel so good Mia Bella. You bring me such incredible pleasure that I can’t get enough of you.”

My moans get louder, body moving in pleasure, toes curling at the edge of the cliff, I cannot do this any longer.

“Come with me Mia Bella” was all I needed to hear.

So, I did. I came.



Somewhere between the amazing orgasm and right now, he went and made a warm bath for us, grabbed some water and snacks, and carried me to the bath. I am laying in the tub in front of him as holds me. His strong arms wrapped around me. My head is on his shoulder. He has washed me, carefully, as I am a tad bit sore. Bubbles surround us on all sides.

My eyes are closed as I lay against him, so relaxed.

I don’t even know what time it is or how long I have been here. When I am around him, I lose all sense of days and time.

“Mia Bella, I can never get enough of you,” as he kisses my cheek.

“The feeling is mutual.” I slowly and carefully turn myself around to face him, straddling him in the large bathtub. I lean into him, slowly, my eyes are locked on his blue eyes. My hands go to his face, to his hair, and I touch my lips with his.

A soft touch at first. And again. Lips to lips, simple touch. Then my tongue traces his lips, asking for permission to feel more. He obliges. My tongue finds his, my hands move through his hair. Our tongues dance together, slowly. Passion, love, ownership all in that kiss. So many things can be said from that kiss. His arms around me, I feel so safe.

He starts to stand up, holding me with him, and we exit the tub. Grabbing a couple of towels, he dries us off and takes us to bed.

“Let’s go enjoy the last few hours we have left,” as we snuggle together in bed.

Warm, cozy, tired, satisfied, and safe.

All I need from him, until next time.

To be continued……

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An Awakening

Master’s POV

Pacing in the house, I am bothered by the tone of her voice when we spoke. I knew something was wrong this week, I am usually pretty good about judging a situation and a person. The more I have gotten to know her the better I can judge her body language. It’s there. Something is off with her. Her mind is clouded.

Time is not my friend right now as I wait for her to arrive. Pacing, that’s all I can do. I asked her to write in her journal this week. Journal writing when I am conflicted, always helped me, I hope it did the same for her.


I am not patient at waiting.

After a few minutes I see the headlights in the driveway. Tonight, I asked her to meet me at my house. I felt it was better to deal with whatever this was in private and not at the club.

The house sits back at the end of a long driveway, surrounded by trees and forest on the sides and a lake hidden in the back. The motion lights come on as she approaches the house and parks the car.

Opening the door to welcome her in, her eyes are wide and moving all around. I remember the first time I saw the property too. The smell of woods and forest at night though are better than a scented candle. Her reaction makes me smile.

“It’s much prettier in the daytime, I promise you. Hello Petal. Please come inside.” I stand back as she enters my home and then close the door and turn the lock.

Hello Master. This place is beautiful. You are so lucky to live here.”

I am, and I don’t forget that too often.

“Thank you, Petal. I am glad you could make it.”

Her eyes take in the foyer as she follows me to the living room. She is very observant. I started a fire to make the house feel comfortable. There is a sense of peace and calm in a warm house with a fire crackling. At least for me there is. I hope she will feel the same way.

“May I get you something to drink other than water?”

I had a tray on the ottoman with some water bottles if she was thirsty. She reached over and grabbed on, then sat on the couch opposite where I was standing. I picked up my bourbon glass and sat on the couch facing her.

Thank you Master, water is fine.”

“Petal, I am glad you agreed to come over tonight. I know you probably know that I have figured out there is something on your mind as you haven’t been yourself the past few weeks. You haven’t wanted to go to the club and play, and that is important for our growth, for your growth as a sub and for our relationship.”

Not that I wanted to scold her but I see her lower her head.

“Petal, I am not mad at you. This is a journey we take together and I am here to help you figure out or deal with whatever it is you are struggling with. Do you understand that?”

Waiting for a response, I watch her carefully. Her chest rises and falls before she lifts her head. There is so much tension on her face and in her body.

Yes Master. I do. It’s just not something I am used to doing. Sharing my problems I mean, or asking for help. I have always been on my own.”

Listening to her as I take a sip of my drink, I feel good we are here. It’s a start.

“Petal, remember I asked you to write in your journal that I gave you, whenever you have feelings you can’t explain, or you are troubled by something in this lifestyle or you have questions?”

I lean over to the ottoman and pick up a leather bound book. It’s pretty tattered and worn. An elastic band holds it closed.

Holding it in my hand, I tell her “this is my journal. I was asked to do the same when I started in this lifestyle. My questions, conflictions, what I have learned, it’s all here. That’s why I asked you to do the same when I gave you your journal book.”

Setting the journal book down, I lean back in the couch watching her.

“There will be times I want your thoughts to remain yours, and there will be times like this one, that I want to read your writing. We discussed this already, do you remember?”

Yes, Master, I do. And my writing about what’s bothering me is something you want to read. So you can help me.”

She raised her head to speak to me, so no matter what is going on in her head, she remembered her manners even though we are not in full play mode. I am proud of her for that. Mental note made.

“Yes, Petal it is. May I have your journal book? Would you open it to the section so I may read?”

She reaches in her purse, takes it out and slowly opens it. I sense some hesitation maybe? She finds the page where she left her thoughts, reaches over with the book and hands it to me. I take it and sit back to read. She is still sitting on the edge of the couch, hands folded in her lap as nerves must be getting the better of her.

It doesn’t take me long to read it all. I would like to go back and read it again to make sure I don’t miss anything, but I will do that later. She is struggling and conflicted, that’s for sure, and the pressure and stress she is putting on herself needs to be dealt with properly.

I close the journal, and let it sit in my hands while I start to think about the plan I had set for her for tonight. Pondering the details quickly, I think I set the room up properly and this should work. Time to teach her how to manage her stress. She hasn’t noticed I finished reading unless she heard me close the book, her eyes have been on the rug since she handed me the book.

Leaning forward on the couch, elbows on my thighs, fingers intertwined, it’s time to get her to calm down.

“Thank you for sharing this very intimate writing with me Petal.” Her head lifts to look at me at the sound of my voice.

You’re welcome Master. I am learning to trust you with more and more lately.

“And I don’t take the trust you give me lightly Petal. I have worked hard to earn that and I will never do anything to break that bond with you. I hope you know that. That is why I asked you to come here to my house instead of the club.”

Taking a sip of the bourbon, placing the glass down I look into her eyes.

“Petal, I have an idea to help you with the management of the stress. I would like to try a form of play with you, in my dungeon here in the house. I would like to push the pain level and see if we can find some relief. Would you allow me to do that tonight? You still have your safe word and you can stop play at any time. What do you think?”

Petal sat there studying me, her eyes going back and forth. I want to know what’s going through her mind. She chewed on the inside of her lip while she decided what to say next.

Yes Master, if you think it would help. I will try it.”

“Thank you Petal for that. Let’s go get acquainted with my dungeon. Come with me,” I say as I stand up and walk over to her, and with my hand behind her back, I lead her to the hallway.

I stop at the door at the end of the hallway. With my hand on the door handle, I want to go over the important stuff.

“Petal, what is your safe word?” I ask to remind her to use it if she is uncomfortable.

Peach cobbler, Sir.” Her voice is low and quiet.

“Very good. Now, you know that can be used at anytime after we start our play, correct?”

“Yes, Master. I do. If I say it you will stop everything, And then we talk about the reason why I said it.”

“That is correct, Petal. Now, I am going to open the door. You do not have to remove your clothes yet, and you do not have to kneel at the door either, like you do at the club. To help you feel more comfortable, I want you to first, let your eyes get used to the lower lights, then I want you to walk around and look at the room. See what is there. Touch when you are curious. If you feel at ease with the room, this will be easier for both of us. Do you understand?”

Yes, Master. I may walk around the room and explore.”

“That is correct. Nod your head if you are ready to go in the room.”

Watching her, she nods with complete eye contact. So far so good. I open the door and let her go in first. She takes two steps in and stops. Her reaction makes me smile as her head turns while she takes in the room and the furniture. I won’t lie, the smell of leather gets me a little excited when I come in here.

The room is painted in a dark blue with cherry wood accents. The dark brown couch against the wall, the end table, the leather chair, and the bed are the only “normal” things in the room. I do have a St. Andrew’s Cross in the corner, a bench with metal clips for handcuffs or ropes and a few other items that I like to use in my play. Soft classical music is playing on the speakers.

She turns to look at me, “Master this room is beautiful.

“Thank you Petal. Do you have any questions about anything you see here?”

No Master. I am eager to get started. I am a little nervous, to be honest.”

“Thank you for that, Petal. Come over here and see what I have laid out,” I ask her as I approach the bed and she follows.

Picking up the flogger, I let her touch it and feel the many tails. She holds it in her hand.

“Petal I am going to start with this flogger, then to get a little more sting, I will use the riding crop next,” I explain as I pick the crop up and let her hold it. She hands it back and I take her hand, open it up and demonstrate the sting of the crop. She flinches and her eyes instantly jump to mine, as I excepted.

“Petal, is that okay?” I ask while still holding her hand.

Yes, Master. I just never experienced this. The sting was exciting and surprising all at once.”

Getting the reaction verbally that I hope for, I realize that this might be perfect for her.

“Petal, do you want to explore any more? Do you have any questions?”

No Master, I am ready to begin.

As am I.

“Petal, I am going to get myself prepared. I would like to ask you to take your clothes off. We will use the bench over here, one that you are familiar with at the club. When you are ready, lay yourself on the bench, front side down and spread your arms and legs. I will be right back.”

Yes Master.”

I walk to the back of the room, out of sight, to where I prepare for the play. I sit down to think out the plan of what and how. Lowering my head in my hands I visualize the session with Petal. This has to be just right for her.

With my mind ready, I stand to walk out to the bench. There is Petal, spread on the bench just like I asked, her hair in a ponytail, with her head turned to one side. The vision of her like that makes me stop and stare. Damn, she is beautiful. My cock jumps, it reminds me just how magnificent she is, spread out for me.

Adjusting myself, I then walk over to her at the bench.

“Petal, you are so beautiful like that. Thank you for this.”

You are welcome Master.

“Petal, I am going to run my hands over your body to prepare you for the flogger. I will do the same when we get to the crop. My touch should help with the sting and burn. I want you to relax, remember your breathing. FEEL the flogger and crop as it connects with you. I accentuate that Petal, because I want you to do nothing but listen to your body react to what I am going to do. Can you try to do that?”

Watching her breathing while I give instructions, I see her taking deeper breaths.

Yes Master, I will try. Please remind me if you don’t see me breathing right.”

“Petal you know I watch you very carefully when we play. I will confine your wrists with rope tonight, but not tightly. I will not confine your ankles, unless you can’t stand still. I want to remind you to use your safe word if any of this scares you or becomes too intense for you. Understand?”

Yes Master, I will.

“Okay then let’s begin.”

I walk over to the bed to grab the flogger. I use the remote for the speakers and turn the music up a little bit for Petal to find a rhythm to breathe with. Walking back to Petal, I slip her wrists in the ropes and gently tighten them, but not too tight. Her hands reach around and grab the ropes.

Gently, I place my hand on her soft skin near her neck. Although I try not to, my touch startles her, but she settles right back. Her breathing is perfect. I move my hand all over her back. Slowly. Covering her shoulders, her neck, down to her beautiful ass, around to the tops of her thighs and back up. A few times to help settle her. Her skin is soft, smooth and ravishing. She has a golden glow to her, the sun loves her skin.

I pick up the flogger in my other hand so the transition is quick. I rub the flogger down her back and her ass then lift it and gently strike her ass once. Again on the other side. She reacts to each, but by the fifth and sixth time, she doesn’t jump. My hand rubs her skin in between the strikes to spread the warmth.

Watching her closely, the rise and fall of her back is just perfect, I can see she is concentrating. The pink marks on her skin add a beauty to her already tanned skin. My cock comes to life as I mark her skin.

Each strike is a little stronger than the last one, increasing to the intensity. She is doing well so far. As I rub her warm skin, then switch over to the crop. This will sting more, lets see how she does.

“Petal, how do you feel at this point?”

Master, I feel relaxed. Are you done?”

With a smirk, “Oh no Petal, we are not done yet. You are doing very well. Keep breathing like you are, let’s continue.”

I have a surprise for her if she keeps doing well. A reward of sorts.

Once again, rubbing her delightful, warm skin first, I start to tap her with the crop. Pink spots appear on her back and ass. Quicker hits deliver more pain as the strength increases. My cock has come to full attention watching her enjoy this type of play. Her breathing is deeper, this is working.

A few more hits with the crop, mostly on the ass cheeks. Since her legs are spread so nicely, I take the crop and hit her pussy lips. THAT made her jump. Maybe a slight moan as well? I have to try that again. I do. Her reaction is perfect.

She is just gorgeous laying here. There is no doubt she is enjoying this. My cock is hard and ready, and so is she. I unbutton my jeans, tug the zipper down, then a few more hits with the crop to keep her on the edge.

With quick movement, I drop the crop, push my pants down and line up behind her. Taking my hard cock in one hand, I rub her wet lips with the other.

Two fingers pushed inside tell me she is ready for her surprise. FUUCCCKKKK she is SO wet. She LOVED this. Now let’s finish this and bring her to orgasm.

Holding my cock, I line it up with her entrance and push in while she moans in pleasure. This won’t take long for her, she is so damn wet.

My hands go to her hips, she is putty in my hands as I move to bring her to pleasure.

“Petal, I want you to come for me.”

A few hard thrusts and a rub of her clit and she has the most powerful orgasm I have ever seen her deliver. Grabbing the ropes tightly, she screams in pleasure. Her knuckles turn white as she lifts her head from the bench. I am trying to let her finish and admire the amazing sub before me, but I can’t pull out now. I wasn’t supposed to orgasm tonight, this was for her needs, but fuck, she has taken me with her over the edge.

She is shaking, her pussy is tightening around my cock, squeezing me, FUCKKKKK I can’t hold this back. She feels so fucking good. I can’t stop myself. I release inside her, she doesn’t seem to notice. I feel guilty having cum like this, tonight was to help her find relief, not for my pleasure. Holding her hips tightly I push into her as hard as I can go, I want to give her everything I have. Fuck she feels good.

Pulling out of her, I need to clean her up and apply after care. She looks exhausted. She is just laying there on the bench. I grab my pants and head to the bathroom, quickly cleaning myself, grabbing a warm washcloth, the lotion, and the blanket, I return to Petal.

I take the warm washcloth and gently wipe between her legs. She must want more since she subconsciously rocks into my hand. I smirk as I clean her. She is going to be dangerous when we get into some other types of play.

Squirting the vitamin K lotion in my hand, I rub it all over her skin where I used the flogger and crop. I lay the blanket over her, remove her hands from the rope restraints and pick her up, taking her to the couch where I sit down while holding her in my lap.

“Petal, I am very proud of you tonight. I just want you to rest right now, we will go over this tomorrow. I hope you experienced subspace today in our play, that was my goal for you. Subspace should heighten your senses and make you forget everything around you, except pleasure. All the stress and concerns you had should be gone. Just pleasure.”

A slight moan came from my sub, all curled up in my arms. I moved myself to lean back in the coach and stretch out, cradling Petal while she fell asleep. I closed my eyes and let my mind remember her beautiful body once more before I too fell asleep.

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Shower 2

Standing in the shower letting the hot water run over me from head to toe. The warmth of the water melts away the hectic day.

My eyes are closed as I stand under the water. Drops beating down on my head and shoulders then rolling down my body. The warmth flows down.

Breathing. Relaxing. Letting it go. The day. The hassle.

Hair is wet, ready to be washed but the hot water feels so good all around me wrapping me like a cocoon.

I don’t even hear you come in the shower. But all of a sudden your strong hands are massaging my head, washing my hair. You’ve gotten shampoo and you’re rubbing my head.

Between the nails and finger tips, goosebumps are lighting my body up like fireworks. All over. Every limb.

Your hands move down to my shoulders, strong hands rubbing my shoulders, massaging the tension away.

Your lips find my neck with gentle kisses, nips and even soft bites on my ear lobes. I bend my head to the side, giving you more access.

You know what your touch is doing to me. You’re turning me to putty.

You rinse my hair of all the shampoo, rub some conditioner through it and wipe my eyes with the towel.

Our eyes meet, no words exchanged. Just with our eyes. Then slowly, with our lips. Softly, our lips connect.

My hands find your hair as you hold me close. Our lips continue to kiss. Our tongues greet each other and dance together.

Standing under the water together, I feel your hard erection between us. Our kisses intensify. You have me so turned on.

And yet so relaxed.

You ask me if I want more from you…. you don’t want to wear me out.

The twinkle in your eye is all I need to see. I don’t have to answer you. You already know what I want as your hand goes down my back, around to my stomach and down to my mound.

Your touch sparkles the skin as you move over my body.

Your hand finds my lips as you enter my pussy and you can tell how much my body needs you.

With your other hand, you turn me around to face the shower door, your hand on my abdomen pulling me back into you.

You take your hard cock in your hand and push it to my entrance. I’m dying to feel you inside. Anticipation is adding to my need for you.

Slowly, you push in.

Slowly, you go all the way in.

Slowly, you pull out.

Slowly, you go back in.

My hearts beating fast, your hand on my mound pulling me to you, fingers on my lips finding my clit.

“Are you ready,” you ask, as you kiss my neck.

My moan tells you I am, I can’t form any words, let alone a sentence.

You start moving faster. Fingers find my clit and move faster. I can’t even begin to tell you how good you feel, you know from my moans and groans. Your hard cock moving faster. My pussy walls hugging you as you come in for pleasure.

My release comes the moment you pinch my clit. I wanted to wait for you but I just couldn’t.

I squeeze your cock as I come, my body shakes and my release is intense.

You aren’t far behind me, a few more thrusts and you find a much needed release.

Your movement slows down, I know you are finishing.

Your kisses on my neck send shivers all over my sensitive body and you make my knees weak. Thank goodness your holding on to me as my knees almost give out.

You lean me against the wall, turn off the water and grab towels. Gently you dry me off and somehow get yourself dry quickly too. Towel around my body, you towel dry my hair, then carry me to the bedroom.

Pulling back the sheets and blanket, we melt into the bed together, cover up with the sheets and blanket, and close our eyes.

Laying in your arms, with you in my dreams.

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The Punishment


A text message pings on my phone, I know who it is from the sound. I want to read it and yet I don’t, I know what he wants and I am not able to answer him. I haven’t figured out how to make this work without telling him. Just the thought has my heart racing a little, I know he said to always be honest with him, but I know I will disappoint him, and I don’t want to do that.

I tuck the phone back in the drawer, I will answer him later. I want to try to concentrate on the rest of the day. I have so much work to do on this project.

About an hour later I open the drawer and hear it ping again. CRAP! I totally forgot to read it and answer it. Taking the phone from the drawer, I open the messages.

MASTER: Hello Petal, I am just reminding you about Wednesday at 7:00 pm. I will give you more instructions on Wednesday. Reply to confirm.

MASTER: Petal, is everything okay? You haven’t answered.

MASTER: Petal, I am about to head over to your job and check on you. Answer please.

I quickly call him, for I know he is not kidding about worrying and checking on me.

I dial his number and wait for the ringing to start. Funny, well not funny, but I hear the phone ring in the distance… I close my eyes, damn it… he is already here. CRAP! I say “fuck” in my head as he won’t let me say it aloud.

When he approaches my desk, I stand up, no words are exchanged. My eyes catch a glimpse of the anger on his face then my eyes look downward to the floor. We walk silently to the stairwell, then up two flights of stairs to the door that gives us access to the roof. Up on the roof there is a small coffee vendor and tables and chairs, some couches and loungers all under umbrellas or cover. I follow him to a quiet spot away from others.

Waiting for instructions, he sits and looks at me, I know he is looking at me since I can feel the heat rise in my neck and it’s going higher. I just want to start apologizing, I got carried away with work, I forgot to read it and answer it, I didn’t mean to. I want to tell him all of these, but I don’t speak yet.

Petal, sit down.

I sit and fold my hands in my lap, wrap my foot around the other at the ankle. My hands are sweating and I need to have my fingers to fidget with.

Three text messages. You couldn’t bother to answer me?

My head is down, I can’t answer until I think of the right thing to say. I got busy – won’t work, I have a responsibility to him, as he does to me. That’s why he is here. He worries about my safety.

Petal, look at me. Why am I here? Why did I leave work to come to your job to find you?

Pinching my finger hard to cause pain, I close my eyes, take a deep breath, open my eyes and look at him. Oh, he’s mad. Blinking a few times, what answer makes this better? The truth, he always tells me to be honest. These seconds feel like long minutes ticking by.

“Sir, you are here because I didn’t answer your text messages this afternoon.”

That’s correct. Why didn’t you answer, Petal? Three messages went unanswered.

Lowering my head, looking at my fingers as I play with them in my lap, how do I tell him?

Petal? I want an answer. Eyes up on me.

My had raises to look at him as a tear slides down my cheek. I can’t look at him.

Petal, please explain what is going through your head right now.

With a lowered voice, “Sir, I have a conflict with Wednesday. I don’t think I can meet you.”

My stomach is in knots all of a sudden. Half of the truth is out, not all of it though.

Petal, explain please.

Deep breath in and out, another tear follows the first one, looking all around for some courage somewhere to help me say what I need to say.

“Sir, I have a project for work that I have to finish for Wednesday and I am not as far along as I need to be in order to finish on time.”

He leans forward, takes his thumb and wipes the tears from my cheek, then he sits back.

Petal, why does this make you so upset? There is more to this?

Silence, for what seems like an hour, I don’t want to tell him the truth, but I can not lie to him either.

“Sir, I didn’t spend enough time on the project over the weekend. I did other things instead of the project.”

I see, so your mismanagement of time will mean that we can not meet on Wednesday, our day together, is that correct?

Barely with any sound, not even a whisper, “yes, Sir.”

It breaks my heart to say this, I know he is very disappointed with me. I am in myself now that I realize what I have caused to happen.

Will you be able to meet Thursday? I suspect you will be working late on Wednesday then?

“Yes, Sir. I will be here with the team on Wednesday.”

Very well then, I will be here to pick you up Wednesday night and take you home to ensure you are safely home, is that clear? You will call me when you are ready to leave.

“Yes Sir.”

I don’t have much time to discuss this, but tell me, why did this bring tears, Petal?

“Sir, I know I messed up this weekend and I knew you would be upset with me. I didn’t want to disappoint you.”

Well Petal, you have, and we will discuss your punishment on Thursday when we meet. You are to call me Wednesday night, understand? I will take you home.

“Yes, Sir.”

Very well, you need to get back inside to work then. I will have some time to figure out your punishment. In the meantime you need to focus on work and getting your assignment completed. I do not want you to bring pleasure to yourself before I see you Thursday, is that understood Petal?

“Yes Sir. Very clear.”

He stood up, I followed and we walked back to the door, and down the stairs to my floor. He kissed my forehead, opened the door and I went to my floor and desk. He was gone.


I won’t lie and say my mind has been completely on work and getting this assignment done. I can’t stop thinking about what the punishment is going to be from Master. I have never had a punishment before. Our relationship is still new to me so I am learning as I go, but my feelings for Master are real. I want to please him and make him happy. His eyes twinkle a beautiful ocean blue color when I make him happy.

Not to mention I desperately need an orgasm to relax but Master said I couldn’t pleasure myself. I don’t deserve one after I made him upset on Monday. I won’t do that again, that’s for sure.

My watch says it’s 10:00 pm and the team is wrapping up the project. I text Master and tell him I will be ready to go in 30 minutes. We put the final touches on the presentation and save the work. I take my time cleaning up and walk down stairs with the group just before 10:30pm. Most of them leave, I stay in the lobby until Master tells me he is outside.

My phone pings.

MASTER: Petal, I am outside at the curb. I will come to the door to get you.

PETAL: Yes Sir.

Within seconds he is at the door, opens the door and I walk to him. His arm goes around me and we walk to his Jeep together. He opens the door and I get in the passenger side. After closing my door, he goes around to get in and starts the Jeep.

Good evening Petal. How was work today?

” Good evening Sir. Today was productive. We finished our presentation and are ready for tomorrow’s meeting. We even had time to practice it together.”

Very good Petal. I am glad to hear that.

We traveled in silence until we arrived at my house. My cozy little house that makes me smile when I see it. I forgot to put the lights on before I left this morning. My cute little house is so very sad and dark right now.

Petal, let me come around and get you out of the truck. I will walk you to the door. Please get your keys out.

“Yes Sir.”

I find my keys and wait for him to open the door. We then walk to the house where he takes my keys and opens the front door.

Let me go check to make sure everything is okay in the house.

“Yes Sir” not that it wouldn’t be, but I appreciate that he wants to make sure I am safe. I stand and wait for him.

Master walks around the house, turns lights on and brings my house to life. It’s not the first time he’s been here, obviously. When he’s done, he comes back to me in the foyer.

Everything looks fine, Petal. I wish you had remembered to put some lights on. I understand your mind was on your work project instead.

Let’s sit and talk a moment, please.

We walk over to the couch and Master sits on the lounge chair while I choose the sofa to his right. I sit at the front of the sofa, hands folded in my lap, knees together, my head is lowered waiting for Master to share what’s on his mind.

Master sits up, rests his arms on his legs, twins his fingers together and looks at me. I will not speak until he has spoken. Sitting in this silence I hear my pulse rate start to go faster.

Seconds feel like hours. Tick. Tock.

Petal, I have thought a great deal about this situation and what has happened this week. We have a standing time each Wednesday to meet and work on our relationship. It’s our time to learn more about each other and to explore together. You did not make that a priority this week. This time is important for you and I to make this relationship work. Do you understand this?

Squeezing my eyes shut, I need to answer him.

“Yes Sir. I let you down and that bothers me a lot. That’s why I couldn’t tell you Monday when you asked. I knew you would be upset.”

Petal, it’s not that I am upset, I am disappointed. I look forward to growing this relationship with you if, and only if, you are willing to give it the time and work it takes. We are going to make mistakes along the way, and we will learn from them and learn more about each other. You must invest time into this and commit to being honest and forthcoming with me on all things.

“Yes Sir.”

Tomorrow when we meet, I want you naked and kneeling in your spot in the playroom. I will choose what I will use with you. Petal, please look at me.

Slowly, I turn towards Master. I don’t want to see the disappointment on his face. My eyes find his and I wait.

Tomorrow, there will be a punishment for your actions. Be prepared for it and you are not pleasing yourself tonight. Understand?

“Yes Sir, I understand.”

Lock the door behind me and I will see you tomorrow. Good night Petal.

“Yes Sir.” I followed him to the door and locked it as he left. With a deep sigh, I turn and lean against the door. I am not looking forward to this punishment.


I haven’t thought about anything else but this moment all day long. I couldn’t eat lunch, my stomach is in knots. I did force myself to have half of a sandwich before I left my house. I know that question will be asked about eating.

Entering the playroom, I stand at the bench neat the door and remove all of my clothes. I fold them and leave them on the bench. Since this is a punishment, Master said I do not get to pick out the toys tonight. I hear Massive Attack playing through the speakers. Master’s head is in a different place. I am not sure how I feel about this.

I quickly look around for him, but I do not see him anywhere. I kneel in my spot, sit down on my legs, hands facing up on my legs, lower my head and close my eyes. I start the breathing routine Master taught me. I really need to relax tonight. My head is filled with all sorts of wild ideas of punishment.

Slowing down my breathing, inhaling completely, holding it, and exhaling completely. I start to focus on the music and my breathing. I don’t hear Master in the room or notice that he’s dimmed the lights, I only know he’s there when he stands before me and I smell his clean scent.

Good evening Petal.

“Good evening Sir.” My head stays lowered as I respond. He is barefoot and in jeans I notice, that’s all I can see.

Petal have you had food and water tonight?

“Yes Sir. Half a sandwich and a bottle of water before I came here.”

Very good.

This is your first punishment Petal, one that I have not taken lightly. I have thought about the appropriate recourse for tonight to show you that I want truth and honesty from you at all times. Petal, you are mine to protect, to look after and to teach. The ultimate satisfaction for me is to see you receive pleasure from my actions. As your dom, I will push your boundaries and take you to places you have never explored. But tonight, you will be made uncomfortable and you will not receive pleasure, this is all part of your punishment Petal. I find no enjoyment in giving punishment, so learn and don’t make this mistake again. Do you understand me Petal? Lift your eyes and look at me as you answer.

Lifting my head slowly, after all that he has said has been processed, I look up at his face, the disappointment and hurt are still there.

“Yes Master, I understand what you are doing and why I am here. I was not honest with you for fear of disappointing you. But I did just what I tried to avoid.”

Very well Petal, get up. Go over to the bench and lay your torso on the top, face down. Spread the legs and arms. Prepare to be retrained.

Following his directions, I walk to the tall bench, lay my stomach and chest down. My thighs press into the top of the thick bench. I spread my arms to the corners and step my legs apart. I lay there and wait.

I can hear Master moving around, drawers opening, some clanging of metal, maybe I am making sounds up. My pulse is getting a little more rapid, I need to return to the breathing Master taught me to do.

Master takes handcuffs and binds my wrists to the corners of the table, my ankles to the other corners. He was generous with the handcuffs, I can wiggle around but I am not leaving the table.

Cold lube is spread down my anus, Master takes a plug and inserts it. Must be a smaller one than normal because it went in pretty easy. My torture starts right now. I can’t have pleasure and I have a plug inserted, I am going to struggle with this.

Petal, I am choosing to spank you tonight. I have a wooden paddle and you will count off ten spanks. As this gets more intense you are to withhold your orgasm. If you can not, there will be a further punishment tonight, and it’s one you will not like. Do you understand?

“Yes Master, I am not to orgasm tonight.”

Petal, what is your safe word?

“Peach cobbler Sir.”

Very well then, we will begin.

And as soon as he said begin, there it was, that smack stung my cheek. Right cheek. Crap that was hard and stung. I jumped a little in reaction.

Petal, you are to count or you can add an extra one, I will not ask again.

“That was one Sir.” Breathe girl, breathe.

Smack, another sting. This time on the left cheek. Ouch. I jumped again. Even though I know what to expect.


Eight more to go… I will do this…. I think.

Smack, oh that hurt, the right cheek again.


Smack, fuucckkkk, I am only two in….


Smack. Right cheek but a different spot, thank god!

“Five.” Half way.

Master wiggles the plug a little – oh fuck, that has me SO turned on, not going to lie. The pain doesn’t seem as bad but I need to concentrate on not having an orgasm.

Smack. Left cheek, outside.

“Six” my voice is softer, I am starting to have an internal struggle.

Smack. Right cheek, under the cheek where the thigh starts. That stung.

“Seven.” almost a whisper.

Petal, are you okay?

Swallowing, eyes closed, there is a sense of relaxation and euphoria surrounding me as I try to answer.

“Yes Sir.”

Smack. Left cheek under the thigh. Stings just as much.


Smack. Right cheek, center. Oh crap this hurts and feels good at the same time.


Smack. Left cheek. Hard. Ouch, that really fucking hurt. It’s all I can say to give an number. The last one.

“Ten” said in a soft whisper.

The blanket of euphoria warms me as Master rubs a cream on my ass cheeks. Its so cold, so cold on the warm cheeks. He undoes the cuffs on my ankles and does a quick rub on the skin. Gently, he twists the plug. Oh fuck that feels good. I want to release so bad right now. So bad. I just need fingers, fingers inside. Something. Give me something, please!

Master pulls the plug out, I want to scream. FFUUUUCCCCKKKKKK…. a low moan comes out.

Master uncuffs the wrists and rubs my skin.

Master lays a blanket over my back, picks me up and takes me into the other room where he lays me on the bed. He is warmth behind me, his actions tell me he cares even though this hurt tonight. Hurt both of us.

Petal, I am going to go clean up the playroom. Stay here and rest. We will talk in the morning. You did great tonight, just as I knew you would.

A kiss on the forehead and I can feel his body leave the bed. My eyes never opened to see him leave the room. This feeling, the feeling of complete bliss and frustration is weird and amazing all at once.

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The Shower

Looking up from my book, I realize I don’t hear your fingers tapping on the keyboard. There is a strange silence coming from the room you were working in.I get up from the couch, lay the book down and go looking for you. Checking all over, I can’t find you. Finally, walking into the master, I hear the shower running.

I’m not tryin to sneak up on you, but I walk quietly to see what you’re doing. Approaching the bathroom, I see you in the shower, hands on the wall, head bowed, you look deflated, tired and worn down.

I back up, walk in my closet and take my clothes off. Trying to remain quiet, I approach the shower. The steam from the hot water is hugging you, trying to help you relax. I open the door and step inside, being careful not to startle you.

Walking up behind you, my hands reach around your side to hug you. My body closes the space between us, cheek resting on your back. I squeeze enough for you to feel me.

You sigh. Your head lifts in recognition, I kiss your back, and take my hands and grab for the soap and wash rag. You slowly turn around. No words are exchanged but you know what I’m doing.

Your starting to get aroused, I notice, as I kneel down to wash your feet. You brace yourself holding the wall, and lift your feet, one at a time for me to wash. Then your legs are cleaned. As I get to your inner thighs, your cock is harder. I make sure to take my time as I wash your thighs. I won’t lie. I’m turned on too. This was supposed to be a relaxing shower for you. I can’t help what you do to me.

Making the wash cloth soapy again, standing up, I take your cock in my hand and rub the shaft before bringing the wash cloth over to clean you. While I wash your cock, my other hand rubs your balls.

Your hands grab my face, your lips quickly find my lips and you kiss me. Intensely. Our tongues instantly dance together. There is no ask, they just tango. Your cock is harder.

You take my shoulders, turn me around, place my hands on the wall. You whisper, “don’t move them” as you pull my hips back a little and your foot kicks my feet apart. I lift my ass to you, I know what you’re about to do. I can’t wait.

You take your cock in your hand, line it up to my entrance and push yourself in as you lift off your toes.

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“Oh my love, you feel so good” you fill me up. You grab my hips and start to move with need. This is about you. Not me.

You’re telling me how good it feels, squeezing my hips and moving faster. I raise my ass a little higher to help you. I can feel you throbbing, you’re close. I press my hands into the wall to anchor myself and allow you to finish. As you do you come closer to me, grab me tight around the chest and push hard into me. Bodies are touching as you climax. My arms wrap around yours holding you until you come down.

I turn around after you pull out, take your face in my hands and kiss you before we hug. You tell me how much you needed that. I know. I just want to help you relax, I tell you.

We finish washing and turn off the shower, dry off and dress for bed. We cuddle together as we fall asleep, nice and relaxed.

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Sun and Fun

Lost in the music playing in my ears, the warm sun glowing all around me, laying on a chaise lounge chair at the pool, letting my backside get the sun this time. Relaxed is an understatement. Floating, maybe? That’s more like it. Like floating on a cloud.

Moving my foot to the music , fingers tap out the beat as they lay next to my body. I have no idea that you are walking up next to me or what your are about to do. I don’t even see your tall shadow that lays over me like a blanket.

Your finger starts at my right foot, slowly moves from my toes, up the foot, the calf, the thigh, the right ass cheek, goosebumps follow the finger as it moves up to the right shoulder and down to the right arm and hand. In my right palm you draw a heart with your finger.

I know exactly who is doing this, you bring a smile to my face. But I am not moving. Keep going, I silently wish of you.

Your finger then goes to the left palm and does the reverse, palm to arm up to the shoulder and down to the left ass cheek, and down to the thigh, calf and foot. Again, goosebumps chase the finger, and a shiver joins the goosebumps. You notice.

I know you are smiling, there is a devilish grin on your face, wondering what to do next, right?

After a few torturous minutes, all your fingers gently touch the inside of my leg and thigh, then your fingers reach my center, you notice the warmth gathered there from your attention.

You move the bathing suit aside, find my lips and start to wiggle your fingers around, bringing numerous sensations to life inside me.

I lift my ass a little off the lounger, trying to give you more access but also secretly telling you I want more. A smack comes across my right cheek, the mix of the sting and the sun continue to warm me all over. My grin is noticeable, but only to you.

Do that again and I will stop,” you whisper to me.

Your threat makes me chuckle, I am tempted to try it and see what happens.

The sudden void of your fingers give me the answer to my playful temptation. I lower my hips to the lounger. This is not a game I want to lose.

Deep breath, music still playing, I wait for you to hopefully continue.

Ohhhh, you do…. fingers return and this time they go inside. Deep inside. Then out.

Slowly you go in and slowly you remove them. I want to lift my ass higher for you, it’s hard not to give in.

Tender kisses land on my back while your fingers move around inside. The scruff on your chin tickles the already sensitive skin, so many sensations coming to life from your simple touch.

Your fingers leave, the weight shifts on the lounger, your knees between my legs, your hands between my arms and my side.

Your fingers move the bathing suit over once again, but this time, your hard cock is at my entrance, gently asking for permission to enter. A few gentle nudges and you are filling me up inside.

You move each of my arms up over my head, then you kiss my shoulders and my neck. Moving your hips the whole time, in deeper with each movement, I can feel your throbbing cock inside.

I can envision your strong, lean body over mine. So hot and sexy. Your muscles moving your hips as you bring pleasure to us both. Drips of your sweat dripping on my back.

You lean down and kiss my neck, nibble on my ear lobe and whisper into my ear.

You feel so amazing, so tight and warm. Are you close love?

I raise my ass just a little, the feelings change as I do that, and its ready to send me to sweet pleasure. I moan and let you know I am almost there. You move a hand around to my front and under the bathing suit you find my clit and start to rub it.

Shhhhh….don’t let anyone hear you.”

I try to control the sounds as best I can. I can’t help the way you make me feel.

My hips move, your fingers dance and I start to shake as the blissful feeling overcomes me. As I stop, you remove your fingers and your movement increases. Harder and deeper you go, until one last push and you are there. Warmth spreads inside and I know you found the release you needed.

A few more pushes, you’re coming down from your high. You lean down to kiss my cheek and slowly remove yourself. Such a void after you leave. As wonderful as I feel, its sad to feel you leave.

I feel you leave the lounger and move over to your own. I turn my head to see you. You lay your arm over your head and close your eyes, relaxing in the sun. The warmth wraps around you and I as we lay on the loungers.


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The Warmth in Trust

Master left me a note that he wanted to try a new form of play tonight. I was asked to be in the playroom at 7:00pm sharp. I know what that means.

I have showered and dressed, made sure I have shaved as I am told to do for him.

When I enter the playroom, I hear the Flower Duet playing in the room through the speakers already. He knows that is one of the tracks that I enjoy hearing. He is thoughtful in selecting music that helps me concentrate and relax.

Since tonight is something new, I don’t follow normal protocol. Tonight, I enter the playroom, stand at the bench near the door and remove my clothes, all of them, and fold them and leave them on the bench. I kneel and sit down on my legs, hands facing up on my legs and eyes closed. I start the breathing routine.

Slowing down my breathing, inhaling completely, holding it, and exhaling completely. Listening to the music. Spem in alium now plays through the speakers, another favorite of mine. I somehow get lost in the music, I don’t hear my Master enter the room. He has dimmed the lights even more than they were when I entered. The mood is very relaxed and calm.

Good evening Petal. It pleases me to see you doing as you are taught.

“Thank you Sir.” That’s all I may say in acknowledgment, but his words bring warmth to me. A smile comes over my face, even though he can’t see it since my head is still lowered.

Petal, I want to work on a new type of play tonight, one that takes trust, as it can be dangerous. We have discussed trust before, have we not?”

“Yes Sir, we have.”

Petal, do you have any issues trusting me tonight?”

“No Sir, I do not have issues with trusting you.”

Petal, what is your safe word?”

“Sir, my safe word is peach cobbler.”

Very good, Petal. Please get up and go to the table and lay down on your back with your arms and legs spread out to the corners.”

“Thank you Sir.” I rise up off the floor and walk over to the table and lay down, doing just as he has instructed me to do. I want to please him.

The classical music continues to play, I close my eyes and work on my breathing, in and out. Slowly. In and out.

I hear my Master walk around the room and pick things up. A strange noise, a strange smell… it smells like a match. I choose to keep my eyes closed while I relax and prepare myself for his play. Tonight must be candle play, with wax. I won’t lie, it’s exciting to me to experience something new with my Master.

Petal, what have you observed so far, as you lay there.”

“Sir, I heard you strike a match.”

Petal, how does that make you feel?”

“Sir, if I may be honest…”

Petal, I always want you to be honest.

“Sir, yes, you do tell me to be honest. I think we are trying hot wax tonight and if that is what it is, I am excited, Sir.”

Petal, I am pleased to hear that. For tonight, I am going to cuff your hands and feet to the table. Then, Petal, I will pour the wax down your chest and stomach. We will start with that and see how you do. Remember your safe word if this gets too much.”

“Sir, thank you.” I hear him take the cuffs and gently place them on my hands and click them in place. He does the same with the cuffs on my ankles, making sure they aren’t too tight.

“Sir, may I close my eyes while you do this?” I think I want to be surprised where he drips the wax on me.

Petal, you may do that.”

“Sir, thank you.” I close my eyes and focus on the music. I am excited to try the new play tonight.

Petal, I want you to be aware of the sensations you experience tonight. While I will enjoy watching your body react to the wax, I also want to know your inner thoughts when we are done, so focus on how you feel tonight.”

“Sir, thank you.”

He walks over to the around the table, grabs the candle and moves closer as I feel the warmth of the candle flame near my arm.

All of a sudden hot, burning sensations are stabbing at my shoulder. Sting, sting, sting, the heat is like pins sticking into my skin. The feelings go across my shoulders from right to left. I am breathing, eyes closed, experiencing the heat, the sting, the warmth that goes inside me and spreads all over.

My back arches up when the wax meets my right nipple. Wow, incredible…. I can’t put this into words, how this sharp pain becomes a glow of warmth inside me, spreading to my toes.

Again, my Master pours it on my nipple. I want to burst inside. I arch my back off the table. The cuffs hold my hands and feet down. I can almost hear him smile. I don’t dare open my eyes. My chest starts to rise up more waiting for the left nipple to get the same treatment. It does, my Master doesn’t disappoint me. My back arches again. My body is tingling all over, my pussy is clenching now too.

Petal, I see that you are enjoying this tonight. I had a feeling you would feel this way.

“Sir, yes, I like this very much.” I am struggling to stay still.

My master places two fingers inside me, I know what he has found. I am surprisingly turned on by the hot wax.

Petal, you are so wet right now. I am glad to see how you reacted and look forward to adding this type of play to our scenes together. Would you like to cum tonight Petal? You have pleased me tonight very much.”

“Sir, yes I would please.” I can’t lay still anymore. I am writhering on the table. I don’t even hear my Master undo the hand cuffs or rub my arms. He does the same with my ankles. I am basking in a need of a pleasure release. I do hear him unzip his pants and my body seems to glide down the table closer to Master, my legs are bent at the knee and my feet placed flat on the table.

Master’s cock enters my pussy and fills me up, quickly. He is hard, turned on as well. Hard, fast thrusting movement, in and out, he’s holding my hips while my hands grab the sides of the table.

With labored breath he says, “Petal, you may cum when you are ready.

I don’t waste any time, the warmth of the hot wax has turned into a desire that was ignited when the first drop of wax touched my shoulder and just kept going until I could find a way to let it out. It explodes inside and tingles all the way down to the toes and back up my spine. Squeezing the table I let go of the release and cum on Master’s cock, as he stops thrusting and pulses his warm release inside me. He pushes into me deeper as he finishes.

After a moment, he pulls out and goes to get a warm cloth to clean me up.

“Sir, may I please see the wax, before you remove it?” I want to see what I look like.

You may, Petal,” he says with a smirk. He knows me so well.

Taking my hand, he helps me sit up and then carries me into the bathroom to finish cleaning up. He lays a gentle kiss on my forehead. My Master is pleased.

Your Guide to Kinky Sex Toys
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Madi and Her Boss – Chapter 8

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Updated 8/9/2020


Madison – 3 months ago

Madi woke up the next morning wondering if last night was a dream or was it real. Did her boss really make her have an orgasm? Did he really lick her pussy? Did she have his cock in her mouth? And then this talk of submissive and dominant people. Oh, what did she get into? She laid in bed trying to see if any of it made sense. She finally concluded that it didn’t.

Having her morning coffee after her shower, Madi decided she didn’t want to go into work today. She was kind of apprehensive to see Mr. Stewart. So, she called in sick and made sure someone would take his calls for her.

Madi laid on her couch staring at the ceiling. She started to replay last night’s events in her head. She wanted to remember everything he said, everything he did. Thinking about it all just made her excited again, so that had to stop. She wanted a clear head to think about this dominant and submissive proposal he made to her.

She took her phone out and started googling the terms he used last night. All kinds of things popped up on her screen. People tied up with ropes, people on some kind of cross, people wearing collars, people crawling behind another person, people using whips and people gagged and blind folded. She gasped and put her phone down. What the heck was he thinking? She couldn’t do this, be tied to a cross and crawl on the floor behind him?

“I can’t do this, who does he think I am?” She certainly didn’t want to face him right now.

Madi decided to go for a walk in the park. She put her clothes on, sneakers too and grabbed her headphones and phone. Maybe this would help her clear her head.

Entering Central Park, she knew exactly where she wanted to go. There was a beautiful, peaceful lake and once she got to the lake she wanted to go sit on the big rock that jutted out over the lake’s edge. If she sat up there she could look out at the lake. With her music on, listening to Lindsey Sterling, she started her walk to the lake.

When Madi got to the rock she went out as far she could go and sat down. She criss- crossed her legs, put her hands on her knees and closed her eyes to relax. She turned her phone to silent, wanting to just relax and hear the birds and feel the warmth of the sun. Deep breaths helped her to focus and relax. She listened to her breathing in and out. Slowly. Deep breaths.

Madi’s thoughts went to her mother first. What would she think of Madi right now? Madi was raised to be a good church-going girl, praise Jesus and avoid sin. This was far, far from how she was raised. Her parents kept her very sheltered in their small town until her father left them. Then her sister left. Madi moved soon after her mom passed away. There was nothing keeping her there but memories.

But then Madi remembered her mom used to say, “Madison, you have to be happy in life, no matter what you choose to do.” So now Madi was listening to her mom but felt the guilt of trying to explore something new and different. A new career, a new place to live, a new hobby, her mom would have encouraged that, but this? A sexual relationship with a man who would be her dominant? What exactly did that mean? Part of her was curious and turned on by the thought of doing things for him and that scared her, but part of her thought her boss was so hot she WANTED to have sex with the man, more than what she had already done. She wanted him to bring her to orgasm again. Touch her, kiss her, run his hands all over her. But this time with his cock inside her. He’d be her first meaningful relationship, but would he see it that way?

Sitting on the rock for a while, Madi just enjoyed the warmth of the sun. Listening to the world around her. Then a thought hit her. Madi wondered what would happen if she wasn’t good enough for Mr. Stewart? What if she didn’t give him what he expected? What if he learned she was too inexperienced? She would have to find a new job, and maybe move away. She couldn’t work for him if he didn’t want her as a sub any more. How could she be good enough? She was young and inexperienced, and he obviously knew what he was doing and what he wanted. It couldn’t be her.

Madi started to cry. Maybe she just needed to look for a new job now. Her emotions were all mixed up and seeing Mr. Stewart every day wouldn’t make this easier. Madi got up, decided to go back to her apartment to start looking for another job, even a temp one, the sooner she got out the better. If she didn’t see him, she would soon forget this whole thing.

She grabbed her phone to turn her music back on for the walk home when she noticed the many missed calls and text messages. What the heck was going on? Her apartment building had called her? Missed texts from a number she didn’t know. She started to listen to the voice mail messages.

“Hello Ms. Ryan, this is Fred, the doorman at your apartment. We have a gentleman here trying to get up to see you, a Mr. Stewart, but he isn’t on your list and you are not answering your phone, so we are not letting him up the elevator. He is very upset so please be advised when you return. Call us if you need anything.”

Madi stopped dead in her tracks, leaned over and put her hands on her knees. She wanted to be sick. He was at her apartment. Damn it. Now what would she do? She thought about sneaking up the stairs and avoiding the lobby, in case he was waiting. Oh wait, the text messages… she opened them up. They were from the same number that messaged her last night.

Unknown: Madison this is Jonathan. Where are you? Why did you call in sick today?

Unknown: Madison, I want an answer – where are you?

Unknown: Madison you need to tell me you are okay? Let’s talk about last night.

Unknown: I am going to find you. We need to talk.

That did it. She sat down right there on the walkway. She laid her forehead in her palms. She started to cry. This was all too much for her.

After a few minutes, she got up, pulled herself together and walked home. She needed to get home and start looking for another job, maybe move, she didn’t know where, but she needed to avoid all of this.

Madi let herself in the stairwell with her tenant key, walked up the four flights to her apartment. When she opened the stairwell door to her floor everything was clear. She walked down the hallway and turned the corner and then her heart stopped, and she froze up. There he was pacing the hallway outside her door, on the phone to someone talking about finding her. Damn it. Madi instantly turned around hoping he didn’t notice her. But he did.

He heard her walking and looked up. “Madison.” He said it very firmly and with anger.

Madi stopped in her tracks and turned around so she wasn’t looking at him. “I don’t want to see you right now.”

“That’s obvious,” he said, “but that is not what is going to happen. Turn around and come back.” His commands made her do it without thinking. Damn him.

Madi turned around and walked to her door, her head looking down at the floor the entire time. She couldn’t look him in the eye right now. When she stopped to take her key out, he took his hand under her chin and lifted her face to his.

“Madison, you cannot avoid me. We have unfinished business to deal with. We need to talk. Now let’s go take care of what’s on your mind.” As a tear rolled down her cheek, he took her key, opened her door and held the it open for her to go into her apartment.

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Master Cowboy

I prepare myself for my master, walking into the dungeon, with only my underwear on, hair in a ponytail.

After closing the door, I walk over to the cabinet. Take out the handcuffs and lay them on the table. Master lets me pick out the flogger of my choosing and any other toys I want to use during our scene.

I lay my favorite flogger next to the cuffs, and pick out a plug as well. The one with the pink jewel. Master knows that’s my favorite one.

Quickly returning to my spot by the door, I kneel down, sit on my feet. Lay my hands on my leg, palms up. Head bowed and wait for my Master.

As I have been instructed, I close my eyes and concentrate on my breathing. Slow. Steady.

Calming my anxiety, although no matter how many times we play, I still feel this way. Slow breaths. Slow and steady. Breathe in and out.

After what seems like forever, I hear the door open. I keep breathing. Slowly.

I hear your footsteps as you walk in the room. I dare not move without your instruction.

You go turn on the classical music you love to listen to, selecting the track that suits your mood. Then you walk over to me, your footsteps stop in front of me.

You look beautiful my Petal,” you say as you look me over. I don’t have to see you do it to know what you’re doing.

Rise to your knees please.” Your first instructions.

I do as you say, my head is still bowed.

Get me ready for our playtime, Petal,” you instruct and knowing what that means, I do as you say.

I lift my head, looking straight ahead at your thighs. My hands reach out for your pants, unbutton your jeans, and lower them a little.

“May I sir,” I ask for your permission.

You reply, “you may, Petal.”

So I continue. I take your cock out of your pants, hold it in my hand. Gently, I kiss your tip before putting my mouth around your cock.

I go at a slow pace. Back and forth. Hand on your shaft and mouth around your hard cock.

Hands on my head, you’re moving in and out of my mouth, controlling the speed and getting harder and harder. My eyes stay focused on your cock or your legs, as I’ve been trained.

You pull out of my mouth. “Enough Petal. Thank you. Remove your clothing, leave it on the bench then go bend over the table, please.”

Standing up, off my knees, I walk over to the table and assume the position. You see me rub my knees, I can never slip anything by you.

So you ask, “Petal, are your knees bothering you?”

Your question makes me smile, “yes sir, I’ll be fine though.”

I get close to the table, thighs pressed tight. I bend forward and lay down. Place my arms out wide and spread my legs a little too. I am anticipating what you will do, trying to make you proud.

You notice my efforts. “beautiful Petal, just beautiful.”

I smile, as I know I please you.

Petal, I’m going to use a spreader bar today. I will place it on your legs. We’ve used one before.”

Feeling the cold metal go around my lower legs I know you’re getting ready for our play. Each cuff clicks into place. You spread my legs a little further as the bar clicks into place now too.

Beautiful, Petal. This will help with what you’ve picked out for us.

You move around to the front of the table and with the hand cuffs in hand, you attach each of my hands to each corner of the table.

Your hands run over my arms and down my back, calming me with your touch. You place a kiss to my upper back.

Breathe petal. Don’t forget your breathing.

I hear you walk over to the cabinet. The drawer opens and then closes. I have no idea what you have taken out. The familiar sound of the lube container opens and my mind starts to wonder what’s next.

You know my mind is all over the place, as you remind me to relax.

Breathe petal…”

You know me so well, it makes me smile.

After putting the lube on your fingers, you run them down my backside. It’s so cold. You rim my ass and then find my lips. You’re generous with your touch, playing with my lips and finding my clit. Something is pushing into me, I have a feeling I know what it is. Your fingers and the egg are inserted inside. Your fingers leave but the toy starts to vibrate.

Thank you sir.”

Your fingers find my clit and rub while your other hand rims my ass again.

I start to moan as this all brings me pleasure. The vibrator stops and a hard sting is felt on my cheek.

There will be no sounds from you, Petal. This is for me, not you.

I must remember that, but it’s so hard since you make me feel so good.

Yes Sir, this is for your pleasure, not mine.”

The vibrator continues as your fingers continue again. More lube is placed on my ass as your fingers enter and start to move in and out. I can’t hold back the moans. This just feels so good. I don’t think before I make another sound.

Another sting, and another.

I can make it more painful if you need, Petal?”

Certainly a trick question, one I will answer very carefully though.

No sir, I will try my best to stop.”

The vibrator continues and so do your fingers. Two enter and start to stretch me. I am breathing as you’ve taught me, trying to block out the feeling, but this is so hard. Your fingers feel so good.

A cold metal plug is placed at the tip of my ass. You gently place it in and your other fingers find my clit and massage my clit while the plug is pushed in, slowly. The pleasure from your fingers on my clit make the pain of the plug bearable.

Once it’s in place, you reach for the flogger and begin to flog my ass cheeks.

You’re very good to make sure you flog my cheeks evenly, paying attention to each one as you bring pain. You rub the cheek then flog some more not forgetting to take a break to rub my lips and massage my clit. You seem pleased as a small groan comes from within as you place a kiss on my back.

You’re a beautiful site, Petal. You please your master very much today.”

You return to flogging, the vibrator turned on more powerful, a few more smacks to each cheek. Then the vibrator stops and you remove it. I hear you put the flogger away then you return to where I am spread before you. Your pants are dropped to the floor as you step out of them. You kiss each of my warm cheeks as you gently rub them.

“Sweet red cheeks, Petal. They are very soft and warm.”

You take your hard cock in your hand, find my entrance and push in. I can’t help but let out a moan. When you enter me with your huge, gorgeous cock, I can’t help but react to it. I realize it came out after though, too late. Damn it.

“Master, I’m so sorry. I did not mean to do that,”

Your reaction is your warning, “brace yourself Petal, I’m going to go hard on you.

I grab for the sides of the table, push my legs against the table to brace myself, and wait. I know what’s coming.

You pull out and thrust back in. Hard.

Again. Pull out and thrust in.

Harder and harder. Flesh smacking flesh.

Not only your movements but your cock as well. It’s so hard.

Your body presses into me and into the table. Your hands on my hips as you thrust. Squeezing hard.

I’m cumming Petal.”

In your raspy voice you’re warning me that this is for you, not me. I am not to cum.

I squeeze the sides of the table hard. I need to concentrate on doing as I’m told. Your thrusting is hard, flesh to flesh. Concentrate. Yet I’m so turned on.

And finally … you hold my hips tighter and release. Warmth spreads inside. I breathe through it. Trying to temper my own need for release.

A few more pushes and you’ve finished. You pull out and go clean yourself up.

Returning to me, with a warm wash cloth, you place it on my lips and clean me up. You walk around to the front of the table and undo my hands, rub my arms. You remove the spreader bar and ask me to go lay on the table on my back.

Yes master,” I can barely speak. I need a release but will never ask you for it, as my body is yours.

Laying down, arms to the side and knees bent and legs spread I wait for you.

You bring a vibrator and place it on my clit, while your fingers go inside my pussy. I reach for the side of the table again. The vibrator hums over my clit while your fingers dance around inside, reaching as deep as you can. You’re bringing me to great pleasure as I feel the warmth spreading all over my body.

I can’t hold back. I can’t stop it.

It’s coming. I want to cum.

Sir, may I cum?”

Not yet Petal. Patience. Enjoy the feeling.”

I grab hold of the table. My fingers are going numb. The vibrator. The fingers inside. The plug. It all has me feeling ready to explode.

Sir, may I please cum? I’m almost in tears as the build up is too great.

Yes Petal, you may cum.”

My body lifts off the table, I let it all release. The great pleasure explodes, I scream in ecstasy, my body is twitching and releasing, your hands are covered in my juices of pleasure.

My heart is racing, my body is numb.

You carefully remove the plug, and vibrator. You go and gather some warm wash cloths to clean me up. After I’m clean, you pick me up in your arms and take me to the bed. There you give me some water to drink. You place a nice warm blanket over us and we lay together in the bed until I fall asleep by your side.

As I fall asleep I hear you whisper, “very good Petal. You did really good today.”

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One More Night – New York

New York


What company in their right mind planned a conference in December in New York City? Must have been a man who picked this place she thought. Shaking her head with a chuckle, she clutched the Starbucks cup in her hand and waited for the elevator doors to open. Thank god the conference was in the same hotel she was staying in. The temperatures outside were too cold for her to venture outside and walk back to another hotel. But even in the hotel, she was cold.

The doors opened, and she didn’t look around, just entered the elevator and turned to face the doors. There were people in the car, but she didn’t take notice. She just wanted to get to her room and get warm. She was tired, and this conference was boring. Nothing a good night sleep wouldn’t help.

She didn’t notice the man behind her until he leaned into her shoulder to whisper into her ear, “god I’d love to be that Starbucks cup in your hand right now.”

She smiled as the shivers went up her spine. She knew instantly who that was.

“Don’t turn around and don’t say a word.” He continued. “Just go to your room, get undressed and wait for me.”

She bit her bottom lip; closed her eyes, the sparks were going off all over her body. The heater was turned on and she could feel the temperature rising slowly. She knew she was getting wet at the thought of seeing him again. What a nice surprise.

The elevator doors opened on her floor and she walked straight ahead, never looked back. She didn’t have too. She knew it was him. She knew he wouldn’t be long either. So, she picked up the pace to her room. She wanted to be ready when he got there.

Fumbling with her key card, she finally made it in her room. She set down the cup of coffee she carried around, took her coat off and hung it up. She took her shoes off and then started to undress. Suit jacket, blouse and skirt came off, set neatly on the chair. Her bra and garter remained. How did she know when she picked out clothes today that he would see her? That made her smile. Thank god she matched, the thought made her chuckle.

Her heartbeat was racing. She went to the bathroom to brush her teeth and fix her makeup. He wouldn’t be long.

Sure enough, there was a light tap at the door. She smiled. So big. Her pussy clenched at the thought of seeing him. The tingles she got as she walked to the door.

She took a deep breath and opened the door. There he was. Suit coat, dress shirt with a few buttons undone, tie was already gon. Handsome as ever with his dark hair and dimples. God those dimples. They melted her. Sexy as ever. She couldn’t wait to get that shirt off.

“Well are you going to let me in,” he asked?

“Of course, love, get in here,” she said with a wink.

She stepped back to let him in, she could smell him as he walked by, spicy and sexy, all in one. That cologne drove her crazy. She let the door close and turned to walk into the room behind him.


She walked into the room and he immediately went to her like a magnet, put his hands on her face and kissed her. Hard, rough kisses that said it had been too long since he had tasted her.

“Mmmm” was the only sound she could make come out of her mouth as his tongue danced around with hers. Her hands went to his buttons on his shirt and started to undo them as he kissed her.

His lips left her mouth and went for her neck. Her head fell back.

“Your outfit is very nice,” he said, “I like the garters.”

“Oh god babe, I have missed this.” Her pussy was getting wetter and wetter the more his lips moved over her. First the space between the neck and the shoulder, then the shoulder as his hand grabbed her breast and squeezed. The other hand found her ass cheek and squeezed that as well. He pushed into her letting her feel the reaction his body had to seeing her again.

She made good use of her hands as they undid his belt and buckle. Then the zipper came next. He might have let out a little groan as he continued kissing her, now his mouth was on her nipple. She started to pull his shirt off and out of his pants, then dropped it on the floor.

Her hands went to his pants, finished unzipping the zipper and pushed them down. She grabbed his cock and rubbed it through the underwear. She had felt that hard cock in his pants when he first kissed her. Now she wanted to reacquaint herself with it.

“Oh god babe,” he cried. The kissing stopped, and he looked at her. Eyes to eyes. His heartbeat fast. He needed to come quickly, or he wasn’t going to make it. The effect she had on him was incredible, but it went both ways.

She must have read his mind because she took his underwear off, his cock bounced out and stood at attention as she moved him to sit on the side of the bed. Going down on her knees in between his legs, she took his cock in her mouth. She missed this cock. So thick and tasting. The bead of pre-cum was glistening on the tip. So beautiful.

First, she kissed the head, licked the tip, did some slow strokes with her lips, enjoying the taste, all while her hand moved up and down the shaft. He placed his hands behind him supporting himself on the bed. His head fell back, and his eyes closed. He wasn’t going to last. “Oh, fuck babe. That feels so fucking good.”

She stopped and looked at him, smiling into her sucking and let him know with a moan or two that she knew he loved what she was doing. She loved doing it for him. After a few strokes she opened her throat and took his hard cock all the way in, her lips on his stomach. One hand was cradling his balls. One hand was scratching his stomach. Infighting the nerves already on fire. She went deep with him a few times as he rocked his hips into her mouth.

“I am going to come babe, take me in your mouth.” He wasn’t asking, he was telling. She smiled at him and continued sucking his cock. She knew he was close. She could tell how hard and thick he was, his breathing had changed. She knew his signs.

He could feel the cum building up, he was ready to burst in her mouth. A few more strokes with her beautiful mouth and he was coming down her throat. He moaned and groaned, grunted a little too. He came. In her mouth. She swallowed over and over trying to take it all in.

“Oh god, look what you do to me babe.” He could barely speak. His breathing was labored as he caught his breath. And he was still hard.

She got up off the floor, kissed his stomach and went to the bathroom to clean up.

He walked into the bathroom while she was cleaning up and had that sparkle in his eye. She saw it. And it scared her. He walked up behind her, put his arms around her torso and hugged her. Kissing her shoulder, he said, “let’s go get something to eat babe, you need your energy for round 2.”

Surprised and in need of an orgasm herself, she turned around and looked at him.

“Are you kidding?” she asked. “I just sucked you off, I need a release too.”

He opened his hand and smiled, holding a small device in his palm. “You will wear this while we are out at dinner and then when we get back, I will take care of you babe.”

She stood there and looked at him, wondering what he had in mind for the evening. After a few minutes she agreed. He waited to put it in for her, so she bent over, leaning on the counter while he took the device and inserted it into her pussy.

“I want to test it out to make sure it works before we go.” He hit the little remote in his hand and she jumped. She felt the buzz inside, closed her eyes and enjoyed the feeling.

“I can see by your reaction that it works, get dressed and let’s go eat.” He put his hands on her shoulders and kissed her upper back. “I can’t wait to go to dinner with you.” He winked at her and smacked her ass as he walked away to go get dressed.


Things were pretty calm in the taxi, the vibrator stayed on low and she was enjoying the feeling. Almost getting used to it. When they reached the restaurant, he helped her out of the taxi and they walked into the restaurant.

Once at their table, he ordered her a glass of wine while he had a beer. She was studying the menu and he was studying her. He turned the vibrator up while she read the menu. He watched for her reaction. She closed her eyes and smiled. Took a deep breath, her eyes met his, then she went back to the menu. Her body was getting very warm by this fire he started within her. She could feel her nipples tingle. Good thing her suite jacket covered them up.

The waiter came over with their drinks and took their order. They toasted to seeing each other again. She mouthed something about being a “devil” but he couldn’t make it all out.

“Okay, before I lose my senses tonight, please tell me how you knew where I was?” She still didn’t know how he knew she was there in that hotel.

“My company sent me here last minute to work with a client. I saw the sign for your conference when I checked in.”

Her eyes got narrow, she stared at him, he had known she was coming here. Somehow something was off, there was more to the story. She wondered what else he had planned, knowing she would be there.

“So how long are you here?” she asked, taking the wine glass, twirling the wine around and then taking a sip of wine.

“Just tonight. I leave tomorrow afternoon. Long flight home.” So, she knew she had one night with him. Just one.

“I want you to do me a favor,” he said. Eyes on her, gauging her reaction, “Take your underwear off.”

“What? Are you kidding?”

“I am not. Do it. Right here. Right now. Take it off. Hand it to me.” He just sat there, eyes focused and smiled.

He was serious. She sat and looked at him for a few minutes. Waiting for him to tell her not to do it but he wasn’t going to. He was serious.

He turned the vibrator up again. Her eyes got big. Fuck, he wasn’t kidding.

She slowly took her right hand and reached under her skirt and grabbed her underwear. Slowly and carefully pulling it down her leg, trying not to draw attention to herself.

The waiter decided to come over and bring them bread and oil at that moment. She stopped her movement. She felt the heat in her face as he approached the table. She looked at him and mouthed ass as the waiter stood there. It only made him smile more than he already was watching her try to be casual about this. Once he left, she continued taking one side off and around her foot.

She could feel the cold chair on her cunt as she sat there. This added to her discomfort, but it felt so good. Carefully she worked the underwear down and around her other leg.

His hand was open on the table.

“What? You want me to put my underwear in your hand?” she chuckled.

“Yes. I do. That’s why the hand is out.”

It took her a few minutes to get the underwear casually into his hand without other people around her realizing what she had just done. She felt like she was on display and everyone knew what she just did. But the mix of the exposure, cold air and cold chair were heaven for her as she moved around in the chair.

He took the underwear, bunched it up and smelled it. “Oh babe, you are so turned on, aren’t you?” Then he put them in his pocket.

“I am so wet, and your vibrator isn’t helping me.” She took another sip of her wine while her eyes stayed on his. “And you wouldn’t let me find relief before we left my room.” God, she needed an orgasm so badly. If he as much as touched her pussy with a light graze she’d come. Maybe she would go to the bathroom and take care of herself. She wasn’t going to make it through dinner this way.

“I can turn it up if you want me to?” He asked. Smiling as he knew what she was plotting. “But don’t think you are leaving this table without me.”

She leaned in closer to him, surprised that he was onto her game. “Are you kidding me? I can’t go to the bathroom by myself?”

“Not when you want to go in there and put your fingers to work, no.”

She snickered at his comment. He knew her too well. “What if I legitimately have to go?”

He had an answer for that too. “They have family bathrooms, we can go together.”

“You are unreal,” she said, and then the vibrator stopped. He turned it off. Her eyes got very big. “What did you just do?”

“Ah…I took the pleasure away, didn’t I?’

“Ass” was all she could say. She felt the void, but her orgasm needed to come soon. She needed to figure out a way to get back to the room quickly.

The food was delivered, and the presentation was beautiful. She had penne al a vodka with sausage, mushrooms and peas while he had Chicken Madeira with mushrooms and spinach. The waiter brought her another glass of wine, and him another beer.


Waiting on the elevator for the doors to open, crowded around with other hotel guests, he leaned into her ear and whispered, “I want to play with your ass tonight” and his hands went to the hem of the skirt and started to lift it up her thighs.

Her pussy just clenched, the vibrator was back on and she could feel her heart was ready to jump out of her chest. Her ass tonight?

When they arrived back at the room they both took their coats off and hung them up. He turned to her, “Babe I want you to get undressed, I need to prepare you for later.”

She knew what that meant, and it scared and excited her all at once. She knew how thick he was when he was hard.

She took her clothes off as he asked, including the garter and bra. “Where do you want me,” she asked, not sure what to expect next.

“Come over on the bed, get on all fours for me please babe.”

She saw what he had in his hand and the vibrator inside was turned up a notch.

Her eyes met the plug in his hand. Silver and teardrop with a jewel at the end. How the hell was that going to fit in her tight little ass?

He noticed her staring at it and he smiled, patted the bed and asked her again to get on the bed.

She positioned herself as asked, he placed his hand on her back pushing her down, so her head was on the bed and her ass was on display for him. The cool air reached her pussy. She needed to be touched, the vibrator was still buzzing inside. That cool air turned her sensitivity up a notch.

“Be still and let me do this so it’s not so painful.” He kissed her cheek and gave it a little bite. She sunk lower into the bed.

She felt a lubricant drizzled over her ass, it was warm and tingly. He rubbed it on her opening, massaging while the other hand found her clit.

This felt so good, she lost herself in the moment, full of pleasure and enjoyment in the sensations going on. Her hands reached for the comforter as she started to fist the fabric.

His tongue found her pussy as he started to suck and lick. Her ass rose higher as if that would get it more attention. She started rocking to the side and moaning to let him know how good this felt.

Without warning he stuck a finger in her tight ass, moving it from side to side.

“Mmmm that feels so good.”

He smiled. He knew she would like this, but he needed to do it right, so she would want to do it again.

He continued to lick her pussy as two fingers went into her hole, moving and stretching her opening. She couldn’t believe how much she liked it.

“Oh god babe, you are making me want to come.”

“Patience sweetheart, we will get there. My cock is so hard watching you right now, I can’t wait to stick it in this sweet hole.”

A little more stretching and he removed his fingers. He picked up the jeweled plug and brought it over, without warning he put it in her ass. The cold sensation of the metal made her realize what he was doing, but with the hand on her clit and the lube he used, the plug went right in without too much pain.

“Oh, that feels good.” He knew she’d like it. With a huge smile on his face he removed his hand from her clit and stood up to get undressed.

“Stay just like that,” he said as he smacked her ass, leaving a beautiful pink mark on her cheek.

He undressed, taking his time as he laid his clothes neatly on the chair near the desk. His eyes continued to watch her and look at the beautiful jewel sitting in her ass. She made little motions to move back and forth to feel it inside her. She was enjoying the feeling. He found himself watching her and smiling.

Walking over to her, he kissed her ass cheek, the one with the beautiful pink mark on it.

“I am going to remove this now,” as his hand wiggled the plug, “so hold still” and with a gentle motion he pulled it out and set it on a towel.

She felt the void immediately. Turned her head to look back at him. She watched him prepare his cock for her, rubbing lube on it. That was such a sexy thing to watch. His cock was so hard and now it glistened, waiting for her.

He kissed then bit each of her cheeks before he started. His tip met her opening. He made sure the vibrator was on the next higher level inside her before he began. His hand went to her clit and rubbed as he started to push inside.

She gasped. She was nervous.

“I’ve got you babe, don’t worry, just breathe.”

“Oh, fuck that stings…” this wasn’t what she expected.

“Keep breathing, I have to go slow.”

He pushed in slowly, getting passed her tight ring. It wouldn’t be much longer.

“Oh my god that’s amazing.” He smiled.

“You okay babe?” He needed to make sure she was okay as he took his time going all the way in.

Her eyes had closed, she was definitely enjoying this. His hand on her clit, his gorgeous cock in her ass. What more could she ask for?

“MMmmm I am so good right now.”

Then he started to move. Slowly. Back and forth.

“Oh my god this feels so fucking amazing.” She loved it.

His grin, if she could see it, would tell her how much he enjoyed it.

Sensations she had never felt before were coming alive in her. The feeling in her ass was incredible and the desire to orgasm was already there. He handed her a small wand vibrator to use while he concentrated on his movements. The vibrator inside was on, she had a wand for her clit, and he was ready to finish the job himself.

His movements increased little by little as he found it hard to hold back. He grabbed her hips, squeezing hard, thrusting back and forth.

“Babe you feel amazing, so tight.”

Her moans were getting louder, she was squeezing the comforter in her hand as the other one held the wand vibrator. She was ready to explode.

“You ready babe? I can’t wait any more,” he said as he was moving.

And with that, she came, moaning and groaning, he could feel her muscles contracting and tightening on him. That made him come inside her leaving his load in her. She could feel him pulsing and squirting cum. After a few more slower movements he was done, and carefully withdrew from her.

“Oh, that feels so weird.” She felt a void when he pulled out.

“Give it a minute, it will come back,” he explained.

He went into the bathroom to clean himself up. He started a warm bath before he left the bathroom.

Walking over to the bed where she was laying, he went over, kissed her on the ass cheek.

“Come take a bath with me please?” His hands were on her shoulders, moving her hair away from her neck to lay gentle kisses on her neck.

Her head turned towards him, smiling she said, “I’d like a bath with you.” She slowly got up off the bed to walk with him into the bathroom.

The bath was drawn, with bubbles floating on top. The lights were low. He took her hand and helped her into the tub, then joined her. He sat down first leaning against the back of the tub and pulled her back to his chest as she settled in the tub with him. Her head rested on his chest, eyes closed. His arms wrapped around her and held her tight.

“Can we just stay like this?” She already knew the answer. Her heart hurt to hear it.

“We can tonight, babe.” We’ve got one more night together.”

To be continued….