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AJ Linn Gives Back To Susan G. Komen Foundation Once Again

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October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month

A topic near and dear to many of us, I am sure we all know a loved one, family friend or family member that has been touched by cancer.  Doing a super cool thing, just like last year, author AJ Linn donates the proceeds from his store to the Susan G Komen Foundation.  Doesn’t keep a penny!  Each month, when the check comes in the mail from Café Press, instead of taking his share and banking it, AJ Linn turns around and sends it to Susan G. Komen Foundation.   So, do your part in purchasing something from his store so you too can help fight Breast Cancer! #NoOneFightsAlone  Click on the picture above to go to the Café Press site to order.

I myself have ordered a few things and love everything I have received.  That’s me in the picture above showing off my new shirt last year.

Stay tuned to see what AJ Linn does THIS October! 

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My “Fan Made” Book Trailer for A Gentleman’s Secret

I made this book trailer for the 2nd Volume of the Gentleman’s Series, A Gentleman’s Secret by AJ Linn.  IF you have not read the book yet you will get a taste for the story line.  Enjoy!




**This is a FAN MADE book trailer** For entertainment purposes only.
All rights credited to the owner.

A Gentleman’s Secret written by A.J. Linn. The sequel to A Gentleman’s Affair, A.J. Linn continues Donovan and Scarlett’s story. Donovan Hart has finally found his unico vero amore’ in the beautiful Scarlett Montgomery, but the question remain…will he be able to keep her? Will his secret be too much for her to handle, or…will hers be too much for him to handle?

A Gentleman’s Secret is an unpredictable ride full of twists and turns that will keep you guessing until the very end.

Two people, desperate to escape the sins of their past, hoping to find the one thing that has been missing…love.

But is love really enough to conquer all?

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Created on January 30, 2014 by: @mamalikestoread
Music: Any Other Name by Thomas Newman




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A Gentleman’s Memoir (The Gentleman’s Series Volume 3) By AJ Linn

AGM- Front Cover RGB  He does it again!  Another fabulous book by AJ Linn.  This is the third book in The Gentleman’s Series, the one that tells the reader about Donovan Hart BEFORE  the book, A Gentleman’s Affair.  It will answer your questions about the Underground, the voyeuristic behavior, and the girls. Oh the girls. And the girls and girls and girls.

Once again, AJ Linn has enlisted the help of his readers to write characters into his story.  The characters were Donovan’s “women” that we read about throughout the book.  I can say that I personally had fun creating my character or characters as they turned out to be.  I did as AJ asked, wrote my characters with a little background so he would understand what I had in mind when I created them.  But, when I handed them over I knew they were then his to do with as he wished.  And boy did he surprise me!  He had told me loved the character submission and when I read what he wrote about them I was blown away.  He is truly a talented and amazing author.  Writing characters into your story is not an easy task and knowing what I do about these books gives me a greater respect and appreciation for what an author does when he puts himself “out there” like this for his readers.  Thank you AJ.  I for one, have loved reading 2 books with my characters written into the story line. Continue reading “A Gentleman’s Memoir (The Gentleman’s Series Volume 3) By AJ Linn”