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#BlogTour ~ Science of Attraction by Verity Jacobs ~ Meet Tom the #Hot sexy scientist @veritymjacobs @inkslingerpr

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What a fun read! I loved this book! See what you think and pick it up for yourself.

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Kate Ramsey is at the top of her game.

She’s the hot new recruit at the most prestigious research institute in Germany, and she’s determined to live up to the hype — even if it means working day and night. Stress relief comes in the form of a no-nonsense affair with her neighbor, who also happens to be the director of the institute. Who says sex should be anything more than a contract between two people who have other things on their mind?

So when Tom Baker saunters into her life, Kate is understandably upset to see this well-oiled machine splutter and seize. Tom is young and smart, and far too pretty for his own good. Kate can’t help but be drawn to him, even if giving in to the attraction would mean risking everything she’s worked for.


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About Verity Jacobs:

Verity Jacobs is a reformed scientist, who left the lab when she fell in love with writing about love. She lives with her husband and baby girl in London, where she dreams by day and writes all night long. She is addicted to the heart flutters and stomach flips of the fictional romance world.

my review

Have you ever started reading a book and when you HAVE to put it down to attend to real life duties it just drives you nuts until you can get back to the chapter where you left off? Yep, that was this book. I was writing the rest of the story in my head until I could get back to reading it. Thankfully, my story was no where near as good as Ms. Jacobs. This is a fun read, an enjoyable story that is well written.

What a refreshing story plot in this book, one I have never read before. The main character, Kate Ramsey, is a scientist and works in a research lab in Bonn, Germany. Kate is a very good scientist with a growing reputation for her work and has an excellent team from all over the world working with her. She is secretly dating (if you call it that) her boss Rob, but it’s more like being on call for when he needs sex. Problem is that Rob is VERY well known and his reputation can help or hurt her future. She really needs more than what Rob gives her. She deserves more. I enjoyed the science theme and discussions about the research and work the team does. It was never “over my head” or too much to understand. The research team got along well and seemed to be a type of close knit group that was fun to work with.

Enter Tom Baker. Hot, gorgeous, smart, new scientist who has been hired to join the team. Kate tries very hard to keep her composure while working with Tom. Ms. Jacobs does a wonderful job of showing how Tom effects Kate when he is around. Kate must be careful because she is secretly dating her boss who can make her break her career. But her feelings for Tom make her question her relationship with Rob. The story continues as Kate tries to make herself happy and handle the growing explosion with Rob.

Kate has Skype conversations with her sister that are fun to read. They are real conversations among sisters. Her sister helps her see things clearly and becomes her conscious. At one point, Kate goes home to London for a bit to clear her head as things get to be too much. The dialogue amongst the family is enjoyable. Meanwhile there is trouble brewing in the lab back in Germany. Tom and the team work hard to help Kate and keep everyone’s job safe. But will their actions be enough when Rob starts to see what’s happening?

I loved this book and if this is Verity Jacob’s first one then I can’t wait for the next one. Light and refreshing with hot sex scenes (very hot scenes), you can’t go wrong. The sex was respectfully written and very hot indeed! I totally enjoyed this book cover to cover!

TheScience of Attraction

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So did you click it and purchase a copy? Good for you! Hope you love it too.

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#ComingSoon ~ Undeniable Love by Kelly Elliott ~ #PrologueReveal #SneakPeek #Teaser @author_kelly @inkslingerpr

Tristan Williams thought the path of his life was on the
right journey. He had a successful career, good looks, and a carefree
lifestyle. One conversation changed Tristan’s way of thinking forever as his
father presented him with a bottle, representing his journey and forcing
unwanted thoughts of a lasting relationship to the surface. Running from the
fear of commitment, he pushed away the only woman he ever had feelings for and turned to the one girl he knew he didn’t love.
Ryn Webster was finally putting her past behind her. Moving
to Texas and concentrating on the success of her own company, she had her life almost where she wanted it. One thing was missing though…love. She thought she had found love with Tristan until he casted her aside.
After being hurt by Tristan, Ryn does whatever she can to push him from her heart, even if it means being with a man she doesn’t love.
Regardless of the path one thinks they are on, the journey of life can cause unexpected turns, altering the planned course. Will Tristan and Ryn’s bottle be tossed about, lost in the rocky waves of life? Or will calm seas prevail to help Tristan and Ryn finally find their journey of
I had been sitting on the beach for the last hour just staring out at the black
ocean. I tipped the beer bottle back and drank the last of my beer.
“Well hell. Looks like I have to go back,” I said as I got up and brushed the sand
off my pants. I turned and looked back at the house. My brother Lark and his
new wife, Azurdee had left two hours ago for their honeymoon and I couldn’t
take watching Ryn another second.
I sucked in a deep breath of salty air and slowly let it out. My phone went off and I
pulled it out of my pocket. I let out a deep breath when I saw it was Liberty.
Liberty: Just letting you know I’m thinking about you. If you
want me to join you I’ll come down. Just text me back and I’ll be there.
Me: I think I just need some time to think, Liberty. We need this
time apart.
Liberty: I didn’t mean to push you. I’m always pushing you, I
know. I just really wanted to see your parents and would have loved to have
seen the wedding but I understand you have your reasons for going alone. Things
haven’t been so great with us lately. I’ll work on that. Promise.
Me: We’ll talk when I get back to Austin.
Liberty: Okay. I love you, Tristan.
I let out a sigh and shook my head. I’ve never told Liberty I loved her. I wasn’t sure
anymore how I felt about her. We had been on again and off again so many
times I was beginning to lose count. Currently, we were off. All she had been
doing is pushing an engagement ever since she found out Lark and Azurdee were
getting married. When I thought of my future I didn’t see Liberty. I only saw …
Ryn. And that scared the piss out of me.
I turned my phone to silent and shoved it in my pocket. I started heading back to the
house and began putting on my game face. The one I’d been wearing for the last
ten months. The one where everyone thought I was happy, but deep down inside I
was the unhappiest I’d ever been in my life.
I walked up the stairs to the deck and the first person I saw was Ryn. She was leaning
against the railing with her head back and her eyes closed. There was no one
else out here.
She looked tired. I smiled when I thought about what I had overheard earlier when
Mom and Azurdee’s best friend, Jessie, were talking. Ryn had taken a two-week vacation
and was renting a house on the beach just two houses down from here. I already
began planning ways to ‘run in to her’ while we were both here.
She hadn’t talked to me in over ten months. No matter how many times I called and
left her messages begging her to call me, she never would.
Her cell phone rang and she quickly answered it. I walked around to the other side of
the deck and sat down to where she couldn’t see me.
“Hey, Dodge. Are you on your way? Yes. I thought I could, but I can’t. I need you.”
Dodge? Who the fuck is Dodge?
She laughed at something he said and then she let out a sigh. “Well, considering I
still need my RFB, I’d say yes … it’s been a sucky last three days.”
I peeked around the corner and saw her smiling. She reached her hand up and began
playing with her nipple.
What the fuck?
“That sounds like heaven. Yes. I’m going to need it a lot. I don’t know, you’d think
after all this time you’d have been able to fuck him out of my head and heart.
Maybe you’re not as good as you think you are?”
My mouth dropped open and I quickly turned back and stared out in the night sky.
She laughed again and said, “I’m still at the wedding. Yes. It was hard to see him.
I don’t know. Maybe, I’ve thought about that. Yes. I realize I only use you for
sex to forget about Tristan, but maybe I’m falling for you and just want your
company. You ever think of that?”
My heart started beating faster and I wanted to pound this asshole’s head in.
She let out a sigh and said, “Okay. I’ll see you then. Oh trust me. I’ll be waiting and
I will most certainly be ready for you. Yes naked. Hey, Dodge? Hurry please. I
need to be fucked in a bad way. Bye.”
She let out a sigh and then I swore I heard her crying. I slowly stood. She was looking
out toward the ocean. Her shoulders were moving up and down and when I saw her wipe away her tears, my knees about
buckled out from underneath me.
I started making my way toward her. I didn’t want to walk up on her crying, so I cleared
my throat and asked, “May I join you?”
She quickly wiped her tears away and looked the other way. “It’s your house,” she
whispered. “How have you been, Ryn?” She turned and looked at me. If looks
could kill, I’d be on the floor right now. “You’ve ignored me for
three days and now you ask how I’ve been?”
I shrugged my shoulders and said, “I wasn’t sure you wanted to talk to me.” She let out a small laugh.
“Usually people attempt to talk to a person before they make
that assumption.”
“Well, considering I’ve been calling you for months, and you ignore my calls—” She took a step back and shook her head.
A look of hurt moved across Ryn’s face as she slowly said, “You’re seeing … another … girl.”
“It’s not like that. We are kind of off and on. I mean … I’m not seeing her right now.” She rolled her eyes before looking into mine.
“Do you have any idea how much you hurt me?”
My heart felt like it was physically hurting as I swallowed and said, “I just thought
… I wasn’t planning on—” I looked away and then back into her eyes.
“I thought you just wanted to have fun, Ryn. Then you started acting different
and I started having these feelings and … I was confused.”
Anger replaced the hurt in her eyes. “The only thing that confused you is why you
brought the wrong girl to meet mom and dad.”
She turned and began walking into the house. I wanted to call out for her but I
couldn’t. My heart felt like it was squeezing in my chest as I stood there and
listened to her retreating footsteps.
I turned and stared out at the dark ocean again. That’s what my heart felt like.A dark deep sea of … darkness.
Kelly Elliott is married to a wonderful Texas cowboy who has
a knack for making her laugh almost daily and supports her crazy ideas and
dreams for some unknown reason…he claims it’s because he loves her!
She’s also a mom to an amazing daughter who is constantly
asking for something to eat while her fingers move like mad on her cell phone
sending out what is sure to be another very important text message.
In her spare time she loves to sit in her small corner
overlooking the Texas hill country and write.
One of her favorite things to do is go for hikes around her
property with Gus….her chocolate lab and the other man in her life, and Rose,
her golden retriever. When Kelly is not outside helping the hubby haul brush,
move rocks or whatever fun chore he has in store for her that day, you’ll find
her inside reading, writing or watching HGTV.
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USA Today Recommends The Prince by Sylvain Reynard ~ @sylvainreynard @ninabocci

As posted by Sylvain Reynard on his Goodreads Author page…

USAToday recommends “The Prince” as a Must Read Romance:

Thank you Lea Franczak for reading and reviewing “The Prince,” which releases January 20th.
It’s already available for preorder thru Amazon:…
I hope your holidays were merry and happy.
All the best and Happy New Year,

Read the full article here:


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If you haven’t noticed the new website you must check it out.


Gorgeous new site SR!

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Dare (Brothers of Ink and Steel #1) ~ By: Allie Juliette Mousseau #CoverReveal @AllieJuliette #Books

Title: Dare
Series: Brothers of Ink and Steel #1
Author: Allie Juliette Mousseau
Genre: New Adult, Romance
Release Date: January 12, 2015
Josh North is UFC’s Light Heavyweight Champion—but he’s about to meet his match.
Sophie Garner is a single mom who’s been raising her daughter on her own, fighting for both of their lives ever since going into hiding to escape her abusive husband.
When Sophie gets offered the job of a lifetime as the exclusive massage therapist for Josh “The Jackhammer” North’s team, it’s difficult to say no to the outrageous salary—and the bet—that Josh proposes. But for Sophie it’s a risk that could cost a lot more than just her heart – if she’s found, it could cost her her life.
Should she dare?
Josh wants to break through Sophie’s fortified walls, but is unwilling to put the jackhammer to his own and reveal his secrets and the side of him few have ever known or seen. To do that, he’ll have to confront the darkness of his past.
Will he dare?

Continue reading “Dare (Brothers of Ink and Steel #1) ~ By: Allie Juliette Mousseau #CoverReveal @AllieJuliette #Books”

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My Review of Masquerade by S.N. Williams #NaBloPoMo

Introducing the new book Masquerade
by S.N. Williams

masquerade cover

Here is the summary from the book:

Have you ever felt like you were wearing a mask, like a masquerade mask you were at ball? I have worn one before at a ball where I felt my most comfortable in my own skin.
My name is Julia Falls. I felt like for some time now that I have been wearing a mask. I had a horrible accident and don’t remember what happened before it or even why I was in an accident. I have never felt like myself until I meet a guy I fall head over heels in love with. Chris is truly my soul mate but I still feel like things are still being hidden from me. Things get worse when my nightmares return of the death of my parents and my accident. Also dealing with raising my little sister is another stress to add to my life.
Will I ever shed the mask? Will Chris and I last through all the turmoil of lies reaching the surface? Time will only tell. Continue reading “My Review of Masquerade by S.N. Williams #NaBloPoMo”