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The Warmth in Trust

Master left me a note that he wanted to try a new form of play tonight. I was asked to be in the playroom at 7:00pm sharp. I know what that means.

I have showered and dressed, made sure I have shaved as I am told to do for him.

When I enter the playroom, I hear the Flower Duet playing in the room through the speakers already. He knows that is one of the tracks that I enjoy hearing. He is thoughtful in selecting music that helps me concentrate and relax.

Since tonight is something new, I don’t follow normal protocol. Tonight, I enter the playroom, stand at the bench near the door and remove my clothes, all of them, and fold them and leave them on the bench. I kneel and sit down on my legs, hands facing up on my legs and eyes closed. I start the breathing routine.

Slowing down my breathing, inhaling completely, holding it, and exhaling completely. Listening to the music. Spem in alium now plays through the speakers, another favorite of mine. I somehow get lost in the music, I don’t hear my Master enter the room. He has dimmed the lights even more than they were when I entered. The mood is very relaxed and calm.

Good evening Petal. It pleases me to see you doing as you are taught.

“Thank you Sir.” That’s all I may say in acknowledgment, but his words bring warmth to me. A smile comes over my face, even though he can’t see it since my head is still lowered.

Petal, I want to work on a new type of play tonight, one that takes trust, as it can be dangerous. We have discussed trust before, have we not?”

“Yes Sir, we have.”

Petal, do you have any issues trusting me tonight?”

“No Sir, I do not have issues with trusting you.”

Petal, what is your safe word?”

“Sir, my safe word is peach cobbler.”

Very good, Petal. Please get up and go to the table and lay down on your back with your arms and legs spread out to the corners.”

“Thank you Sir.” I rise up off the floor and walk over to the table and lay down, doing just as he has instructed me to do. I want to please him.

The classical music continues to play, I close my eyes and work on my breathing, in and out. Slowly. In and out.

I hear my Master walk around the room and pick things up. A strange noise, a strange smell… it smells like a match. I choose to keep my eyes closed while I relax and prepare myself for his play. Tonight must be candle play, with wax. I won’t lie, it’s exciting to me to experience something new with my Master.

Petal, what have you observed so far, as you lay there.”

“Sir, I heard you strike a match.”

Petal, how does that make you feel?”

“Sir, if I may be honest…”

Petal, I always want you to be honest.

“Sir, yes, you do tell me to be honest. I think we are trying hot wax tonight and if that is what it is, I am excited, Sir.”

Petal, I am pleased to hear that. For tonight, I am going to cuff your hands and feet to the table. Then, Petal, I will pour the wax down your chest and stomach. We will start with that and see how you do. Remember your safe word if this gets too much.”

“Sir, thank you.” I hear him take the cuffs and gently place them on my hands and click them in place. He does the same with the cuffs on my ankles, making sure they aren’t too tight.

“Sir, may I close my eyes while you do this?” I think I want to be surprised where he drips the wax on me.

Petal, you may do that.”

“Sir, thank you.” I close my eyes and focus on the music. I am excited to try the new play tonight.

Petal, I want you to be aware of the sensations you experience tonight. While I will enjoy watching your body react to the wax, I also want to know your inner thoughts when we are done, so focus on how you feel tonight.”

“Sir, thank you.”

He walks over to the around the table, grabs the candle and moves closer as I feel the warmth of the candle flame near my arm.

All of a sudden hot, burning sensations are stabbing at my shoulder. Sting, sting, sting, the heat is like pins sticking into my skin. The feelings go across my shoulders from right to left. I am breathing, eyes closed, experiencing the heat, the sting, the warmth that goes inside me and spreads all over.

My back arches up when the wax meets my right nipple. Wow, incredible…. I can’t put this into words, how this sharp pain becomes a glow of warmth inside me, spreading to my toes.

Again, my Master pours it on my nipple. I want to burst inside. I arch my back off the table. The cuffs hold my hands and feet down. I can almost hear him smile. I don’t dare open my eyes. My chest starts to rise up more waiting for the left nipple to get the same treatment. It does, my Master doesn’t disappoint me. My back arches again. My body is tingling all over, my pussy is clenching now too.

Petal, I see that you are enjoying this tonight. I had a feeling you would feel this way.

“Sir, yes, I like this very much.” I am struggling to stay still.

My master places two fingers inside me, I know what he has found. I am surprisingly turned on by the hot wax.

Petal, you are so wet right now. I am glad to see how you reacted and look forward to adding this type of play to our scenes together. Would you like to cum tonight Petal? You have pleased me tonight very much.”

“Sir, yes I would please.” I can’t lay still anymore. I am writhering on the table. I don’t even hear my Master undo the hand cuffs or rub my arms. He does the same with my ankles. I am basking in a need of a pleasure release. I do hear him unzip his pants and my body seems to glide down the table closer to Master, my legs are bent at the knee and my feet placed flat on the table.

Master’s cock enters my pussy and fills me up, quickly. He is hard, turned on as well. Hard, fast thrusting movement, in and out, he’s holding my hips while my hands grab the sides of the table.

With labored breath he says, “Petal, you may cum when you are ready.

I don’t waste any time, the warmth of the hot wax has turned into a desire that was ignited when the first drop of wax touched my shoulder and just kept going until I could find a way to let it out. It explodes inside and tingles all the way down to the toes and back up my spine. Squeezing the table I let go of the release and cum on Master’s cock, as he stops thrusting and pulses his warm release inside me. He pushes into me deeper as he finishes.

After a moment, he pulls out and goes to get a warm cloth to clean me up.

“Sir, may I please see the wax, before you remove it?” I want to see what I look like.

You may, Petal,” he says with a smirk. He knows me so well.

Taking my hand, he helps me sit up and then carries me into the bathroom to finish cleaning up. He lays a gentle kiss on my forehead. My Master is pleased.

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