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Sun and Fun

Lost in the music playing in my ears, the warm sun glowing all around me, laying on a chaise lounge chair at the pool, letting my backside get the sun this time. Relaxed is an understatement. Floating, maybe? That’s more like it. Like floating on a cloud.

Moving my foot to the music , fingers tap out the beat as they lay next to my body. I have no idea that you are walking up next to me or what your are about to do. I don’t even see your tall shadow that lays over me like a blanket.

Your finger starts at my right foot, slowly moves from my toes, up the foot, the calf, the thigh, the right ass cheek, goosebumps follow the finger as it moves up to the right shoulder and down to the right arm and hand. In my right palm you draw a heart with your finger.

I know exactly who is doing this, you bring a smile to my face. But I am not moving. Keep going, I silently wish of you.

Your finger then goes to the left palm and does the reverse, palm to arm up to the shoulder and down to the left ass cheek, and down to the thigh, calf and foot. Again, goosebumps chase the finger, and a shiver joins the goosebumps. You notice.

I know you are smiling, there is a devilish grin on your face, wondering what to do next, right?

After a few torturous minutes, all your fingers gently touch the inside of my leg and thigh, then your fingers reach my center, you notice the warmth gathered there from your attention.

You move the bathing suit aside, find my lips and start to wiggle your fingers around, bringing numerous sensations to life inside me.

I lift my ass a little off the lounger, trying to give you more access but also secretly telling you I want more. A smack comes across my right cheek, the mix of the sting and the sun continue to warm me all over. My grin is noticeable, but only to you.

Do that again and I will stop,” you whisper to me.

Your threat makes me chuckle, I am tempted to try it and see what happens.

The sudden void of your fingers give me the answer to my playful temptation. I lower my hips to the lounger. This is not a game I want to lose.

Deep breath, music still playing, I wait for you to hopefully continue.

Ohhhh, you do…. fingers return and this time they go inside. Deep inside. Then out.

Slowly you go in and slowly you remove them. I want to lift my ass higher for you, it’s hard not to give in.

Tender kisses land on my back while your fingers move around inside. The scruff on your chin tickles the already sensitive skin, so many sensations coming to life from your simple touch.

Your fingers leave, the weight shifts on the lounger, your knees between my legs, your hands between my arms and my side.

Your fingers move the bathing suit over once again, but this time, your hard cock is at my entrance, gently asking for permission to enter. A few gentle nudges and you are filling me up inside.

You move each of my arms up over my head, then you kiss my shoulders and my neck. Moving your hips the whole time, in deeper with each movement, I can feel your throbbing cock inside.

I can envision your strong, lean body over mine. So hot and sexy. Your muscles moving your hips as you bring pleasure to us both. Drips of your sweat dripping on my back.

You lean down and kiss my neck, nibble on my ear lobe and whisper into my ear.

You feel so amazing, so tight and warm. Are you close love?

I raise my ass just a little, the feelings change as I do that, and its ready to send me to sweet pleasure. I moan and let you know I am almost there. You move a hand around to my front and under the bathing suit you find my clit and start to rub it.

Shhhhh….don’t let anyone hear you.”

I try to control the sounds as best I can. I can’t help the way you make me feel.

My hips move, your fingers dance and I start to shake as the blissful feeling overcomes me. As I stop, you remove your fingers and your movement increases. Harder and deeper you go, until one last push and you are there. Warmth spreads inside and I know you found the release you needed.

A few more pushes, you’re coming down from your high. You lean down to kiss my cheek and slowly remove yourself. Such a void after you leave. As wonderful as I feel, its sad to feel you leave.

I feel you leave the lounger and move over to your own. I turn my head to see you. You lay your arm over your head and close your eyes, relaxing in the sun. The warmth wraps around you and I as we lay on the loungers.


Fit woman lying on deck chair by the pool | Premium Photo

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